How I WASTED my Time on Surveys for $750 Shein Gift Card

I stumbled on an Ad on TikTok that claims I can win $750 shein gift card if I complete a survey. Excited, I cleared my schedule and jumped on the offer. Call me greedy or whatever, but Who wouldn’t like the idea of getting clothes worth $750 for free?


Anyway, I wished I had listened the many times my momma warned me of ‘if it is too good to be true, it isn’t true’

Want to find out how ended up frustrating my life? continue reading…

How It Works ( a survey site) offers the 750 dollar shein gift card on completion of ten deals. Once you visit the website ‘’ you’re asked the following questions –

  • Do you Shop from Shein?
  • What do you plan to use the Shein gift card?
  • About how many times do you go shopping per week?

After answering, you’d be told to provide your email address. This should be the email address linked to your Shein Profile. Then you’re led to consequent pages for account creation.

So what happens next?

This is were it gets tricky.

My Frustrating Experience:

There are three reward tiers you need to complete. 1 platinum, 1 gold, 8 elite (or something idk) point is – you’re going to spend about $200 in deals to get the gift card IF it even gives you the gift card.

I had a $20 throw-away gift card already so I tried it. I got past the first two only spending about $2. That last tier that needs 8 was the kicker. Each deal cost $20-$30 bucks. So don’t waste your time. They’re betting you’ll do the first two, give up on the last, and forget to cancel the first two deals.

So basically, the $750 Shein gift card is not a scam per say, but you’re going to spend up to $200 or more to claim that gift card, coupled with the time spent.

I I cannot determine if anyone actually got a gift card after giving the info to these companies, signing up for all 3 tiers of “deals” & providing them with a copy of their ID / passport. It seems as though most people ended up having to get a refund for the few dollars they spent for the deals.

Is The $750 Shein Gift Card a Scam?

THE 750$ SHEIN GIFT CARD, CASHAPP DEPOSIT, ETC. is NOT real. It’s an exaggerated advertisement of a complicated fake rewards program used to scam people of their time and money by making them technically become profit for various gaming, and corporate companies that need high reach for money (such as surveys for service companies like geico, games on the App Store, false advertising for shein and cashapp)

These places and sites require personal info and they have random numbers message you about surveys. The “reward” in question is completing an excessive amount of surveys, games, even investing in multiple short company trials (like one dollar a month to look up ppl??!) or weird stuff like that. The reward takes longer to receive than your time and investments in this reward site. It’s false advertising and deceitful profiting.

When you provide your information, it is stored and sold to Companies who in the future would send you tons of emails or bombard you with cards.

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  1. This is an inaccurate review because the process was not completed so the reviewer is purely going off of bias to say it is a scam. Most people are aware you need to complete the deals as that is what flash rewards is. However, from those who followed through and completed it, they did receive the gift card or the money in cash and so claiming this as a full scam is factually inaccurate.

  2. This is inaccurate . I have proof of the reward working and I did not spend one dime. If you spend money on the deals that is YOUR problem. I got a $750 gift card after a month of playing free games & doing free rewards. I never spent any money I just took my time and completed free rewards

    1. This so false its sad. I’ve actually completed all the deals and DID infact recieve the 750$ giftcard. I did NOT spend 200$ to get it either. If you spent 200$ then that’s your problem, they have free trials and free deals you can do, so you don’t have to spend money. Also if you get the 750$ giftcard to have to do 20 deals, if you only did 10 deals then you would NOT have recieved a 750$ giftcard, you would have recieved the 100$ giftcard. Also you wouldn’t have gotten the reward as they email you a paper you have to get notarized and send back- IF YOU DID NOT SEND THE PAPER BACK YOU WONT GET YOUR REWARD.

  3. I have completed my last 2 deals and am being told I need to screenshot them to get credit. I have sent screenshots as well as gone back and forth with them regarding these deals for over 2 weeks. At this point I am frustrated and just going in circles. I am filing a claim with the BBB and will write as many reviews as possible to stop someone else from going through the frustration.

  4. I have been ordering from Shein since the pandemic and have had ZERO issues. My fall boots are going 2 years strong. I can get a work wardrobe on the low that looks boutique! In this time it makes more sense to shop at Shein then any department store. Any return has been quick and easy.

  5. I got scammed by the same rewards company, but not for a SHEIN gift card. It was advertised to me through a google search for looking how to earn money from home. I believe the number was around $600 for simply taking one survey and then it moved on to the tasks. Conveniently, it stopped tracking my completed tasks after about 11 and they gradually increased in price. Most of them were free trials, but still required card information and personal information. Luckily I managed to cancel all of my free trials when I realized the whole thing was a scam. SHEIN also doesn’t recognize this website.

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