Airpaz Reviews 2024: Are They Legit Enough To Book

Airpaz is NOT a legit third-party vendor. They sell you the tickets and then they keep asking for more money. In my case they forwarded a wrong name to the air company. When you check out flights on Google, Airpaz often shows up as one of the cheapest options they suggest. But the truth is Airpaz shows up at the top because they paid for that spot and If you book with them, they will take your credit card details and not deliver as promised.

We found lots of customer complaints online both Trustpilot, Reddit and Trip advisor which made us investigate this airline service. Here’s what we discovered.


Is Airpaz Legit or Scam

Airpaz is third party airline booking service but it’s far from legit. They don’t deliver tickets within time period stated and their customer support very unhelpful, and ultimately just hang up. Also, they take payment from you for baggage allowance which is not even allowed by the airline. They seem to make up their own baggage allowance rules and prices on the airpaz website and it’s not even legit.

Airpaz 3 Problems That Stand Out

  1. The price that they advertise is not the same as the price you pay.
  2. You need to pay RM60 per guest if you want to attach guest’s passport & id copy.
  3. Their customer service agent is one of the worst. They can’t even talk in a proper english and they won’t be able to understand your problems. 

Why You Should Avoid Airpaz Booking Service

The site is all set up for you to make a mistake… And once you do, then it will become quite hard to make changes. Once you have paid for the ticket they will cancel your flight a few hours later, literally for no reason what so ever. They express their regret and offer you a refund in the form of a one-use voucher.

So, from a technical perspective, everything seems wired together correctly (airline reservation system, credit card processing, etc.). However, after they charge your credit card, you will receive an email ten minutes later indicating, “We would like to extend our sincerest apology for this inconvenience that happened to you.” and ” We are now processing your refund. Don’t worry, we will process your refund as soon as possible.” Ultimately, you’ll have no ticket, and they have your money.

Reports From People Who Have Booked

Customers who looked from this agency have called them out for their terrible refund policies which they have (none actually) and customer service is a complete joke. Here are some of the reports online:

My experience: I booked “refundable” ticket through Airpaz. After 1 week had not received ticket, so booked directly with airline and requested refund. Airpaz declined my refund request due to “Airline policy.” I received neither a ticket nor a refund. BIG SCAM – AVOID!!!!

Fraud company – avoid at any cost! I booked a flight, received order number and flight number – non of them working as it turned out later. Trying to contact the customer service by phone is completely hopeless – very poor connection, the lady who answered mumbled something in broken English. Finally gave up and booked a new flight directly through Wizz air.

What Does Their Refund Policy Look Like

The company claims that their services are refundable but they charge a high Cancelation Fee which it doesn’t say the amount on their website terms & conditions. Instead of refunds, they try to trick you into accepting this voucher through shady terms and services. 

Should You Book From Airpaz?

We don’t recommend this airline booking service. It seems like they deliberately mix up your surname with your given name, almost forcing you into purchasing a new ticket. It’s nothing short of a scam, and I strongly advise against using their services. Save yourself the trouble and look for a more reliable platform. If you ever booked from them, Ask your airline and credit card company to help you to put pressure on them.

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