FunwithFeet Reviews: A Top Option For Selling Feet Pictures Or Another Hype? A Real Customer Review

You might have come across FunwithFeet when looking for places to sell your feet pictures and wondered, “Is FunWithFeet the top option for selling feet pictures?” and “What are customer reviews saying about FunWithFeet?” This review is an eye opener.

FunwithFeet Reviews

What Is Fun With Feet

Fun with feet operates just like feet finder and is a marketplace for selling foot pics and videos. Sellers pay a subscription (from $14.99 for 3 months to $44.99 for 6 months). Buyers can browse for free and pay to download. Sellers can list and sell as many foot pics and videos as they like without restrictions. Its available in many countries including the Uk. But how legit is this website? I it worth it? Keep reading.

How To Sign Up

  1. Go to the Website: Visit the Fun With Feet website and click the “Login” button at the top.
  2. Create Account: Click “Create Account” and provide your display name, password, and personal information, including your name and age.
  3. Choose Subscription: Select a subscription option. Fun with Feet charges a fee to list your foot pics for sale.
  4. Verify Identity: Verification is the first step to confirm you’re not under 18. It’s a simple process requiring a valid driver’s license or passport.
  5. Link Payment: To receive payments, connect your Fun with Feet wallet to your bank account, PayPal, or another payment service.
  6. Set Prices: You can set your own prices for your pics and videos.
  7. Start Posting: Begin sharing your foot photos and videos. You earn money when users “unlock” your content for viewing.

New foot models usually start their photo prices around $5 or $10, with videos going for more.

My Experience Signing Up to FunwithFeet as a Seller

Following the hype, i signed up for fun with feet just because there are a lot of competition o Feet finder. My two months selling feet pics on FunwithFeet were quite the disappointment. I didn’t encounter a single genuine buyer during that time. Instead, my inbox was flooded with fake buyers asking to connect on Kik or Instagram. Initially, I added them, only to discover that they were bots attempting to scam me.

I tried reporting these accounts to FunwithFeet, but it seemed like none of them got banned. What’s even worse is that their customer support was virtually unreachable. Every time I attempted to contact them, my emails bounced back with an error message saying, “This email box is full.” It became impossible to get hold of FunwithFeet support despite my persistent efforts for almost a month.

The platform itself was a pain to use. It was laggy and buggy, making it a struggle to access my inbox. In general, the site took an eternity to load. I couldn’t help but wonder if the platform’s performance issues were one of the reasons why there were so few real buyers on FunwithFeet.

Is Fun With Feet Legit? Customer Complaints

Yes, FunwithFeet is legit but compared to feet finder, I’d choose the later. Customer reports on Reddit haven’t had a fun experience using this platform either. They’re basically after the seller’s subscription fee, they don’t seem to have any interest in sellers making sales.

I been on it for 2 months and So far nothing I feel like It’s not doing much for me nobody’s messaging nobody’s talking. I’ve been sending out crazy messages to sellers and nothing’s happened yet. I might be half maybe it’s just because i’m new.


I’m pretty convinced that FunwithFeet is a suspicious website. Here are a few reasons why I think so:

  • Misleading Fee Structure: They make a big deal about not taking a cut of the sellers’ earnings, which might seem appealing initially. But in reality, there’s a reason for this – sellers simply don’t make sales on their platform. It’s almost like they don’t want to take a cut because there’s nothing to take!
  • Forced 3-Month Subscription: FunwithFeet doesn’t offer monthly seller plans; instead, they require you to commit to at least a 3-month subscription. That’s quite unusual when most platforms offer a one-month option. I suspect it’s because they know that most sellers would cancel their subscription after the first month.

All in all, there are plenty of red flags that make FunwithFeet suspicious.

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Funwith Feet Pros: What I Fancy

  • Joining as a seller is pretty straightforward, and there’s no cut from your earnings. At least, that’s what they claim.
  • It’s not as competitive as Feet Finder.

FunwithFeet Cons: What I Don’t Fancy

  • To be honest, it’s hard to come across genuine buyers here. I spent two months on the platform without finding a single one.
  • Instead of real buyers, I was bombarded by fake accounts trying to get me to connect on Kik or Instagram. Turns out, these were just bots trying to scam me. Reporting them didn’t seem to do much.
  • The customer support was practically unreachable. I tried emailing them for almost a month, but every time, the emails bounced back with an error message saying their mailbox was full.
  • The website itself had issues – it was slow, making it frustrating to use.
  • They only offer a minimum 3-month subscription for sellers.

Funwith Feet Vs Feet Finder: Is It Worth It?

When it comes to selling feet pics, I’d recommend FeetFinder as an alternative. Even big names with millions of Instagram followers, like Abella Danger and Rubi Rose, use FeetFinder to sell their feet pics. In fact, FeetFinder has paid out millions of dollars to its sellers, and they’ve racked up thousands of 5-star Trustpilot reviews.

Now, if you compare that to FunwithFeet, the difference is pretty significant. FunwithFeet only has a few hundred Trustpilot reviews (and some of them look fake to me), there’s no clear information on how much they’ve paid out to sellers, and you won’t find big Instagram influencers selling feet pics there. So, FeetFinder seems like the more reliable and promising option.

What You Must Know Before Siging Up

  1. FunwithFeet Taxes: Just a heads up, you’ll need to handle income taxes for every sale you make. If you have an EIN (Employer Identification Number), you won’t have to give out your social security number. It’s all part of the tax process when you’re selling stuff.
  2. Funwithfeet Average Salary/ Income: In just one month, you can pull in around $400 by reselling one foot pic. Some people can make a full-time income selling foot photos. Like close to $70,000 a year. It all comes down to how many pics you sell, the quality of your shots, and how popular you become.


FunwithFeet has lots of mixed reviews online. While it seems promising on the surface, the reality was quite different for me. The platform didn’t deliver as expected, with hardly any genuine buyers in sight.

One saving grace is the potential to earn some decent money. Selling foot pics and videos can be lucrative, and the ability to set your own prices is a plus.


. How can I find a coupon code for FunwithFeet?

  • You can only see such on their official wbsite.

2. Any ideas for a catchy bio for my FunwithFeet profile?

  • You can make your bio engaging by mentioning your unique qualities and what you offer.

3. What are some good display name ideas for selling feet pics on FunwithFeet?

  • Pick a creative display name that speaks a lot about your kind of person.

4. Where can I read seller reviews on FunwithFeet?

  • Look for seller reviews on the FunwithFeet platform under the seller’s profile.

5. What’s the average monthly salary for a FunwithFeet seller?

  • A seller’s monthly income is totally different because it’s based on pics sold, pricing, popularity, and buyer engagement.

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