Is Vistalog Scam Or Legit? What We Discovered About This Shady Website

Vistalog that’s been making some noise online. Apparently, it’s offering rewards for doing simple stuff like referring friends, posting ads, articles, and even just logging in every day.

But, you know how it goes with these online money-making deals. The big question on everyone’s mind is, is Vistalog the real deal, or is it one of those scams you want to steer clear of? Here’s what we discovered after Investigation.

What Is Vistalog

Vistalog is a new website that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. They claim you can earn cool rewards by doing things like bringing in friends, posting ads, articles, and logging in every day. It’s one of those “make money online” setups, you know? But here’s the real question: Is Vistalog legit or just another one of those internet scams?

What Is Vistalog

  1. Bring in Friends (₦4,000): If you get your friends to join using your special code, you earn ₦4,000. But, here’s the catch your friends need to put in some money.
  2. Sign-Up Bonus (₦3,000): Just for signing up, you get ₦3,000. A little extra for getting started.
  3. Daily Log-In (₦200): Every day you log in, you get ₦200. It’s a small reward to keep you active.
  4. Write Blogs (₦300): If you like writing, you can earn ₦300 for posting blogs. If your blogs bring in people through special links, you get more.
  5. Create Ads (₦300): Good at making ads? You can earn ₦300 for creating sponsored ads.
  6. Earn from Referrals (₦300 x 2 levels): When friends of your friends join, you make some extra cash. It’s like expanding your earning group.
  7. Random Rewards (₦100-₦500): Sometimes, you get random money from the overall activity. But, it’s a bit unpredictable.

Is Vistalog Scam Or Legit?

It is not an outright scam, here is what we discovered about this affiliate marketing scheme. Getting your hands on those registration coupon codes is a real headache. Your earnings mostly hinge on how many people you can rope in and get to invest. The whole business setup and who’s pulling the strings are hidden. Moreover, those flashy offers and the entire system seem a bit too good to be true, which raises some red flags. The reviews floating around might not be genuine and could just be cooked up by people trying to get you to sign up.

Here is how Vistalog deals with giving you the money you’ve earned:

  1. Minimum Amount to Get Your Money (₦10,000 if you’re bringing in friends; 25,000 points for others): The tricky part here is you can’t get your earnings until they reach a pretty high amount. It means your money might be stuck for a while before you can touch it.
  2. Withdrawal Windows (Affiliates can only withdraw on Mon/Wed/Sat between 5-6 PM): There are specific times you’re allowed to take your money out if you’ve been bringing in friends. This might be a sign that getting your money could be a bit challenging.
  3. Unclear Timelines for Payments: Vistalog doesn’t clearly tell you when you’ll get your money after you ask for it. This lack of clarity is not great news for people looking to get paid on time.

Red Flags Of Vistalog

Unfortunately, there are too many warning signs and risks suggesting that Vistalog is more likely a scam than a legitimate business opportunity.

In summary, here’s why Vistalog seems like a scam:

  1. The website and company have anonymous origins, raising concerns about transparency.
  2. The compensation plan resembles a pyramid scheme, focusing heavily on referrals.
  3. The withdrawal terms for payments are restrictive and unclear, making it difficult for users to access their earnings.
  4. There’s a high minimum threshold for withdrawals, adding another hurdle for users to get their money.
  5. Despite the hype from affiliate marketing, there’s a lack of genuine user experiences to support the platform’s credibility.


Vistalog appears to be a potential scam waiting to happen. In the vast world of online scams, it’s crucial to exercise caution before investing time or money in any earning opportunity.

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