I Bought Vessi Shoes: Here is My Review of This Waterproof Shoes

Sometime in 2022, a friend introduced me to Vessi Shoes. Being a runner and a sneaker freak, I was very much skeptical of my first pair. A year later, I’ve brought you my honest review of this shoe. So if you’re you looking for genuine Vessi shoes review, search no more.

Vessi Shoes Shoes: What Is It?

They are waterproof kind of sneakers that you can use to work all day in any kind of weather. It claims to repel sand, wind, snow, and slush.  These shoes comes in different sizes and they can be worn by men, women and kids.

Vessis shoes are designed in Vancouver, Canada and manufactured in Taiwan, China, Cambodia, and Vietnam. They were made by three Vancouverites named Andy Wang, Tony Yu, and Mikealla Go.

Is Vessi Reputable

Yes to an extent. Vessi’s are decent-quality waterproof shoes. What I like most about these shoes is its 100% waterproof feature while still being breathable. The material is constructed of nano-sized pores too small for water molecules to pass through but big enough to keep air flowing throughout.

Advantages Of Wearing Vessi Shoes

After one year of wearing this shoe ( to almost everywhere), I observed the following;

  • Better Posture – This sneakers allowed me to walk taller and feel better about yourself all day long.
  • Antioxid Protection – My rate of injury while running drastically reduced.
  • Walking shoes-Good walking shoes for extreme comfort


  • The website Vessi.com has a terrible customer support
  • It is quite expensive. I bought if for $ 100 which is far higher than other alternative waterproof shoes in the market
  • The return and exchange policy isn’t favorable. My friends were unable to return theirs because the company only offered the option of 40% return.

FAQ: Vessi Shoes Review 2023

Do you wear Vessi with socks?

Not compulsory. Vessi Shoes are exceptionally breathable, the choice to wear or not to wear socks is up to you. I would recommend wearing socks with the shoes as they will help wick moisture and heat away from your feet, improving comfort and preventing early wear and tear of the shoe

Is Vessi a running shoes?

Yes, it is Vessi maintains that ultra-lightweight feel (they only weighs 6.7 ounces), making it a comfortable, completely waterproof, functional running shoe

Is Vessi Shoes good for all weather?

Yes, it is. The waterproof knit material that comprises Vessi shoes is made to keep water out of your shoe while allowing your feet to breathe at the same time. Even when it’s hot outside, your feet will stay nice and cool in a Vessi shoe..


Vessi sneakers are sensible footwear for long walks and are very light. They’re supportive, and has sock-like fit. Aside from it being chic and comfy, they also come in a variety of colors, and can go with any kind of clothes; dresses, jeans, etc.

Have you used Vessi shoes? did it meet your expectations? share your experience in the comment section!

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