I Tested Vital Flex Core AB Stimulator: Here’s my honest review

Are the customer reviews online about Vital Flex Core legit? I came across this hype while searching for a solution for my belly fat. Does it work?

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and using this product and help you make an informed decision.

What Is The Vital Flex Core

So, Vital Flex Core is an ab stimulator. It uses EMS tech to make your abs muscles work without doing sit-ups. So, it claims to help you get toned abs without the sweat. But does it work? How true are these claims? Keep reading!

The features of this device are

  1. Fat Loss and Muscle Building: Vital Flex Core is designed for fat loss and muscle building.
  2. Intensity Control: It has a control screen to adjust how intense it works.
  3. Full-Body Usage: You can use it on your abs, waist, arms, and legs.
  4. Comfortable Belt: It comes with an adjustable and comfortable belt.
  5. Customizable: You can customize it according to your fitness goals.

My Experience Using Vital Flex Abs Stimulator

I got the Vital Flex gel pad from Amazon, and let me tell you, the instructions are like a riddle without an answer. I tried all the modes until I found the one that clicks for me.

My order arrived in 7 days. The first thing i noticed was that it comes with three devices and has a gel pad too, so I can work on three body parts at the same time. It was pretty convenient because i literally wore it under my clothes and still did other stuffs at home.

It does tend to improve the strength and tone of the muscles they target. Abs are notoriously difficult to work properly without risking back injury, so this serves as both a good workaround and a way to get one’s core to a point where it becomes easier to maintain proper form. 

I’ve been using it twice a day for almost two weeks, and I can definitely feel my abs pulsating when it’s on. But honestly, apart from that sensation, I haven’t seen any miracles just yet. Maybe it just needs a bit more time to work its magic.

Vital Flex Core Pros

  • It’s pretty convenient to use, especially with the three devices.
  • I can feel my muscles working, especially my abs.
  • I managed to figure out the modes that work best for me.


  • The instructions were a bit confusing.
  • I haven’t seen any dramatic results yet just like tacticalxabs i used earlier.
  • It’s a bit pricey.

Is The Vital Flex Core Ab Stimulator A Scam? Customer Reports

No, it is not a scam perse. Research says EMS devices like Vital Flex Core can actually help trim down stubborn belly fat. Also, before and after images of customers on reddit have said the same too. In my case it was more of an ab stimulator and i haven’t noticed much change on my abs. A customer report on Amazon said

One spring broke after moderate use. After looking online, I found many other buyers with the same issue. Don’t waste your money!.


Where To Buy

This product id available for sale on their official website and on Amazon.

How To Use

To use this device is pretty simple,

  1. Charge It: First, charge it up with the USB cable they provide.
  2. Put It On: Attach the control unit to the belt.
  3. Wrap Around: Wrap the belt around your waist so the gel pads touch your skin.
  4. Turn It On: Use the front button to start it up.
  5. Adjust Comfort: Use the up and down buttons to find a comfortable intensity.


In conclusion, Vital Flex Core is a handy gadget that might help tone muscles and reduce belly fat. However, I’m still waiting for big results it promised.


1. Is Vital Flex Core a muscle stimulator?

  • Yes, Vital Flex Core is like a muscle helper.

2. Can I buy it on Amazon Prime?

  • You can grab Vital Flex Core from Amazon Prime for quick delivery.

3. How’s the customer service for Vital Flex Core in Canada?

  • If you’re in Canada, customer service is there to help with any questions or problems.

4. Are there any customer reports about its effectiveness?

  • Some folks say they feel their muscles working, but remember, results can be different for everyone.

5. Do ab stimulators like Vital Flex Core really work?

  • Ab stimulators can help your muscles, but remember, it also depends on how often you use it and other factors.

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