Is The Storage Unit Couple Scam or Legit? Red Flags Exposed

Lots of people will do anything for views and social media money. It doesn’t matter if they’re breaking the law or living a lie. Greed they say, tempts us to trade integrity for cash.

For Leland Brown Jr. and his girlfriend, it seems to be the case. Lots of social media users have called out the Pennsylvania couple for being ‘dubious’ ‘fraudulent’ and having scamming intentions.

But is this the truth? Here’s a quick breakdown of the ‘Storage Unit Couple Scam‘ and red flags that indicate their intentions may not be genuine.

Overview of Storage Unit Couple Scam

It all started when Leland Brown Jr posted TikTok videos showing he and his girlfriend lives in a storage unit. Leland Brown, who works in hotel food service, claims they live in the unit to save rent on costs.

Interestingly, living in a storage facility is against the policy, no matter how cozy one makes the place. As soon as the videos went viral (over 12.5 million views) the couple was evicted from the storage facility for breaking policy.

Hence, they became temporarily homeless, living in a tent that was later destroyed in bad weather. This spiked empathy, and Leland used the opportunity to start a GoFundMe campaign asking strangers for $10,000 to help them find housing.

However, new reports and investigations from social media users reveal a can of worms about the couple.

Is Storage Unit Couple Scamming People? Here are Red Flags

Social media users were able to find out some red flags about the couple which show they are not really poor. Here are some of the red flags –

  • Leland Brown has an Xbox and Dior Jordan’s ( this doesn’t correspond with the picture of trying to save money)
  • They’re healthy and strong but don’t want to work. Could it be a case of wanting to live on handouts?
  • The videos show they’ve a lot of property in the storage unit, and it’s also cozy.
  • Doing everything to get the money -It was reported that in one of their live videos the girlfriend was indecently dressed.
  •  There are two earlier fundraisers created by Leland Brown prior to his recent viral storage unit campaign. Both were requesting donations to support his travels and content creation, but they barley got $100.

This red flags suggest the viral storage unit videos is likely a strategy to crowdfund Leland Brown’s lifestyle brand and trips.

The GoFundMe Controversy

When the couple’s tent was destroyed, they were taken in by Rowland and Salveter, who offered to replace the tent and pay for the couple to stay at Holiday Inn. Unbeknownst to the duo, Brown had started a GoFundMe campaign which was fast amassing thousands of dollars.

When they found out and requested that the couple pay for the hotel room and necessities, Brown refused. He also refused to reimburse her for the funds used for the hotel and tent.

The GoFundMe campaign made $58,000 so far. Here’s what Leland Brown has to say about the alleged fraud –

They’re still homeless, but hoping to buy a RV or get a tiny home if more people help them. So basically, they’re homeless by choice.

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