Why Yahoo Removed its Comment Section- Facebook Next?

On the 23rd of July 2020, Yahoo suspended comments on news articles. Though it claims it is temporarily, some of us think it is long overdue. Don’t get me wrong, no doubt it is infringing on our free speech, however it had, in my experience, some of the worst comments I had ever seen on the internet. And it was endless. You would scroll for 1000+ comments and it would be the same vile shit.

However, some people don’t agree and would rather want more strict moderation be enforced than totally suspending the comments section. Whatever way you chose to see it, do you think a time is coming when social media platforms like Facebook would imitate Yahoo?


If you go to what was formerly the comments section of a Yahoo article, you will find a message that reveals exactly why Yahoo removed the comment section.

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.”

So what does this actually mean?

It seems likely that the website is simply changing its comment section to make it a more “safe and engaging place”, arguing that it did not use to provide a good “community experience”.

I however do think this cancel culture by Yahoo whether temporarily or not, would eventually ruin its reputation

What do you think about this changes? Please leave your own opinion in the comments section!


  1. Yahoo articles are biased towards the left. Yahoo comments were the only way to keep Yahoo honest. If there is no ability to comment there is no reason to read Yahoo articles.

  2. Because Yahoo is obviously left leaning in their news reports while the commentators were mostly conservative.

    1. that is a contradiction. why would most of the commenters be conservative if the articles lean left?that makes no sense. wouldn’t most of the commenters be left if it leaned left? yahoo was an unbiased media site. I read articles that leaned both left and right. if it was left leaning and about facts the red party voters refused to believe, the avoided it like the plague.

    2. yahoo wants to control all the content–and tell more lies and not give any room for truth-
      justice and the american way-

  3. every comment on this site is from conservatives believing yahoo articles leaned left. fact is cons believe any factual article on ANY site that does not back their beliefs are left leaning. comments will come back but let’s hope the site doesn’t change too much. cons need to be schooled about the real world and not the one they hope for.

  4. I guess it was important to leave, only one sided reviews !!! Reading arguments from the ” other side” was surely making an impact and scaring the “yahoo minded ‘ people enough to discontinue the comment section altogether !!!!

    1. yahoo is a left leaning propaganda machine and is owned by an even bigger left leaning propaganda machine
      and will not allow the truth to be printed –even debunking trump for telling the truth about 2020-
      not one word of what he says has ever been shown in a court room as being a lie-

  5. And they were getting the fake I can earn so many Dollars to work from home shxt which proved they had no filters to prevent dangerous links on the platform. I have moved away from Yahoo now as I am no longer interested if I cannot read comments that either reinforce my view or tell me the other side of the story. Yahoo have now turned into dictatorship. Read it, believe it, and have no opinion

  6. It’s simple…..In an election year, wit all hands on deck to destroy Donald Trump, Yahoo is running 90% liberal or socialist articles that were full of lies and propaganda, but the comments were 80% Right leaning or Conservative in favor of Donald Trump. By suspending the comments section, now Yahoo can run non-stop anti-Trump propaganda and it is unchecked. It’s called silencing opposing viewpoints. If you think this is bad, wait to see how bad it gets if Biden is elected in November.

    1. Three months later and I’d say that is 100% accurate. I knew something was up when Pelosi and gang made comments like “Trump will be forced out one way or another” or proclaiming Trump won’t “leave quietly”. I guess invoking the 25th amendment isn’t going to age well either when people look back and piece all of this $h@t together. But good call nonetheless.

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