Aldi £50 Voucher For Facebook Share Scam 2023: Busted! Beware!

Aldi is not giving away £50 voucher for Facebook share. The Facebook post that says ‘Aldi has announced that anyone who shares this link will receive £50 voucher! Today Only!” is created by scammers.

Lots of people have complained about the ALDI £50 voucher giveaway post going viral on Facebook. Find out how this scam works, and how to avoid being a victim.

I stumbled on the Facebook yesterday, and I decided to play along to know what the guys behind the post are up to, and how they intend to gift me this voucher. First of all, the link isn’t that of the official Aldi website which is It was an odd looking website ‘ .club’ which itself was a redflag.

When I clicked on the link I was taken to a fake website that looked very much like Aldi official website. There were a lot of comments from people who claimed to have won a voucher, however I knew they were not real. When I clicked on the profiles, it refused to load.

When I completed the survey, I didn’t receive any voucher even after sharing the said giveaway post.


The Truth About The Aldi £50 Voucher Giveaway Scam on Facebook

The giveaway is not from a reliable source. It’s simply created by scammers whose sole aim is to make people visit malicious websites. When you click on the link attached to the post, you’d be taken to a suspicious looking website which tells you to click on a link to Get £50 From ALDI Officially.

However, when you click on the link, you’d be redirected to survey websites were you’ll be made to submit your telephone number and email address. When you do so, you get phone calls etc. trying to get you to join lotto websites etc.

We’ve seen this happen countless times. From Costco, Aldo, to bath&body, Wholefoods, and now Aldi. All giveaway scams which were created by scammers.

The best thing to do when you see such giveaway scams, is to try locate the official website of the company and file a report.

If you see an Aldi giveaway on social media, always go to their official website and social media accounts to verify.


Aldi £50 voucher for Facebook shares is a viral scam circulating on social media. It’s not from a reliable source. It simply aim to make people submit their personal information to survey websites.

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