Zestads Review: Zestads Limited is a Disguised Scam- 2020

Zestads.com Review: Is ZestAds a Scam or Legit Ecommerce? With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions. We have had a lot of readers sending mails about the authenticity of ZestAds Limited.

Our Review of ZestAds serves as an eyeopener about this online store. We hope this review meets you well, and on time.

What is ZestAds

Zestads.com is a platform that claims to be “Zesting up Ecommerce since 2015” According to what was written on their homepage, they are “allegedly” the leading experts in ecommerce. A peek at their website would show a well designed platform, making you think they are worth your money. However, there is no display of the products they sell.

This ZestAds store make use of Facebook to showcase their products which includes- Drones, Watches, Heaters e.t.c, for alarming discounts. This has left many asking “Is ZestAds Limited a Scam?”

ZestsAds Limited Homepage- Don’t be deceived by its standard website.

The Truth About ZestAds- Customer Complaints

In as much as you would think that whatever Ad Facebook approves is legit, the truth however remains that some fraudulent stores still maneuver their way through Facebook’s screening. ZestAds Limited is one of such ecommerce. After a thorough investigation, we discovered these redflags about ZestAds.

  • When we check their website we found out that there are NO Customer Service telephone numbers or even addresses to contact the company, just info to join their company and work for them. This does not speak well of them, and an indication that their interest is not genuine.
  • Customers who ordered for products were given counterfeit instead of what they ordered. An example is the tiny heaters (warm wind machines, as noted on the boxes) They are not what was advertised and do not heat anything.
  • There are a lot of Negative reviews online from customers who either did not receive the goods they paid for, or were sent counterfeit.
  • Some customers get charged more than what they paid for.
  • No one knows who is behind this scrupulous ‘ecommerce’

Have You Been Scammed by ZestAds?- What You Should Do.

It is a pity that a thieving platform like Zestads is being endorsed by Facebook, Youtube and even Paypal. If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.

You can also help us bring this platform down by filing a complaint with Facebook and Youtube, as that is were ZestAds gets their unsuspecting Customers.


    1. They sure are. The website listed they would ship out the same day. I got my Paypal receipt and it lists that there would be a 3-4 week delay. I immediately contacted [email protected] and asked to cancel. They said they needed to charge a 30% cancellation fee! I asked for a refund anyway, thinking I’m not going to receive the masks. Two days later, they say it’s too late to cancel. After asking for a tracking number, they send me one that can’t be identified in the link they sent. I have filed a dispute with PAypal in the resolution center for “item not received”. IF this doesn’t work, I’m filing with my bank. I also reported this site to Attorney General for price gouging/fraud and to the FTC. I hope they get shut down.

      1. I also got scammed… I placed an order for masks and became suspicious when no receipt and told them to cancel two days later. After five days I get an email saying they’ve already sent the product with a phony tracking number. I filed a complaint with the FBI Internet crime department

        1. Add me to the list of people scammed. No rcpt came in email, just on screen which I captured. I filed a complaint with PayPal and now will contact my bank.

        2. Exact same situation happened to me. Did you go through your bank? I’m more pissed at Facebook and PayPal.

          1. I like so many others are awaiting PayPal Resolution . They scammed my wife . I went to their site and asked for a refund and was told “they could not find my order . so I tried to cancel my order and then they told me it was too late it shipped ( which was a lie) They rip everyone off . I have been with paypal since 2003 and always a loyal customer . If they wont fix this Stealing , I’ll have to cancel my account.

          2. Paypal was useless in attempting to resolve my complaint. I ended up filing a dispute for the charges directly with my bank. I was refunded my money in 2 days. I filed the dispute as an “unauthorized charge” since Zest Ads Limited refused to cancel my order, even though it hadn’t shipped when I requested to cancel my order. They even tried to tell me it would be a 30% cancellation fee at first. Two days later, even though they hadn’t shipped yet, they said they couldn’t cancel. That’s when I contacted my bank. You will likely have more success disputing directly with your bank.

          3. Yes- completely scanned. Bought a few masks and was told that I ordered 1500 dollars worth of masks. After complaining on PayPal and waiting several weeks without the seller ever contacting me I am told the bank had contacted PayPal because they would handle it. They are both scammers and the company zestads are scammers. PayPal are just as wrong as them by protecting them. They have no website and was given fake names of sites that didn’t exist. How is it. You can get a low rate mask that is actually a piece of cardboard that makes you hurt your face and is painful.

          4. Please do yourself a favor and file directly with you bank. I got my money refunded in 2 days after I filed a dispute for the charges directly with my bank!!

      2. Same-day shipping was possible at time of ad placement. Then multiple sales came in and no longer possible. They should have changed their ad, but too late and it works.

      3. This same thing happened to me. 3 months of getting the run around by the rep “Henni” the tracking showed my package shipped to some random address in another state and was told there are no refunds. Then she gives me some fake tracking number.

      4. Karen Austin,
        I can’t believe that Paypal would have the audacity to charge you a cancellation fee.
        I recently got a refund for a $100 ladder I purchased online from a Chinese company
        just as the virus hit the news back in March. I got a refund with no cancellation fees.

    2. PayPal and other companies like that only want the money. Bottom line it’s the dollar. So they’re not going to kick them off just like Facebook isn’t going and every other platform that has ZestAds

  1. I was scammed by Zestads limited . I bought an N95 mask for my granddughter which cost $45 payed through Paypal . When I checked my bank statment , which I do everyday , there was a second charge for $1680.50. I tried to let Paypal know about this but they said I authorize the payment and there was nothing they could do .I have since parted with Paypal. I sent an email to zzestads and they offered to cancelled for a 30% restock charge about $500. I don’t know what I was suppose to have bought. Will be waiting so see what I payed $1680.50 for. No more Paypal for me !!!

    1. I just ordered a N95 mask trying to cancel payment having trouble doing so is PayPal in on this scam as well

      1. If Paypal already completed the payment, unfortunately, you can’t cancel. This happened to me as well. Dispute with Paypal and if necessary your card issuer next. Report them to Attorney General in your state and the FTC.

        1. Update: After filing a dispute for the charges directly with my bank, I was refunded my money!!! Paypal was useless, but I prevailed in the end. I love my bank. They really protect their customers.

    2. Did you file a dispute with Paypal for the unauthorized second charge? Also, if you don’t receive your mask, dispute this charge with Paypal as “item not received” in the resolution center with Paypal. Report them to attorney general for price gouging and fraudulent activities and the FTC.

    3. Please dispute the charges with your bank directly! I was able to get my money refunded in 2 days after I filed a dispute with my bank. Did you even receive the mask? I got a fake tracking number that can’t be identified. I filed an “unauthorized charge” with my bank because Zest Ads Limited refused to cancel my order, even though it hadn’t shipped yet. They told me the same thing, that there would be a 30% transaction charge because they claimed that is what their credit card processor charged them. Paypal does not charge companies that much. That was an outright lie. After I requested a refund anyway, a couple of days later they said they couldn’t cancel, even though it hadn’t shipped yet. After I received a fake tracking number, I called my bank and told them I wanted to dispute the charges. I’m glad I did, because I was refunded my money. I also reported Zest Ads Limited to my attorney general for my state and the FTC for fraud and price gouging.

    4. I am glad to finally find someone who was scammed like me. I bought a mask and was sent a fake mask even though I didn’t authorize that amount. Somehow PayPal or zestads convinces them I had approved it. Furious- PayPal is losing another customer. It won’t even be felt by them and they don’t care.

    1. I believe I got scammed too. They sent me a tracking number with 17track.net that does not identify the number. I plan to dispute with Paypal for not receiving my item.

      1. Update: Paypal was useless in resolving my complaint. I had much better results when I filed a dispute directly with my bank. I was refunded my money in 2 days.

  2. I just realized after I checked this out because after paying 73 dollars for face masks I never received them! I’m disgusted that there is people out there that they literally manipulate and robbed people!
    I just want to know how I can report this company to the authorities??

    1. Dispute the charges directly with your bank. That’s what I did. After just 2 days, my bank refunded my money. Explain that you never received the item that you paid for. I also reported Zest Ads Limited to my state attorney general and the FTC for price gouging and fraud.

    2. I was scammed also for 135.00 zest is untraceable,I did find out there tied in with another outfit there site:
      [email protected]. There are more of these sites tied in with zest getting them all found and in order to file with authorities. I’ll post sites as I get them

  3. Very disapointed with the 2 backpacks one being broken. Not as advertised with shoddy workmanship. Im nornaly very careful with buying on line, must have been pre occupied with travel arrangements and the pandemic.

  4. Unfortunately, I didn’t check here before ordering N95 masks from Zestads, $74.95 for 10 masks, and after reading comments here, I immediately (within 10 minutes after placing the order) I emailed [email protected] AND [email protected] asking them to cancel the order and refund my purchase price. Three days later shoppingstarweb responded “As our warehouse team has already processed your order, we are unable to cancel your order.”
    But, if you have fallen into this trap, here is how you prevent them from future automatic billing, which some have reported. On the PayPal website, after you log in, click on “Help” in the blue bar at the top, then, in the search box, enter “Cancel automatic billing.” Select “How do I cancel automatic billing…” and follow the steps.

    1. I had the same problem as well. I attempted to cancel my order after I got my Paypal receipt stating that it would be a 3 to 4 week delay. I ordered the masks because it stated on their website that they would ship the same day. For that reason, I contacted [email protected]. They tried to tell me that I would be charged a 30% cancellation fee due to their credit card processing fees. I told them I wanted a refund anyway. Two days later, they stated they couldn’t cancel the order, even though I had not received a tracking number and my items had not shipped. I attempted to resolve this with Paypal, but they were of no help. I then contacted my bank to dispute the charges. In my case, my bank had me sign a form that the charges were unauthorized due to Zest Ads Limited refusing to cancel the order, even though it hadn’t shipped. I received a refund 2 days later. I also reported Zest Ads Limited to my state attorney general and FTC for price gouging and fraud.

  5. I got junk that was shown on their video to be nice. I have contacted my bank because I read somewhere if you contact PayPal then it will take a very long time and your bank won’t do anything until PayPal follows through.

    1. I think you will have better success by filing a dispute with your bank directly first. Explain to them that the items you received were not as described on their website. Provide evidence of the video to show the discrepancy in quality.

    1. Please dispute the charges with your bank first. After I disputed the charges with my bank, I was refunded my money in 2 days. Also, please report Zest Ads Limited to your state attorney general and FTC for price gouging and fraud.

  6. I have been waiting for the mask that I ordered. I finally found this page and discovered that I am not alone. I will not order anything else advertised on Facebook with fancy ads. They are definitely suspicious. I will call my bank tomorrow. How annoying

  7. I lodged a complaint via Paypal stating I had not received the masks or received an e-mail. I had paid via paypal and really feared that I had lost my money’s worth. However, I believe that since Paypal somehow managed to contact ZestAds, I was sent a tracking number for the masks. A little over three weeks later, I did receive the masks that I ordered. ZestAds could greatly improve their customer relations if they would only give the customer an e-mail confirmation that they received the order in addition to Paypal acknowledging payment for the goods(masks). Also, I could not find a phone number or e-mail to connect directly with ZestAds. When you want to lodge a complaint, the first thing you are advised by Paypal or even a bank, is to contact the company directly to settle the dispute. That was impossible with no means to do so.

    Finally, the matter is resolved as I received the masks today. However, I will not deal with them again, as I do not trust their mode of communication, which has been Nil until they were contacted by Paypal. I believe that Paypal was the source that inspired them to provide a tracking number. Otherwise, I do not believe I would have received that.

    I must admit, however, that the masks re to dealing with Covid-19, are very nice with a filter to go in each one of them, to help them to be more effective.

  8. I originally purchased two masks which I never received and believe I’ve was given a bogus tracking number with approximately 35 numbers. Worse yet, I awoke this morning with text from my bank regarding a fraudulent attempted purchase at Best Buy (Minnesota) at 4 am this morning for over $1000, when I’m asleep in Florida. This is the one of two purchases I’ve made with my debit card in the last two months and the other company I have dealt with previously and received all their products. I called my Bank at 8:15 this morning ,cancelled my account and am waiting for a new card in ten days. I will file complaint with Pay Pal …I’m only too glad that I only lost payment for masks. Be aware they may use your card # for other purchases !

  9. They sure are scammers working along with the street stuff. The first is advertising and the second is corresponding with you giving a fake tracking# and trying to buy a time here. I have been waiting for my order for over a month now /the vacuum/ paid $105 via PayPal, just escalated my case with them but they giving the scammers too much time to respond. Have to wait till May 20th or possibly longer the Paypal automated response was today. I will try my bank but not sure this will work.

  10. I purchased thru Zest Ads Limited 2 Equinox’s at $215.89 through PayPal.Never received my merchandise. Stated was shipped day after it hit my bank. Love The tracking number they have is not a valid number. Nine of the carriers have that number.I told PayPal I wanted my money back but from all I have read I probably won’t see a dime.Will file on PayPal to BBB and Facebook and tell my bank.

  11. I, too, was scammed. I wish the state’s attorney generals would pursue this slimy company. BUT, PayPal got me a refund. So glad I used them. A sad state of affairs when sleazy “companies” from China are allow to do business in the US. Buyer beware, big time!

  12. I ordered that vacuum cleaner too and it won’t even move on the carpet and it was supposed to have the ‘self-cleaning part” to it, there is nothing to self clean it and a bit of tape to hold a rinky dinky rag to mop the floor. I am dealing with PayPal right now, so how can I file with the bank to get my money back? I paid through PayPal 🙁

  13. I have also been scammed I was looking at their vitamin patches and when I went back they charged the Credit card I had on file. I messaged them and they said it had already been sent( within 5 min) I got charged $143 for 8 patches. When I told them I received them and wanted a refund, I have contacted them over 20 times since March and sent disputes To paypal and they refuse to refund me. Very unacceptable, I didnt realize they xame from China. Dora Arkansas

  14. Seems like a month ago, many problems with mask checkouts. I recently ordered a YouTube flashlight bundle for $52. including shipping of three items and two free! Good deal, seeing the vid ad on YouTube. Will report back here. – Note: ZestAds is an advertising platform the product vendors use. Perhaps product vendor was screwed up or sold out, right or wrong, not Zest Ads. They are hiring: http://www.zestads.com/#intro

  15. Zestads is a fraud. The resolution center is staffed by the most incompetent and unprofessional twits, Obtaining a resolution is impossible. The management- staff refuses to respond with an appropriate or any resolution

  16. I ordered a particular flashlight from this company that appeared on the ad as super bright, had several setting options on the on/off switch, the head extended and “it is so powerful it will burn plastic up close.” It also included a rechargeable battery. What I received was a cheap piece of junk, maybe worth $9.95, no batteries, no head extension, no switch settings and barely lights 20 feet in front of you. I sent customer support numerous emails with no reply.

  17. Warning they hide their identity so you don’t realize that’s its zest ads ripping you off. paypal continues to do business with them. False Advertising, refuse refunds, horrible products, deceptive practices! Owners need to go to prison. Nobody is stopping them!

  18. Same exact thing happened to me. I ordered a Covid-19 mask on April 4 for $59.95 including $10 for “special expedited” S/H. As of today, June 11’20, I have not received it. I used PayPal and my Wells Fargo checking account. I put in a claim thru PayPal which has been pending thru PayPay resolution center on May 2 to no avail even though they say the company has responded. The payment was completed immediately and no invoice or I.D. was ever sent to my email address. I am pissed. Will now go through my Wells Fargo fraud department to see if I can get any of the money back but am not holding out any hope of that from these theives or PayPal.
    Scammed senior in Florida.

  19. Zestads needs to be taken down. Does anyone have their business address? I have been searching for the past half hour and cannot find it anywhere.

    1. Zest ads in China is like Amazon in the USA
      I have the address from a camera I bought but it is likely only the address for the individual company that does business through zest ads

      Their names go from last to first reverse of the way we name people in the USA

      Wang Dong li
      NO 2nd floor building 9 629 jiuxin
      highway, songjiang district
      shanghai 201600

  20. I purchased a video camera similar to a GoPro from Zest Ad’s
    When the camera arrived I discovered that it would only do 320×240 resolution.

    The Box states that it is 1920×1080 I have tried to get them to provide an RMA to return the camera so I can get a refund from PayPal.

    Zest Ads says that they can not allow a return unless the camera is defective.
    I replied that since the camera will not operate as described it is defective.

    Zest Ads through their [email protected] stated

    “However, we don’t allow for any returns unless due to the defect of the item.

    Again, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience


    Resolution Support Team

  21. Yes order the flashlight scam terrible not what I ordered and you can’t find any information about it anywhere you think PayPal with back you up

  22. Ordered masks, filters and paid for VIP service to receive them faster. 90 days later no masks no refund. Paypal is just as big a joke as this company. Going to bank today to resolve the issue.

  23. I ordered 2 Brs’s from them. Never received them. I filed a complaint with PayPal to retrieve my money. SUCH A RIP OFF!

  24. Purchased a ‘pair’ of knee braces online for $60.35. When I tried to contact the company using the links to their ‘support’ the links would not work.
    I used Paypal for the purchase. Due to the coronavirus, it is almost impossible to get a human agent at Paypal to tell them this is a fraud. Their website is a NIGHTMARE to use. Their instructions don’t work and their links seem to go in a loop leading you in circles. I called my bank to cancel the charge which at this point is ‘pending’ but they could only open a dispute and cancel my debit card which I did. You can’t trust anyone on the internet anymore.

  25. Yes I have been scammed by zest ads with Equinox and sent it back to an address given by pay pal and no one there to deliver too dummy address.

  26. All of you who have been defrauded by Zestads related to face masks or anything covid related, are victims of a fraud or attempted fraud involving COVID-19 for which there is great state and federal attention being paid. Contact your State Attorney General and call the National Center for Disaster Fraud Hotline at 1-866-720-5721 or email at [email protected]. If it is a cyber scam, submit your complaint through https://www.ic3.gov.

  27. To my best recollection, I have not ordered anything from this company (Zestads) but somehow it appears in my paypal account under the automatic payments.

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