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Walton Chase Review (2021): Beware of This Unregulated Broker

3 min read is an unregulated broker website that hides behind a cloud of great promises. Read this Walton Chase broker review to before you consider trading with them.

As the forex market grows in popularity, it continues to attract scammers’ attention. These illegal brokers are only out to rid traders of their money. In order to help traders get past this, we’ve made it our duty to review forex broker websites, then help you tell which one’s legit and which one’s not. This review tells you all you need to know about Walton Chase Brokers.

About Walton Chase Broker

Walton Chase is a brokerage company under the name, “Walton Chase Ltd”. They operate from two locations; UK and Australia. claims to offer over 200 assets. These include stocks, indices, crypto, commodities and currencies.

After going through the website, we discovered that this broker is no more than a well-disguised scam. Reasons to Avoid this Broker!!!

Here are a bunch of red flags we found on;

Walton Chase Withdrawal and Deposit

The minimum deposit amount for Walton Chase broker is 250 USD/EUR/GBP. This is over twice the $100 industry average. Walton Chase’ payment methods include; debit/credit cards, e-payment, wire transfer and “virtual currency” (also known as cryptocurrency).

Cryptocurrency however, is a shady-broker payment method. This is because it prevents you from requesting a cashback in the case of fraud. Crypto transactions are untraceable.

The minimum withdrawal on the other hand, is $100; something commonly seen among illicit brokers. Legit brokers on the other hand, let you withdraw whatever you want. Withdrawals with can also take up to 10 days to process; an unnecessary drag compared to the 24 hours needed by legit brokers.

Lastly, and worst of all, the account dormancy fees

It is beyond outrageous to have account dormancy fees to be $250. As a matter of fact, it’s laughable. Walton chase is definitely a scam!

Walton Chase Trading Platform

The trading platform is the heart of any forex broker. And as legit brokers go, the two prominent trading platforms are Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. Every legit broker has at least one of them.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that Walton Chase does not provide either of these platforms. Besides, they do not offer any demo trading account (a red flag in itself). The maximum leverage offered is 1:500. This however, is quite disturbing, considering the FCA set their maximum allowable leverage at 1:30.

Walton Chase Licensing and Regulation presents two locations; England and Australia. However, they don’t mention anywhere that they are licensed brokers. Australian brokers are regulated by the ASIC, while UK brokers are regulated by the FCA.

A quick check however, through the registries of these two agencies shows us that Walton Chase Ltd. is not regulated. This is as big a red flag as you can get. An unregulated broker is a no-go area.

Conclusion: Is a Legit Broker?

No! Waltonchase broker is just a properly disguised scam. It is NOT LICENSED by any financial regulatory body. Hence, any deposit you make with them is a huge risk. For this reason, we cannot recommend this broker to you. We advise you deal with a transparent broker who’s licensed by a reputable agency.

If however, you’ve got anything else to say about this broker, do mention it in the comments section.

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john newman
john newman
4 months ago

walton chase,big scam, my account was almost $11000USD and after i told them i wanted to take my money they started trading my money in huge amounts and lost every cent, then they told me the only was i can get it back is to give them more money,
they did not have permission to do anymore trading with my money after i informed them i wanted my money out

3 months ago

I deposited 25k and they lost everything now it’s zero they want me to pay another 25k to recover my own money. They made 170k and they promised me to give me 6k every month but just 1day before they going to pay me my account went zero. They told me that they did trading which went opposite and they will recover but i have to pay another 25k. Load of crap ….even Independent Reserve told me not to invest any money to them as they loose everything but was too late i already made the payment. STAY AWAY

Horace Trepa
Horace Trepa
1 month ago

I got money stolen from them too. 12000$ usd disappeared in 5 hours when I asked to cash out some money. I had no position on anything a d tried a withdrawal. They cancel my withdrawal placed my money at it disappeared in no time. They blame me. Scammers. Thieves. Do g deal with them!

Ngoc ngo
Ngoc ngo
23 days ago

Walton chase TOTAL SCAMMERS,I want to take my money out, then they traded every cent, nothing left,THEY LOST IT ALL. I checked it today it says still pending, they scammed me!!!! DO NOT TRUST

Denis Forrer
Denis Forrer
22 days ago

Absolute scam I agree with the comments of the other respondents and suffered the same fate, Apparently making huge (unbelievable) profits but when I wanted to close off the account they lost money in a spectacular fashion until my account was empty

Bonnie Pettett
Bonnie Pettett
5 days ago

SCAM SCAM SCAM – I signed up to this trading platform with $250US and after speaking with an account manager I decided that I did not want to proceed with trading. I immediately requested a withdrawal of the $250US. Someone started the trading on my account without my permission/authorisation 3 days after I requested the withdrawal. I was contacted to say I could not withdraw my money because most of it had been lost in trade. I told them that was impossible because I never started trading and they just kept saying that I did start trading and the balance… Read more »

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