Is Biomat Talecris Plasma Settlement Legit? Find Out

Did you receive a notice about the Biomat, Talecris Plasma Resources, and Interstate Blood settlement the mail? it is not a scam because you filed a claim.

In case you’ve forgotten, Biomat, Talecris Plasma Resources, and Interstate Blood Bank recently found themselves entangled in a hefty lawsuit. They were forced to shell out a staggering $16.75 million as part of a settlement. The reason behind the legal battle? Allegedly, they flouted the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) by surreptitiously scanning individuals’ fingerprints without obtaining proper consent.

Who Is Eligble For The Biomat Talecris Plasma Resources Settlement

Anyone who had their fingertips scanned using a finger scanning device while participating in the plasma donation procedure at either a Biomat USA or Talecris Plasma Resources facility in Illinois from June 10, 2015, to June 10, 2022, AND anyone who had their fingertips scanned using a finger scanning device during the plasma donation procedure at the Interstate Blood Bank plasma donation facility in Illinois from April 8, 2016, to July 25, 2022.

How Much Is The Settlement

As stated on the settlement website, if approximately 55% of eligible individuals participate, each claimant can expect to receive payments of approximately $300. In the case of a 30% participation rate, payments of $550 would be disbursed, whereas a 15% participation rate would lead to payments of around $1,100 per claimant.

How To File A Claim

If you want to get a settlement payment. Make sure to fill out a valid claim form by Aug. 24, 2023. That’s the deadline, so don’t miss it!

If you are eligible for the claim click here


In conclusion,Vaughan, et al. v. Biomat USA Inc., et al., lawsuit is not a scam. Just like Bachmann., et al. v Wenzak heartland al lawsuit settlement, this lawsuit stems from accusations that the company violated Illinois law by collecting biometric data from its employees without obtaining their written consent.

However, If you experienced this problem, then you may be eligible to file a claim under the settlement terms.

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