Can Buzzhawk AI Help With Mosquito Problem

If you’re like me and mosquitoes love you, you’d try anything to keep them away. I’ve been bombarded with ads for gadgets like Buzzhawk AI lots of them didn’t work as promised.

Buzzhawk AI says it’s the ultimate solution to bug bites. It’s spray-free, doesn’t smell, and guarantees total satisfaction. So, I decided to give it a shot.

Buzzhawk AI
Buzzhawk AI

About Buzzhawk AI

Buzzhawk AI is this rechargeable gadget that’s supposed to scare off mosquitoes and other bugs. They say it’s like a magnet for insects. It comes with this easy-to-use USB cord that you just plug in.

Usually, bugs love snacking on me whenever I’m outside – whether I’m chilling on a patio, chilling at the beach, or camping in a forest full of bugs. When night falls, I’m their main course.

I’ve tried all sorts of bug sprays. Some sorta work, but I hate putting chemicals all over me. And let me tell you about the time a bug spray ruined one of my fave dresses with a big ugly stain.

Why people love it

  • Eliminate mosquitoes and other flying pests
  • 7x more effective AI-powered WaveBeam technology
  • Rechargeable and solar-powered battery
  • Waterproof and virtually unbreakable
  • Camping light and flashlight
  • Hang it or stand it
  • 100% safe for pets and kids
  • Get rid of annoying bugs in minutes

Testing For The First Time

In my backyard, there’s an empty lot that’s like a mosquito hangout. If I step outside for even a minute without repellent, I’m a buffet for those bloodsuckers, especially when I’m grilling

Even though I find the Buzzhawk AI device to be really impressive because they attract all the bugs and few mosquitoes but that’s simply all it does, especially when it’s not too bright. I leave one on all night, and I still get eaten by mosquitoes.

The Buzzhawk AI is super easy to use, and you can charge it with a USB. It’s small and light, so it fits in anywhere. I think it’s definitely worth getting one that’s if you want a bright light round your home at night .

Reasons to Buy

  1. Simple to operate
  2. Draws in mosquitoes

Reasons Not to Buy

  1. Doesn’t eliminate mosquitoes
  2. Short lifespan (about 90 minutes)

How to Use

  1. Charge the zappers fully.
  2. Place them where mosquitoes gather.
  3. Switch them on and let them attract mosquitoes.

Does Buzzhawk AI Work

Unfortunately, Buzzhawk AI doesn’t get the job done. Despite luring mosquitoes with its LED light, it fails to eliminate them.

Why People Think It’s Sketchy

Buzzhawk AI seems fishy because they promise refunds but don’t deliver. A guy bought it thinking it would zap away bugs and get his money back if not happy. But when it didn’t work, they only offered part of his cash back, not the full deal.

Best Way to Make It Work

To get the most out of Buzzhawk AI, slap it on again within a day. Yep, it smells because of plant stuff. If you’re picky about scents, tough luck. And shake the bottle before using it.

Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews are on Amazon and Trustpilot and on Reddit you will find conversations about the best mosquito repellent in the market. The reviews online include:

This seems to work very well here at our farm in New Hampshire where we put up with all kinds of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas etc,

I spray this on the 14 month old, she loves the outdoors(wagon rides) breeze in her face and this product DOES protect her from mosquitoes – they were eating her up before this arrived! Thank you

Final Thoughts

Buzzhawk AI says it’ll zap mosquitoes, but it’s a dud. All it does is draw bugs, especially when it’s not super sunny. You can stick it inside or outside, and it’s a breeze to charge with a USB

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