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Webenvy Solutions Scam – Fake Invoice Fax!

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Did you receive a fax from Web Envy Solutions asking you to make a Mail payment to – 620 Murphy Rd Suite #208​ Stafford, TX 77477?

If yes, there is no need to panic. The fax invoice is totally fake, so simply ignore them. Though it looks legit, it definitely is a scam. The website is malicious, and is currently down.

Webenvy Solutions Invoice Fax Scam

The invoice has the following information –

From Web Envy Solutions: Serivce type – SEO/Link Building. Phone: 1-888-236-2605. Payment – $98.57. Mail payment to – 620 Murphy Rd Suite #208​ Stafford, TX 77477

A lot of business owners have complained of receiving this exact fax, and in they thought it was legit as the payment isn’t as large as other Fax/invoice scams.

However, the first red flag is that most people received more than one of this same invoice in less than an hour.

Web Envy Solutions Invoice Payment

The Truth About Emails Like This

Password scam and extortion emails like Svieducation are being used to steal money. These extortion scams are being used by online scammers who are attempting to frighten and trick their potential victims into sending them money.

Simply ignore the email. No matter how convincing it may sound, you should not send money or personal information to anyone without proper investigation and verification.


Webenvy Solutions Fax Invoice was created by a bunch of scammers to corporately rob small and large businesses. This is called a phishing scam. Do not make the payment!

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29 days ago

Received fax invoice for $98.57 from this company on 23 March 2021. Fraud report filed with the FTC at

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