Zoom Is Shutting Down on September 14th- See Reasons Here!

Is Zoom really shutting down on September 14? According to a titok video that is going viral, Zoom app would be brought down on September 14.

In case, you are wondering if this is true, you are at the right place to find out the truth.

Lest you forget; the best thing to do whenever a rumour is going viral is to check for the real facts online.

Are there gonna be any meetings on Zoom App on Monday

Yes, there would be.

It is already Monday, and so far Zoom app has been running fine.

Just like you, we stumbled on lots of Tik Tok videos that predict that Zoom will be down for the whole day on this Monday!

But it is NOT TRUE. Before you start panicking you should know that Tik Tok is not an official source of information. Those videos where created by people like me and you, people who have no say about the affairs of Zoom App.

Why Is Zoom Shutting Down?

First of all, there is no reason for that question. The Zoom video conference app is not shutting down anytime soon.

What you should listen to is an official Zoom Twitter account. And on all their social media accounts, there are no words about Zoom being down on September 14, so it means that TikTokers are lying about it.

Why? you may ask

Simply to get more views and comments! Because there are lots of people who wish Zoom being down on Monday!

So stop panicking or feeling excited, the Zoom app is not shutting down anytime soon.


  1. Well I mean, I’m in class right now, and I can literally see nothing. Only a black screen. I can hear the teacher talking. It seems like Zoom is having major issues, or it might just be me. Who knows. Honestly If Zoom shuts down some of my teachers suggested to use Google Meet, so that might happen.

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