Is Arctos Portable AC Scam or Effective Air Conditioner? Honest Review

It is that time of the year when we battle heat. This could really be frustrating especially as we’re all trying to cut down on energy cost by reducing our electricity usage. Should we swap our air conditioners with portable ac? Is Arctos Portable AC a better solution? Find out from this review!

What is Arctos AC?

 Arctos also known as Arctos Portable AC is a personal air cooler that cools the air exactly where it is needed. Lots of websites have described it as – a transportable cooling system that is the most effective and distinguished cooling option available since it absorbs cool and hot air and provides chill and cool air. It allegedly saves your power bill, and also perform the following functions –

  • a)   Air cooler: delivers cool and chilled air. This helps you be comfortable on a hot day.
  • b)   Fan: On days when the weather is not so hot, you can use the device like a fan. You can control its speed depending on how much air you need.
  • c)    Humidifier: A very useful feature of this device is that it humidifies the air. It removes dryness from the air, which is very helpful for people with seasonal issues.

Sounds quite interesting right? Anyways, there are few facts you need to know before buying this portable AC.

Does Arctos Portable AC Really Work?

Yes, it does. But not to the extent that it is being advertised. When you place it in your bathroom or on your table, it can actually cool the area surrounding it, but not the entire room. It’s efficient if you’re suffering from heat flashes and need a personal AC of your own. See what a user has to say –

These coolers are worthless, do not work as advertised – DO NOT BUY THESE COOLERS!! I fell for it and bought two coolers. Simply put, their websites are full of lies and misinformation – they do NOT cool a room within seconds. They are NOT easy to use; you will need to add water & ice every 15 or 20 minutes; all of the website reviews are FALSE! This is FRAUD.


How To Use

The Arctos Portable AC isn’t quite hard to use. You just need to do the following –

Place it on a flat surface, Fill up the top reservoir made on the top of the air conditioning unit, close the lid after filling the water. Then, plug the AC in a power socket and start enjoying the cool breeze.

However, you need to add water & ice after every 20 – 30 minutes. This is because it uses water and evaporation to cool.


Arctos portable AC is a viral portable AC that is being sold with deceptive marketing. It’s not a scam perse, but it can not cool a room within seconds. Meanwhile, it is been sold for exorbitant price. You can get similar portable AC for far cheaper price on Amazon.

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