What Will Happen On August 27- TikTok?

I stumbled across a couple of videos on TikTok with the title ‘August 27’, and just like you, I’ve been wondering what happens on August 27th.

This led me to do some investigations on my own.

Turns out, the whole trend started on July 6, 2020, when TikTok user @stfusamantha posted a video. The video utilized an interesting filter that gave the video a slightly spooky feel with deep blues and bright yellow eyes. 

The message seemed to freak people out and the video at time of publication had more than 5 million plays. Everyone was curious what happens on Aug. 27, but it turns out – nothing?

The video wasn’t made to point to anything specific. @stfusamantha was just trying to make a fun video, and this she explained when a lot of people asked.

So, stop freaking out! August 27 is not another dooms day.

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