Wush Ear Cleaner Review: Does It Really Work? Read This

Formerly known as just Wush ear cleaner, Wush Pro ear cleaner by Black Wolf is an upgraded version of this powered ear wax cleaner. Is it safe? Does Wush Pro really removes ear wax easily? Here’s a consumer report.

In this review, I share my experience buying and using this powered ear cleaner, its pros, cons, and everything you should expect when you buy it.

Overview of Blackwolf Wush Pro Ear Cleaner

Wush Pro is an electric ear wax cleaner that is said to be safe, quick, and keeps things clean. This ear wax removal kit by Blackwolf works by generating a massaging triple jet stream of water that gently removes ear wax when you press a button.  

The kit contains 1 ear cleaner, 1 water basin, 6 tips, and a USB cord.

How To Use WUSH Pro

  1. Pop on the tip and fill up the reservoir with warm water.
  2. Tilt your head to the right when using it on the right ear, and tilt left for the left ear.
  3. After using the device, tilt your head again to allow any residual water to drain out.
  4. Use a dry q-tip or tissue to gently dry your ears, this helps to prevent any water from sneaking back in.

I Tested WUSH Pro Ear Cleaner By Black Wolf: Here’s What Happened

I’ve been dealing with excess earwax since forever, and I’ve been on the hunt for an easy solution, so I decided to try Wush ear cleaner. I wanted to buy from Amazon, but it was currently unavailable, so I bought from the official website ‘blackwolfnation.com‘. My Wush ear removal kit arrived in a weeks time.

At first use, it was easy to use and using it in the shower is definitely the way to go. Makes clean-up a breeze. It is gentle, and does not cause any pain. However, I noticed the water reservoir is a bit small though. Refilling it, especially in the shower, was a hassle. First time around, I had to refill it twice for both ears.

Meanwhile, I noticed the mode button’s a bit weird. Sometimes I had to keep pressing it to change the water force, and other times it just wouldn’t listen. But you know what? The first time I used it for about 5-10 minutes, it was good. My ears felt clean, and I even found a piece of wax on my shoulder. There are different force settings, but I just went for the max one. Surprisingly, it was comfy and not too strong.

Comparing it to those bulb things or syringes, it’s way better. Quick, easy to do alone, and no need for drops or weird head tilting. Overall, I think it’s a cool idea. Just needs a little tweaking to be perfect.

WUSH Pro Pros: What I Love About This Powered Ear Cleaner

  1. It’s quite easy and simple to use
  2. You can set it the way you want

Wush Ear Cleaner Cons:

  1. The water reservoir is a bit small
  2. The mode button doesn’t work all the time

Is Wush Pro a Safe Ear Cleaner?

Wush Pro is generally safe as it doesn’t involve injecting syringe or Q-tips into your ear, it’s the water that removes the wax. However, few consumers complained that it is loud and uncomfortable. And get this, a few even say it could amp up the ringing in your ears. So if you have underlying issues with your ears you should probably stay away and talk to your doctor instead.

Where To Buy it

You can buy Wush Ear Cleaner from their official website blackpronation.com, Amazon, Walmart or retail stores near you. The price is $69.99.


In conclusion, Black wolf Wush Pro ear cleaner is a cool gadget to clean your ears. It’s safe, quick, and keeps things clean. I found it pretty easy to use, painless, and effective. My only problem was the defective mode button. Sometimes I had to keep pressing it to change the water force.

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