Barnes Whitmore and Associates Certified Document Scam – Beware!

Beware of phone calls from Barnes Whitmore and Associates that claim they’ve a certified document due to be delivered to you. It’s a phishing scam. We’ll be writing a short review of the scam, how it works, and what to do if you’ve fallen for it.

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Overview of Barnes Whitmore and Associates Scam Call

The call is undoubtedly a strategy to get you to call them back on the number provided. Once you do so, the scammer posing as delivery officer would request for sensitive info. They’d claim they need it to validate your address.

You don’t need to panic! The call is not legit, neither are you being served. If legal papers were due to be served on you, there’d be no warning phone calls. The first thing you’d know about it is the papers getting served on you.

The scammer is just trying to frighten you into submitting personal information like social security number, DOB, etc. All of which are sensitive data and can be used to commit crimes on your name.

Contact Details

  • Alias: Barnes Whitmore and Associates, Crystal Stone
  • Telephone: 573-203-7164, 661-430-7635

Call Format:

Good day this is Crystal Stone with barnes-whitmore(?) and Associates. We have certified documentation that are due to be delivered to you between noon and 4:00 PM tomorrow. Someone with a valid identification will need to sign for if you got questions you can contact the number on the caller ID.

What To Do About This Certified Document Delivery Scam

Here’s what to do to avoid becoming a victim of this scam.

Don’t answer the phone. Let the calls go to voicemail, instead.

Check with your local court. Call your local court or visit its website to look up whether there has been a case filed against you. If there is no pending case, don’t trust anyone calling out of the blue who claims that you need to take action.

Inform your family and friends. Scammers often contact their victim’s relatives in order to apply pressure. By informing your family, they’d know it’s a scam and not get threatened.

Don’t be fooled if callers already have some of your personal information. Scammers might trick you into believing that they are court or law enforcement officials by using some of your personal information they’ve already gained illegally. But be aware that court officials typically won’t call and ask you to provide your Social Security number, other personal information or a payment over the phone.

You also can report the scam to


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