Vector Knives Scam 2023: Will You Get Paid for Selling Knives? Find Out!

Did you receive a letter from Vector Marketing about an important opportunity for students in your area? Would you really make money from selling Vector knives? Is the offer legit or scam? read this review to find out!

What is Vector Marketing?

Vector Marketing or Vector is a kind of Multi Level Marketing company that was founded in 1981. The company works this way – it enlists young sales representatives to go door to door, selling knives, then pays the reps after they’ve met the requirement.

However, selling the knives is not as easy as you think. In fact, most of the sales representatives end up quitting after few weeks or months. This is because they were not really given enough info about the company and how the marketing works.

What You Should Know About Vector Knives

  • It is nearly impossible to make a single dollar because the knives are so expensive. Who would pay 300 bucks for a knife?
  • They lie about paying you 18 bucks per appointments. You’ll only get paid if you sell at least one item.
  • If you don’t have a wealthy network- family or friends – to demo the knives to, you wouldn’t make a single dime as the job is commission based.
  • Anyone who gets interviewed get hired immediately. The talks about being highly selective is complete BS.
  • It exploits employees’ personal relationships
  • You’ll have to find your own customers and pay for your own transportation during work.

Will You Really Get Paid For Selling Vector Knives?

Yes, you’ll get paid. However, selling the knife isn’t as easy as the company makes it seem. First of all, it is not just an ordinary knife. It’s a knife set that is worth hundreds of dollars, so the market for it is actually small. Secondly, reviews from ex sales reps show that the company isn’t upfront about how they operate. See complaints below –

I worked with them for a summer back in like 2003. they gave me knives which I could use for demos…and the knives are still great 18 years after. lol. I don’t think it’s a scam. it’s just a shady way to recruit employees to sell a quality product. the prices made it super difficult to sell anything. considering the job was commission based, if you didn’t have a wealthy network to demo the knives to, you likely weren’t making sales an as a result you likely aren’t getting paid.

YouTube Comment

That being said, it’s still a shitty job, and your manager is likely to just be some loser looking to make money off of your sales (they get paid a percentage of your commission), instead of someone with actual management experience or any empathy for you. They will 100% pressure you into pitching the knives to everyone you know and then some. Your friends and family will feel pressured into buying knives they don’t need and low-key resent you for it. It’s not a fun time. Don’t bother working for them.



Vector Knives is not really a scam perse, however the company itself is not genuine. It uses deceptive pitch to lure young sales reps without really telling them the truth about their marketing policy. Just like most MLM, reps only get paid via commission from sales, and not by demonstrating the knives as they were told.

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