Review: Deceit Exposed- Another Scam!

Us Fitwear Review: Is a legit online store? or is Usfitwear Store untrustworthy? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of JUsFitwear Website, this led to our review of this Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Is It Legit? is an online store that is selling Gym and fitness tools, fashion wears and items for men and women, all for unbelievable prices.

Are you planning to shop from

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review.

How Does Us FitWear Store Work

Usfitwear is located on-

They provide the following contact details-

Address : 6215 Kestral View Road, Trussville, AL 35173 United States

Phone :  (315) 719-9789

Mail :  [email protected]

This store claims to offer safe and secure shipping.

should you have a reason to worry about store?

CAVEAT- provides fake social media buttons below its homepage.

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Pros Of Buying From USFitWear Store

  • Appropriately Secured- Provides an SSL certificate. This means your card details is secured from hackers to an extent.
  • Easy to use interface- has a friendly design that catches the eyes.
  • Contact Details- This store provides both an address, mail and phone number with which they can be reached with.

Why Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

Lacks Transparency

This store is running multiple Ads for products that are not even related to the content of its website. Their homepage shows they deal mostly on Fitness wears and tools, however they are running Ads for 3D printer and deep Freezer, all for alarming low discount prices.

We find this single act of theirs a cause for alarm. This is because it is the norm of fraudulent stores to hide under the guise of ‘Fitness stores or whatnot’ while advertising different products all for low prices.

Unbelievable Discount

This store is running numerous Ads for products all for low prices. An example is the mini Delta 3D printer which it is selling for $79. When we checked Amazon, we realized this same product is sold for $150.

Usfitwear 3D printer sold for Ridiculously low amount

You might probably be thinking of giving this store a try. But is it worth your money? The low price could be a a bait to make you lower your guard. Just like the saying ‘if it is too good then it is too good to be true”, this might be likewise with this store.

Zero Social Media Presence

We always warn our readers to buy from stores with well grounded social media presence. This is because you can easily reach out to them in any of their platforms. On there are social media buttons, but when you click on them they only direct you to Facebook, without linking you to USfitwear page.

Even when we checked Facebook, we saw no page related to this store.

Fake Address

The major problem we have with this store is that it is claiming to be what it is not. They provide the following address ” 6215 Kestral View Road, Trussville, AL 35173 United States ‘. However, when we used Google Map to locate the address, we realized it does not belong to any store or office. Rather it is that of a residential house.

We find this lie very disturbing. Why would the people behind this store claim to be located here? Could it be that they are trying to give you more reasons to shop from them? Review: Should You Shop Here?

We are skeptical about this online store. We advise you to tread carefully. And do share your experience with us!

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. Was looking for a 3 wheel bike for my elderly mother and couldn’t believe my eyes when I found a 3 wheel bike from Schwinn nonetheless for under a $100 with Shipping under $5 Right? Too good to be true because it is looked into it and this is what I found watch out will tell take your money and you get nada! Lucky me I didn’t order it so watch out for this website please

    1. So this website is a scam??? Omg, I was about to order, but decided to do a little research before my purchase.

      1. Yep me too! The little RV fridge I need was $100 and $5:for shipping but it’s a $500 fridge and shipping would be alot! Can’t believe I almost fell for it and so glad I didn’t!

          1. Contact UPS and get them to send you an email showing you did not get the package. Provide them the tracking number and all information you can give them they are aware how to handle this situation

        1. I am getting NOWHERE with PayPal. I thought I was safe paying with PayPal, but apparently not. They have denied my claim stating they have ruled in favor of the seller. Can you believe that?? I have now appealed their denied claim. I am so disappointed in PayPal and the fact that they are not quick to see that our claims are valid and haven’t refunded the 100’s of us who have been scammed.

          1. Same here. Denied because of the made up tracking number saying that the package was delivered. Finally talked to someone at UPS. The tracking number name was not me and there was a different address. Opening claim with UPS and sent all this info to PayPal. Looking into Attorney General for Alabama because thats the address listed and BBB. People suck, and i’m fed up with all the b/s that goes on

          2. They did the exact same thing to me! I ordered a kayak on May 6th I received an email with a tracking number from PayPal! When I enter the tracking number they told me that the package was delivered the day after I ordered the item! I did not receive anything so when I called UPS they told me the same thing that the tracking number was attached to a different name and address! I filed a claim with PayPal and they denied it I’m definitely going to appeal but can anyone get through to usfitwear??

          3. You can’t get through to usfitwear because it’s a scam. Appeal your claim with PayPal make sure you mention fraudulent tracking number. They will look into it and give you back your money. I got my money back today in my account with an apology from PayPal.

          4. You are not going to be to contact USFITWEAR because they are a scammer and do not exist.

          5. Don’t waste your time, they will never answer, contact you credit card bank and they will refund. It’s a scam and PayPal is aware. They will not refund either(PayPal)

          6. Wow this just happened to me. I ordered a stand for my boxing bag on April 29th. Was sent shipping info and on Saturday the tracking number showed it was delivered. I spoke to my post office they said tracking number is linked to another address. Well I emailed the email address I was provided for the item I
            Purchased and no response. This site made me pay with PayPal and I do not have an account so I paid as a guest. I’m not sure what to do.

          7. Omg same thing that happened to me. I so wish I had researched this company earlier!! I ordered a week ago and because it was PayPal I went ahead and ordered. A wk goes by and I get nothing regarding shipping. I emailed them through the website and nothing. Then I emailed the email on the PayPal receipt. Last night I receive a tracking number. Was suppose to receive it today. So I’m waiting the whole day. I get a tracking SMS saying it was delivered. I literally was right next to my phone so I head outside to see the package. 2 minutes after it said it had been delivered. But NOTHING!!!! This is a safe neighborhood. On the UPS delivery notes said it had been delivered at: met customer girl. I’m so mad!! Tried contacting IPS and it says you have to wait at least 24 hours to files a claim. Lesson learned! Will see what I. An do about PayPal now. We should all try the NBC investigates.

          8. Yes you would think that PayPal is a safe way to order items on line. I felt safe as well and found out that I was wrong. I was scammed by this USFITWEAR and am still in the process of proving to PayPal that this entity using their site as a platform to lure victims like ourselves into purchasing items they do not have and have no intention of shipping to you. When you reach out to PayPal, they in turn reach out to this USFITWEAR (I don’t know how they reach out to them as i have been unsuccessful with their bogus email they provide) and they USFITWEAR provides a false tracking number to PayPal and my claim is then denied. If PayPal would do their due diligence they would see that the tracking number provided is a stolen tracking number from Amazon and the name and address on the tracking number is not me. Instead its left to the victim to prove their case and PayPal does not do a whole lot. I am still in the process of trying to get my money back and have reached out to my bank as I am getting no where with PayPal.

          9. I actually just won my claim through PayPal. I gave lots of evidence as to the fraud of this website. It took awhile (about 2 weeks) but they found in my favor.

          10. My experience also, my bank is taking care of it, I should have just gone there first And saved time, PayPal is a waste

          11. PayPal originally denied my claim but when they learned of the fraudulent tracking number they reversed the denied claim and put money back into my account and gave me an apology.

          12. how did u file the claim, could you please help me on how to set up the claim because they denied my first claim.

          13. Oh my gosh this just happened to me today. I was supposed to receive my item today. Tracked it and it said delivered this afternoon. I called UPS and they said that it was delivered but it was not my address that it was being delivered to and it was not under my name.

          14. this is what happened to me too and the place it was sent was another address another name but we both have the same tracking number still have not got anywhere with PayPal they closed my case and now I’m having to go through my bank to see if they can investigate it

          15. You are correct about PayPal as they provided a false tracking number also from Amazon and to a name and address that is not mine. The PayPal community is up in arms and I cannot believe that PayPal continues to have this scammer on their Platform and stealing folks money. I also contacted my Bank about the transaction as it seems PayPal is doing nothing to protect its membership from scammers like this. The attorney general in Alabama mots probably will not help as the address this scammer is using is a private residence and that poor person is speaking out on You Tube. You can easily look it up in Google Maps and see that it is residential, the telephone number given by this scammer has a Syracuse area code, the scammer is in China. Go figure how PayPal can’t check this out and see that the 300 plus folks screaming for their money have a legit case.

          16. Same problem, ordered grill I never received. PayPal sided with seller because they provided proof of delivery. That proof was for envelope I received with smiley face stickers inside. Filed complaint with AL Attorney Generals office and fraud complaint with USPS. PayPal is very disappointing.

          17. Go to your bank on credit card for refund. Same thing happened to me with UPS, PayPal refused to cover loss, they are in on the scam

          18. Omg am I going to have to go through that??? Why is PayPal doing this. They also sent me a tracking number and ive been waiting. Should I cancel. I even tried reaching the vendor via email and no response.

          19. Omg I dealing with the same issue. They denied mine too because this person provided a fake tracking number. I’m so pissed

          20. Get an official Proof of Delivery from the UPS/Fedex and provide that to Paypal. They will reopen your claim and refund the money. I had just received an email from Paypal that they send me a refund.

          21. I got scammed too I made a purchase of a swingset and I thought it was a fake as soon as I processed, my PayPal dispute was denied, but when I called and explained to my bank, hey were able to process the refund for me

          22. Hi Susan I was scammed by them and PayPal denied my claim because seller stated item was shipped. I had PayPal check the fraudulent tracking number and PayPal reversed the claim and put money back in my account. Mention fraudulent tracking number you will get your money back. I even got an apology from PayPal for original claim denied.

          23. i didnt either Susan and they closed my case. The merchandise was delivered to another address to another person with my tracking number, if the other person even got it. No going thru my bank to recoup the money.

          24. Go to the bank on the credit card you used, they gave me no problem as they are insured for this. Very disappointed in PayPal, they are in on it

          25. I’m going thru the same thing with Paypal and they are aware this seller is a scam but continue to work with him. I am filing a written complaint with the Corp Office not to sure how far I get but it’s worth a try. Also filed a complaint with UPS and with the Attorney Generals Office.

          26. Same! I did not receive the refund and I thought I was safe using PayPal. F

          27. Get UPS to send you the information by email and there is your evidence showing you never received a package.

        2. like an idiot i purchased a bike since they are sold out through the website. I can login can get a hold of Paypal since i didn’t purchase through my account there is no way for me to dispute. I cant believe i didnt do my research first. I contacted my back so hopefully they will pay me back!

        3. good luck with that! paypal has sided with them on my claim. they provided a tracking number! when i got info from UPS after over an hour on the phone and 2 hours on computer it had been determined the number was issued by a different company for one of their orders shipped elsewhere. order was for a swingset. tracking info showed a weight of less than 1/2 pound!!!!!

        4. You will get your money back from PayPal Buyer Protection Plan. I just got my money back. Originally PayPal denied my claim and reversed it ounce they found out that the tracking number was fraudulent. I purchased a treadmill and got scammed !

          1. Hi I was scammed also tried to get UPS to track they came back in favor of the seller so PayPal denied my claim.

        5. If they provided a tracking number, you won’t get your money back. I am fighting with PayPal now about this. I ordered a swimming pool. The pool weighs 40 lbs. They provided a UPS tracking number with a weight of 0.30 lbs and PayPal denied my claim.

          1. Just an update. I contacted UPS and they told me the tracking number was not in my name and the address was completely different. I went back to PayPal and spoke with a customer service rep and they agreed that the tracking number provided did not match what I ordered and they reversed the claim and refunded me the money.

          2. When I made my purchase they said it was 0.40lbs with the fake tracking. I included this in my “evidence” when I filed a claim with PayPal. I also included that the tracking info was sent 5 days after it was “shipped” and “delivered” and that it was “delivered” overnight but had multiple shipment delays. Yeah right. PayPal found in my favor and refunded.

        6. How did you go about getting your money back? Because they closed my claim stating that the seller had information showing they sent it to me. They sent me an envelope with stickers in it. That’s all. I ordered a bike.

          1. If you have the tracking number call the carrier and ask for shipper & recipient addresses. If they are incorrect ask for copy of shipping label.

      2. Yes and it’s to my home address and we have no clue who or what this company is. This is a huge scam

        1. I know that you must be totally frustrated that you have been victimized by the fact that this fraudulent website is using your home address as their location address. I don’t understand why the FBI and the FTC haven’t already shut this website down.

    2. BIGGEST SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! I did the exact same thing purchased a adult 26 inch 3 wheeled bike, used PayPal paid the $99.98 checked out as a guest. Got the order number from their web-page and paypal. Then a week later paypal sends me and email with the updated tracking info for the shipping that says it was delivered two days before for a package that weight .40 lbs and was left at door. I have a door bell camera and litter watched and hour before and hour after the stated delivery time and nothing. Forgive me but that bike on amazon states the package dimensions is:
      Item Weight71 pounds
      Product Dimensions76 x 31 x 40 inches
      Item model numberS4002
      Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
      Weight72.7 Pounds
      UPS Says this:
      0.40 LBS

      UPS 2nd Day Air®

      Shipped / Billed On

      Delivered On
      05/05/2020 3:55 P.M.

      Received By
      Left At
      Front Door

      1. Call ups. Give them the tracking number. Find out exactly what address it was shipped to and who was recipient. I called ups. The package was delivered to a different address but in the same neighborhood. Ups sent me a copy of shipping label which I forwarded to paypal. Took about 3 weeks but I got a refund..

  2. this site advertised a swingset for$82 that normally prices at $170 to $250. I have been searching for one for my grandkids. the phone number given does not work and after further investigation realized the site is a scam.

    1. I ordered a swing set and had to call my credit card it will take a while to get my money back they said ;(

    2. I too was looking for a swing set and some
      thing told me to double check because of an issue i had with dressol the other day

    3. I fell for it for my grandkids too!! What’s worse is they actually gave me a tracking g number sew with UPS and they show they delivered a 1.00 lb pkg which they did NOT!! UPS wont help because they say the company released them from any liability!! It is such BS that these “companies” can get by with this!!!

  3. These guys are then same people who run BRADYK with a different address and exact same tactics. I have never been had so badly before. Do not shop from this website.

    1. Oh no! I purchased a Dyson V7 vacuum for $94, which is selling for $30-$100 more on other sites. I never received a confirmation email or shipping info so then I found this website showing it is likely a scam. Fortunately, I am covered against fraud by my credit card, but it still stinks that some people are so evil and corrupt.

      1. I would make sure to call your credit card company. You need to tell them the date ordered and the amount. I just called my bank today.

    1. PayPal should be ashamed of themselves. The customer is suppose to be protected and they just go off what the seller says instead of allowing you to respond once they provide fake information

  4. I let my guard down and purchased an airfryer at half the price from them. After not seeing a confirmation email for the order, I looked into my paypal account and noticed that the charge was from an Asian entity and the transaction didn’t even list the item. I have reached out to Paypal to get help cancelling it. Beware. This is how the charge came out on my activity:

    Seller info
    小燕 程
    [email protected]

    Purchase details
    sascos z26je95g $53.99
    Item #1

    1. Exactly! PayPal Resolution Center working through my claim now. $98.99 lesson that PayPal will refund mid-June.

      1. How did you get them to do it? PayPal denied my claim because it wasn’t an unauthorized transaction.

        1. Pay pal has buyers protection. If you never received your item then you can most definitely get your money back. Only problem during covid is it is very difficult to get a hold of someone on the phone to Pay Pal. I almost bought a outdoor pool.. No way am I ordering from this site!!

        1. Same – I kept waiting for my confirmation email and when it didn’t come, and Paypal took the money, I was like, something is wrong. So I looked it up and sure enough! UGH!

      2. I have same issue amount for treadmill $98.99 my claim was denied. How do i reopen claim not working on website ?

  5. Beware! it is a Fraud site.
    I was shopping on Google shopping for a LawnMower, and guess where I found one, yep on, I never heard of the site now knew that it is a sports site. Since Google took me directly to that mowers page, I trusted the site and bought the mower for $100. I received no email confirmation of the order. I call the number posted on the site too many times to count on different days with NO Response at all. I emailed them 5 times with no luck. I even went and emailed the email listed n the Paypal transaction, and guess what, yeh it does not exist!
    I have checked again and found another email for the Paypal transaction and emailed that one. Paypal did not cancel the transaction nor help, so I had to call my bank and block all E-transaction with Paypal and after all of this still, the transaction is processing in my bank account at the moment.

      1. How did you get proof in one day? I am a member of the club, transaction occurred 19 hours ago.

        1. Please tell me what to do. My claim just got denied from them as well and I want my money back

      2. I provided documentation and they still denied my case because the fake seller provided a bogus tracking number

    1. They wont. I had the same thing happen to me. I’m considering trying to bring a class action suit against PayPay for their neglect in responding to the huge number of apparent complaints over his seller. Something needs to be done about this. Until PayPal responds, I suggest we all boycot any and all service related to them or their parent company.

  6. I was looking for a spare tire for my Dodge Grand Caravan. Amazon and EBay were talking in the $350 range then I saw it on their site. They had it for about $100. The problem was that the picture looked familiar. It was taken from a listing on Amazon same tiles same stuff around it and the image was low definition like they had screen shot it. . Definitely a scam. Look at this on their website then look at that same thing on amazon.

  7. Yes, I believe that this is a scam site connected with Russia. There is no limit to scams coming out of Russia unfortunately.
    I was looking for a cooler and they popped up. They are linking themselves to Amazon searches. Be very careful of these types of sites. Alabama is another red flag as are residential addresses.

  8. I did exactly what you did for the same exact reasons ..too many red flags….and sorry but check out the contact name….???…. Can you spell Bratva

  9. There cert is from cloudfare…almost a guaranteed scam. Not sure if it went through because the site also wanted to send payment through FB messenger after a redirect when I wanted to pay through paypal.

    1. This is PayPal’s response to the claim against usfitwear: “After having reviewed all the details, and based on the information we have to date, we have to deny your case. This decision was made because your billing dispute doesn’t match our qualification for a billing dispute.” btw, 315 area code is New York. PayPal doesn’t investigate…. they have a phone, both physical and email address, and a website – so for PayPal, that’s all they need.

      1. Did you file a dispute with Pay-Pal and show them proof you never received your item? I have proof they never shipped me my item.

  10. I was looking for a rowing machine and came across an incredible buy at this site. Glad I didn’t move forward with the purchase. The old adage, “if it’s too good to be true then..” comes to mind.

  11. The PayPal info from my scam is below. Total BS. I was misled by my trust for Google Shop and Paypal.

    Paypal is aware of the issue, but they don’t care and just told me not to worry because sanctions are issued.

    Pay pal ID: 679270735E681131G, Merchant Transaction ID:
    Purchase Date:
    April 29, 2020
    Payment to:
    [email protected]

  12. Well, I jumped on what I thought was a deal and ordered before doing my research. I payed through paypal, so I hope that gives me at least a layer of protection. Once the transaction showed up on my paypal account it had Chinese as the name, 彬 黄 translates to HUANG BIN which is what showed on my bank account, and this was the contact email address, [email protected]. I sent an email to them asking to confirm the order. We’ll see what happens.

    1. Please let me know what you find out. I just ordered a kayak before doing any research on the company. I think I’m screwed! Like you, I just got a email from PayPal and not from their company.

  13. They claim to be in Alabama, but the address is wrong, also the phone is from Upstate NY and is not working phone. All is scam..

  14. Address is wrong, someone residence in Alabama and non working telephone number from Upstate New York,…….

  15. I googled a 150/80-16 rear motorcycle tire. Under google shopping USFITWEAR was the 3rd item to pop up with Dunlop d404 150/80-16 for 48.00. That’s a good deal but not unbelievable. I chose to purchase it and had to do it thru paypal which is fine because i prefer pay-pal over using my card on random sites. After the purchase I never received an email, 3 days later i get a notification on pay pal saying it has shipped and the money was no longer pending. They provided me with a tracking number, today I look up the tracking number and it shows delivered at a time I was outside on my front porch.I went to the UPS customer care center to see where my package was delivered. They gave me the Manifest for for my tracking number and it was to an address 4 miles from my home and said the sender was amazon. I drove to that house and spoke with the man about his package he had received. It was a book he ordered from amazon with the same tracking number USFITWEAR had given me. BOTTOM LINE- US FITWEAR IS A SCAM AND WILL TRY TO SHOW PROOF OF DELIVERY BY PROVIDING YOU WITH A FAKE TRACKING NUMBER. IM SURE THEY HAVE MULTIPLE PAY PAL ACCOUNTS. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM. IN DISPUTE WITH PAY PAL NOW.

    1. Yes! Exact same thing happened to me! I ordered a bicycle for my daughter and immediately noticed that the PayPal payment went to a foreign name. That same day I emailed the company trying to cancel this transaction. I called PayPal and they stated that I had to give the seller at least a week to respond. I get a UPS tracking number 3 days later that said it was delivered to my front porch!? No it was not! My brother works at UPS and was able to discover that the US FIT WEAR copied a tracking number and this is how they are trying to cover there actions! That tracking number was from Amazon and was delivered to another address in our town. No bike was ever sent yet they were trying to be sneaky and deceptive and I will be getting ALL of my $81 back!!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM US FIT WEAR!!!!

  16. Tried to us this site and Vemwear and soon as I tried to pay with paypal, my paypal was hacked. Luckily PayPal emailed me that someone was trying to log into my account in Louisiana. So I changed my pw and deleted all my payment options. Very thankful I wasnt able to go through with the purchase.

  17. Ordered a YardStash on April 24th

    No reply…cannot contact…PayPal not responding…


  18. That address is not their address. I live there and we are not affiliated with this company. I’m trying to look into the details now. Is there an owners name? Do y’all have an email address?? Thank you so much

    1. Jenny I just wanted to let you know that I feel so bad for you that this is happening to you. God Bless you and keep safe.

  19. Also, the phone number listed is for a man in New York named randy lee. I live in Alabama. This company is BOGUS. I did a background search on the owners name. No name in the nation exists. Do not buy from this company.

  20. Bought a bread machine from them- total scam. Cannot even get a refund via PayPal because the purchase didn’t look unauthorized. Trying to get a refund via UPS since they “shipped” me a 9 lb bread machine but the shipping details said .3 lbs. Needless to say, I never received this package. Horrible that people do stuff like this. I should’ve researched… wonder how many people they’ve scammed.

    Here is the name on the charge for the PayPal (I’m sure they change info often.)
    Seller info
    俊钢 陈
    [email protected]
    Purchase details
    ramscox n24yb77t
    Item #1

  21. Bought a DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX Cordless / Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum that sells for $ 80 more elsewhere. I never received a confirmation email or shipping information, so I found this website to show that it is likely to be a scam. My credit card protects me against fraud, but these people must be caught and made to feel the weight of the law … 05/ 1/2020

  22. is advertising DeWalt DWP611PK combo for $87 (and why they are selling power tool again?), the market price is supposed to be around $180. When you think “too good to be true”, it must be bad.

  23. I was looking for a bicycle for a heavy rider and found a Schwinn adult 26 inch adult tricycle. It was $99.98 with tax and everything. They use Paypal for payment. I used the guest paypal account bc I rarely use paypal & couldn’t remember my password. They are suppose to send an email confirmation of order within 24 hours and I never received one. I got a confirmation from paypal that my payment was accepted and would show up as Paypal *CHEN LIPING. This info was on my paypal receipt… Payment to: 陈 丽萍 [email protected] I called the telephone number on the website and it’s always a busy signal. I sent them a message about order confirmation using their contact us message service and nothing. All signs point to SCAM!!! I tired to log into the account and it said it was incorrect. I called my bank to file a dispute and get my money back.

  24. I ordered a bicycle for my daughter and immediately noticed that the PayPal payment went to a foreign name. That same day I emailed the company trying to cancel this transaction. I called PayPal and they stated that I had to give the seller at least a week to respond. I get a UPS tracking number 3 days later that said it was delivered to my front porch!? No it was not! My brother works at UPS and was able to discover that the US FIT WEAR copied a tracking number and this is how they are trying to cover there actions! That tracking number was from Amazon and was delivered to another address in our town. No bike was ever sent yet they were trying to be sneaky and deceptive and I will be getting ALL of my $81 back!!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM US FIT WEAR!!!!

  25. I’m screwed..I just ordered a kayak. Didnt recieve an email from their company I received an email from PayPal saying that my PayPal account was opened up. Sounds scary they have all of my banking information now

  26. Definitely a scam. Ordered the 3 wheel Schwinn bike and used PayPal. When PayPal receipt showed the merchant as “[email protected]” and several oriental characters, I went on line and discovered the scam. I stopped PayPal payment. However when PayPal contacted them they provided PayPal with a UPS Tracking number so PayPal, unbeknownst to me, reinstated the payment. Four days later I received an email from PayPal giving me the tracking number. I tracked and found a 7.3 pound box (definitely not a bike!) had been delivered to a “customer man” in my town the day after the order and that the charge posted to my card 2 days after the order. Needless to say, I had not received the box. The box was sent from Pataskala, Ohio. I called UPS trying to find the name and address of the sender and to say we received no package. Gave then the tracking number and my name and address. UPS said that was not the address on the package – same town and state, but different address. It’s a small country town, about 1,200 residents. They wouldn’t give me the name and address where delivered. THIS IS EVIDENTLY THE STANDARD MO FOR USFITWEAR. They send a small package somewhere and send the tracking number to PayPal, thereby tricking them into sending through the payment. I am still trying to get my money back from PayPal. Wish me luck.

    1. Good luck to you. It seems PayPal is not being very good about giving money back from this company. Also this company does not actually send anything to anybody they just steal the tracking # from another company (usually from Amazon) that is sending something to someone in your area to make PayPal think it’s legit so then PayPal makes you jump through hoops to prove you did not get the item and that it’s a scam. Good luck and keep well during this time.

    2. Same situation for the Dyson vacuum that I ordered. They sent tracking info through PayPal that UPS reported was for a different address and it weighed a fraction of a vacuum (.6 versus 9 pounds). PayPal is showing weak customer service.

  27. I wanted to order a bike that’s built for two riders, OMG USFITWEAR $94,00 and $4.99 shipping , found out this is a scam , i want to use Paypal, but the site wouldn’t let me , the site wanted me to put in my credit card info…….so long story short i didn’t order it.
    Don’t order from unfamiliar websites check around…….By the way this website is still up and running….05/02/2020

  28. I felt I was getting scammed when I checked my PayPal activity and saw the Chinese writing. I googled the address and found it residential. I then called the number and got google voice mail. I contacted PayPal through the message center, because no one is there, and explained the situation. This transaction is still pending, it has not been completed. I just finished chatting with a PayPal agent and was told the transaction could not be cancelled by the buyer because it is “authorized”. I would have to wait and file a dispute after the transaction completed. I was assured that I would receive a refund. I read one reply that stated that PayPal would do nothing.
    By the way, item was a Keurig Select for $52.00 plus $4.95 shipping. Purchased about 19 hours ago.

  29. My Letter to [email protected]

    Gentlemen,I would like to inform you of a scam site being paid through PayPal,
    I made a purchase on their site on the evening of 5/1 and after the transaction I checked my PayPal activity and saw the Chinese writing and no item description in the transaction details which brought up a bright red flag since they were supposed to be based in Alabama. I immediately Googled the address and found it to be residential. I attempted to call the contact number and it went to a google voicemail. I attempted to call the number again approximately 18 hours later and received the message “The number or code you entered is incorrect”. I did this twice several hours apart with the same results.I googled “usfitwear scam” and found many victim statements that started about 5 days ago on a site called “”‘. I called PayPal at approximately 10:30 P.M. on 5/1 and of course no one was there so I went online to the message center and input all the information. I was attempting to get the transaction cancelled since it was still pending.
    I was informed that I had messages in the PayPal message center, via email, at 3:36 P.M. on 5/2 from P V Swetha. I responded to the messages and we actually started a chat session via PayPal Message Center. I explained that we need to cancel the transaction since it is still pending. She stated it was impossible to cancel by the buyer because the transaction is “authorized”. I was informed that I could generate a dispute once the transaction had been completed. I did not only attempt to prevent either PayPal or myself from losing funds, but also prevent this SCUM from profiting. Quite a few of the victims on the above mentioned stated that PayPal would do nothing to help their situation. Several also stated that they received tracking numbers via PayPal which turned out to be valid numbers in the same area, but not to them. Some stated they thought they were Amazon tracking numbers. I suggest you review the posts on the mentioned forum.
    My purchase was a Keurig Select Coffee Brewer in matte black finish. The item cost was $52.00 plus $4.99 shipping charges bring the total to $56.99.
    Do not hesitate to contact me if you require more information. These scammers must be STOPPED!!!! I browsed eBay last night and saw Amazon Fire Sticks for 20% retail cost offered by 3 new Chinese sellers. That would be a hot item with the lockdown. I attempted to report the items through the appropriate means, but when I submitted, I received a message that the item number was invalid or ended. I checked the number sold by these sellers earlier today and there were well over 1000 transactions with many being more than one device. Sounds like PayPal may be refunding over $10,000 between these 3 sellers. I attempted to limit their abuse of this worldwide catastrophe but was unable. Hope you can help:).

  30. I wish I could take it back but I did it through PayPal so thought that meant it was legit. I guess we shall see, probably not.

  31. My wife asked me to look into this company since they are selling items at 50% off. For starters, the address posted on the website is a residential address and not a warehouse or corporate location. The name RUMENA BUZHAROVSKA appears to be a misspelling for an author. The website was registered in February 2020, I checked viewdns (dot) info. They are hiding who registered the domain too. They have zero online footprints anywhere. The telephone number is for New York and not Alabama. I wouldn’t trust this website and I will be shopping elsewhere.

  32. So, if everyone on here agrees it’s a scam (and I’m so glad I checked this first before purchasing), then what can we do about it so they can’t scam anyone else?!?

    I found an unregistered listing with the BBB here,, so for those that purchased, maybe you can start to hit it up. But, what else can we do? Anyone know if there’s a way to get the police to shut down their website or if there’s a way to do a legal DDOS against it, to bring it down?

  33. USFitwear was advertising a new Diamondback HaanJenn for $94.95. This is a scam… all other HaanJenn’s are well above $500 and they didn’t have a size selector. Please be wary of this site.

  34. I was just now trying to order a ladies bike which they offer for $56 plus 4.99 shipping. I hit pay pal. I don’t know if my order went through because I didn’t see anything which said your order is complete, or anything like that. I have now read your reviews and don’t want to go through with this order. How do I find out if they have charged me? I believe I only have entered American Express for a charge through Pay Pal. Can you tell me that is correct?

  35. Click bait led me to Usfitwear ad for sixthreezero Reach Your Destination Men’s Hybrid Bike with Rear Rack, 28 Inches, 7-Speed, Matte Black $94.99. I attempted to search Usfitwear site for other bikes, but search on Usfitwear site showed no bikes, including the above from click bait. The same bike is close to $500 on the manufacturer’s site, so I was cautious. I am glad to discover SABIREVIEWS to confirm my suspicion. (Another clue was listing a United States address in the United States, lol).

  36. Shame on Paypal. I placed an order to this fake company. But by mistake did not the search I am doing now. Is paypal going to be responsible for this?

  37. Well I’m a big fat dummy. I ordered a bike from this website. I knew right away it was a mistake. The charge was for $91.00. I am disputing it with PayPal but according to other posts that may not make much of a difference.

  38. I’m so confused on why I’m this site is still up and running and PayPal is allowing more and more people to get scammed. They are suppose to have a purchase protection plan and they are protecting shit …. they denied my claim because the fake seller provided a bogus tracking number without confirming anything with me … This is just ridiculous

  39. Definitely a scam, 80$ was taken out of my account and I never revieved a shipping notice or anything. I never buy from a website that doesnt use paypal so i figured because they were associated with pay pal i would be ok. Sadly that was not the case. I tried to contact them, everything address phone number they all dont work. Alot of people put trust into paypal seeing they hold peoples card numbers, so im a little upset with the PayPal account people, they should be looking into what company is using them and if they are legit. Next time i will investigate unknown websites i normally dont use. For other people please dont waste your money with these people. I put my faith into paypal to get my money back. They released the funds they need to get it back.

  40. I purchased 72 dollars on something and it is now going on 11 days with nothing and it saying it was delivered to Philadelphia and I live in Georgia.Every time I call the line is busy and never rings. Is there any actual way to get in contact with them?

  41. I’ve confirmed they are Scammers. They sent a UPS tracking # that package had been received. After contacting UPS it was a package from Amazon to someone else at a different address than mine. UPS emailed me confirmation of that to send to PayPal.
    Total Scammers and I’ve let GOOGLE ADS know it and they deleted my complaint and USFitWear is still on GOOGLE ads.

  42. I too have been scammed, I typed in the search window swingset and a picture of 1 I liked appeared. I clicked on it and It directed me toward the purchase and it seems as though as soon as I did it, I realized it wasn’t right. I received a PayPal receipt but never a receipt through the website, so I went to the website and searched for it, they don’t even sell swingsets. I tried to call my bank on hold for an hour finally at the pickup the call disconnected. I went to my online bank and sent a message there and haven’t heard back. I put in a PayPal dispute and found out this morning it was denied, reached out to a friend that works at the bank she told me to go to the walk up window and they didn’t know what to do and told me to call again finally got through today and told them, they opened a claim for me, but I also put in another dispute to PayPal included pictures of how I made the purchase along w a photo of this website showing that others have the same issue. So hopefully this can be resolved.

  43. Am I the only person who religiously googled the product I wanted for days and then all of a sudden USFITWEAR was a new hit even though I’d been getting the same search results the past few times I did the search??… Anyway I bought a bike on May 1. Processed the payment through PayPal which is the only receipt I have as the website never sent order confirmation or shipping information.

    The PayPal merchant on my receipt is Debing Wen 德兵 文 [email protected] with item description: leaduty i25qf56k Item #1

    PLEASE file a complaint if you got scammed with the Fair Trade Commission at

    Looks like other people aren’t having luck disputing the charge through PayPal so I advise going directly through your bank in addition to the PayPal dispute.

  44. I placed an order on April 28, 2020 they send me an email with tracking number that it was delivered on May 6, 2020 at 6:30 pm. Which I never did! I’m very disappointed! Try doing a dispute and it didn’t work! So be careful out there

  45. Everyone here please close your PAYPAL account immediately, I just did, and contact a class action lawsuit lawyer to sue PAYPAL. They can not continue accepting payments on behalf of USFITWEAR.COM because by now they know it is a total scum based on all complaints they must have received from the PAYPAL account holders that have file PAYPAL complaints against USFITWEAR.COM

  46. I have made a purchase from this company and paid through PayPal
    They created a fake ups label which when I investigated it generated from amazon so ups cannot do anything and obviously never received my shipment. Which supposedly arrived in 2 days and was placed at my garage. I have a pit bull and my yard is gated so that was a lie.
    I have filed a claim with PayPal and currently awaiting the outcome.

  47. A complete scam. I am usually very careful, but this one fulled me. Paypal was not helpful at first as they did deny my claim after the so called “shipper” provided them with the tracking number. Of course it was a bogus tr# which just showed that package was delivered to somewhere in my city. I called UPS and they confirmed that the package wasn’t actually shipped to me or by that shipper. I requested that they send me the confirmation letter, which they did. All this time i was communicating with the Paypal via chat and after I expressed my dissapointment with them for not actually looking at the tracking information, the agent SCTUALLY GOT ON THE PHONE WITH UPS AND APPEALED MY CLAIM. I got a refund from Paypal within a few minutes!

    So if you can provide the proof of delivery to PAypal, they will appeal and approve you claim. Good luck!

  48. I also ordered a bike; stupid me I knew the price was lower than all other sites for the same bike. I called and called and emailed never received a confirmation email. I informed PayPal and they denied my claim. I am calling the bank to dispute my payment to PayPal. PayPal should be shamed.

  49. My mother ordered off this site the other day and discovered it was a scam. They took her $80.00 through PayPal. Does anyone know how or if she could get that money back?


  51. I was stupid. I ordered a mountain bike for my girlfriend. Obviously the price was incredible. I received an email it had been shipped but no tracking number. I then initiated an investigation and found it was a fraudulent company. I declared this through my PayPal account and was credited my refund. What a pain this was.

  52. I got scammed too trying to purchase a swingset, through the USfitwear but seems as though as soon as I processed the sale I realized it wasn’t right. I made the transaction on May 2, on May 4 it was pending on my online banking and that’s when I tried to send to PayPal a dispute telling them I never received a receipt, only the invoice from PayPal for the payment. I also called my bank and they were able to recover the funds for me as on 5/6 the money was back in my account. This morning I got something from Paula saying they received something from my bank saying their was suspicious activity…so thank goodness my bank was able to recover it for me cause PayPal had denied it..after the denial I had even sent them a nasty email telling them and showing them photos of how I had purchased and that they were suppose to protect consumers also about this website and the complaints. It’s ridiculous!!!

  53. Darn it – I got scammed too. I knew that mini-fridge at 50% off was too good to be true. But since the address was in Trussville, AL, I ordered anyway. Like everyone else, I immediately knew it was a problem. No confirmation e-mail, no invoice, no tracking number, no response to my e-mail asking for information, Chinese characters as the seller, and some weird item description that was “leadduty”, and not mini-fridge! I filed a dispute with PayPal and I got back an e-mail with a fake tracking number. It said a 2lb package was delivered last Monday. But I’ll tell you something – I’m going to get back my $99.98 from PayPal if it takes me forever.

    I’ll file with the FBI, BBB, and Alabama Fraud, and I’ll file against PayPal too. PayPal has a duty to police its vendors and deny accounts to those committing fraud and theft.

  54. I ordered a $100 faucet got nothing. Put a dispute in paypal and they denied it. The ups tracking number the seller provided was sent to another person and address. No idea how to get my money back.

    1. Sue them because you were never going to get the item you paid for, it’s a scam and paypal knows it because people that got ripped off has disputed it with paypal. paypal is just colecting the money from you and transferring it to the scammers,, Paypal keeps a part of your money as a fee.

  55. I bought something from them I got no confirmation emails are anything tried calling them hangs up immediately!! Scam don’t buy anything from them you will regret it

  56. I sadly purchased a bike during these unprecedented times, and I am sure I lost my money. No shipping details, no contact information, but money deducted out of my account. Ugh, so upset with myself for such a poor decision to purchase from an Unknown online retailer. Lesson learned.


    Trussville, Trussville, AL 35173
    Email this Business

    BBB File Opened:4/28/2020
    Alternate Business Name
    Contact Information
    Principal Rumena Buzharovska

    BBB serving Central and South Alabama has conducted an investigation into an online retailer, The investigation was sparked by a spike in consumer complaints and BBB Scam Tracker reports about the business starting April 28th. Since late April, BBB has received over 40 complaints and over a dozen Scam Tracker reports about As of Wednesday, May 6, BBB had received consumers complaints from 18 states. is an online retailer that sells exercise apparel and work-out gear via its online store. The business’s website claims an address in Trussville, AL. That address is a residence, and BBB has confirmed through communication with the homeowner that the business is not related at that address in any way, shape, or form. The phone number the business claims has a New York area code, and continually rings busy. BBB has researched the website’s domain registration and found that the website was just registered on February 20th, 2020 and the registration was done in a manner to conceal the identity of the operator of the site.

    Consumers who have submitted complaints and Scam Tracker reports placed orders and paid to purchase everything from gaming chairs, above ground pools, trampolines, bicycles and adult tricycles, to blenders, motorcycle components, exercise bikes, swing sets, and play sets. Interestingly, none of these items are directly listed or advertised on the businesses website, yet were being located for sale on Google ads by the consumers attempting to purchase. Consumers report that the only payment method offered is via PayPal, and that once the payment is processed, it does not show as being processed to, but to what consumers say is an individual whose name shows as letters of the Chinese alphabet. PayPal being the only payment method has caused some issues for some of the complainants when it comes to submitting fraud claims with PayPal in an attempt to have their payments returned. Some of the complainants have reported that the vendor supplied PayPal with bogus tracking information showing that packages were delivered, which resulted in PayPal denying the consumer’s claims. One complainant stated that the tracking number provided to PayPal was for an Amazon package.
    Paying customers report that the business is unresponsive to communication attempts, and not a single complainant has confirmed receipt of the product they ordered. BBB’s attempts to communicate with the business have gone unanswered to date.

    Fraudulent online retailers continue to be the most common scam facing American consumers and have been for multiple years running. BBB advises consumers to be very cautious when dealing with unknown online retailers.

  58. So of course you guys checked at the “Store” address, right? The store address is a residential home in Alabama and the owner of this house is speaking out in YouTube as they have a number of folks contacting them about the merchandise they never receive. Of course you also checked out the telephone number which has an area code in Syracuse New York and not Alabama or even China where this scammer is really located. Then of course you checked out the email and found out you get no answer. When I inquired through PayPal about how I was scammed by this USFITWEAR along with over 300 other folks, they the scammer provided a false tracking number. The tracking number happens to be an Amazon tracking number which this scammer somehow was able to obtain. Also get this, the tracking number information shows a deliver to address that is not mine. I am sure that USFITWEAR will even sell you property in Beverly Hills at a bargain price. I am a victim of this scammer and am currently dealing with PayPal as well as my bank to get my money back.


  60. Do not buy anything from this site, it’s a scam! I bought two kayaks from them through PayPal totaling $200, I got about a dollars worth of star stickers in the mail which is how their fooling PayPal into thinking they actually shipped you what you ordered and PayPal uses that tracking number to deny your dispute. I’ve already reported them to the better business bureau, do the same but don’t order anything from this site!

  61. I purchased a womens bike back on April 27th they already took payment out of bank account but still haven’t received bike. Obviously it was a scam. What do I need to do about it?

  62. I purchased tires from this company. Every receipt had a different name on it, payment from my bank went to a tianyu huang, tire description on invoice was :warmack 27vw0ly. Which is just nonsense typing. Multiple emails and text to phone number on website never answered. Tracking numbers on delivery show it was delivered and it never was, so that was bogus also. Kind of hard to hide/lose 2 tires. PayPal denied claim, so buyer beware PayPal is in on the scam, they are obviously making money off of it. That fact alone is very disappointing because I trusted PayPal, but no more. Finally recourse was my bank card which is going to refund me. DO NOT BUY FROM USFITWEAR!

  63. Filed many complaints against usfitwear. They are the BBB, Payspal, my bank, FTC and (which is internet crime complaint center) almost forgot USPS is also investigating. There is a youtube video from homeowner of the address listed on usfitwear’s website.

  64. BEWARE! I got scammed. I used a credit card via paypal to ordered a gazebo cover that weighs 8.6 lbs. I never received it. UPS tracking shows a .8 lb item, but I never received ANYTHING. When I tried to dispute thru paypal, paypal denied my claim b/c USFIT sent them tracking confirmation. I cannot reach USFIT at either email address and their phone number is always busy. I’m attempting to get my money refunded via my credit card company. I’ll never use paypal to pay for anything like this again! They are unhelpful. The name of the company on the Paypal receipt is 伟祥 张 and email address is [email protected] so I was suspicious. This is on their website: [email protected]
    (315) 719-9789

  65. After reading many of the post in this discussion I am pleased to inform anyone who has been scammed by the person who is running USFITWEAR.COM (as well as other website I’m sure) that after much pain and aggravation on my part plus my constant persistence with PayPal customer service and Dispute and Claims Department, I have been able to successfully get my dispute reversed from denied to approved today, but thats not all!

    After speaking with someone in the dispute and claims department, I made them aware of the many documents I had submitted with my initial dispute including the web link to the BBB’s complaint page for the “FAKE” site. Upon reviewing this and giving plenty of insight into the fraudulent activities this scam artist is continuing to play on unsuspecting people, they are going to look further into the history of this persons paypal account and see if there is a constant trend from transactions first being initiated, to disputes or claims being filed against this seller. If they determine that the seller is in fact scamming and using PayPal as a median to commit acts of fraud (which anyone reading this post knows damned well this seller is a piece of crap con artist), then they will permanently block the person from using PayPal.

    Of course there’s a distinct difference between saying and actually doing, however should PayPal actually deactivate this person’s account, we all know this low life degenerate is just going to go thru a few extra steps, creating a new name, email, address and banking information just to resume their scam and rob more and more people of their hard earned money. For this reason as I had the forethought about it when they first told me they’re initiating an investigation into their account, I mentioned to the representative that PayPal needs to update their dispute process that will force the seller to provide either a digital or photo copy of the receipt from the shipping courier that can plainly show the addressee and their address should a dispute be initiated against that particular transaction. He did tell me that he would forward that recommendation to the appropriate department so lets all keep fingers crossed that this recommendation will reach the appropriate person and then become PayPal dispute policy.

    But for those who are still currently trying to get their money back from PayPal in the dispute or claim’s process, I will suggest that if you have the tracking information and know the phone number to the courier’s depot from which the package was delivered from, you can give that phone number to paypal and have them call that courier to verify that neither your name nor address were attacked to that tracking number or package in any way shape or form. Thats how I was able to get PayPal to reverse their denial on my dispute and this can in turn give PayPal more and more insight into the ways that scammers are taking advantage of PayPal’s dispute loopholes and force PayPal to update their policies to further protect the buyers and make the sellers more accountable.

    1. They are playing dumb, they know what’s going on but because they get a percent of the money, they let the fraudulent transactions go through. Ebay is more proactive, they delete fraudulent listings soon after people report them, and they have a clickable link with each listing. Everyone should just close their paypal account if they don’t want to lose their money. If you can pay only with your credit card, you don’t have to deal with paypal at all. Some frauds on ebay don’t let you use your credit card only paypal, so if you don’t have a paypal account you can’t lose the money because you are not able to complete the transaction. I was shopping for a $230+ bicycle yesterday on ebay, and there was one like that listed for $30 and it would not accept credit cards only paypal. I immediately knew it was fraud so I reported it on ebay and the listing was removed, but not before some 50+ people had paid for it.

  66. I ordered a swing set for $94.99. They claimed it shipped and was delivered. I screen shot everything! I live in Townsend, Mt and the delivery received says Townsend, DE! Paypal still denied my claim saying it was delivered! Now I am fighting with them!

  67. Yep this a scam and FRAUD…..I ordered a bike and they sent to another address and it wasn’t even a bike UPS verified it only weighed 1lb. UPS stated it was shipped from Amazon.when I inquired about filing a complaint.. Paypal is no better they denied me as well so I went thru my bank filed a complaint they refunded me. I’m so disappointed in PayPal they are the middleman between the buyer and seller.

  68. I thought I had been scammed. All I can say is damn! I will go back to pay pal to see if I can get my money.

  69. To get you money back get UPS to send you an email stating you did not recieved the package. They sent me this letter and I forward it to the resolution department at PayPal. I won my case and getting my refund.

  70. I purchased a motorcycle tire from this site and still haven’t received it or got any tracking number and it has deducted from my account don’t buy s*** from them you won’t get your product

  71. I ordered a bread machine that came up in my Google search. I never received a receipt and it shows pending with PayPal and processing since 4/24/2020. Luckily I contacted PayPal with my 4 emails to us fit wear and they ruled in my favor on 5/23/2020. Not once did I get a response from us fit wear. I even tried calling the phone number listed but it rang busy no matter what time I called.

  72. if you paid through paypal, tried to file a claim and was denied you need to read further. I bought a stationary bike trainer. never got shipping info. Paypal contacted them and they provided a tracking #. Turns out I should have received it over a week ago but i got nothing. Appeal denied.. Well I didnt give up. It was sent UPS so I called about tracking #. The package was not sent by usfitwear and I was not the intended recipient but it was delivered to an address in my neighborhood. Paypal has reopened my appeal. I suggest you go the extra mile and trace the tracking information. Good Luck!!!

  73. Don’t give that scam your money! It’s not a legit company. They’ve stolen my money & many other people’s money.

  74. Fake online . I’ve ordered a treadmill 2 months ago no one is responding to my emails and the phone number is fake . Come to find out My order is coming out of china and it has never shipped.

  75. I placed an order from for a cat condo. I never received the product. PayPal was contacted but, usfitware sent stolen tracking information and PayPal declined to get my money back. I reported a complaint to my debit card company. Waiting for a response on that complaint.

    1. as I have sent before contact the carrier with the tracking information get the shipping information. who sent package and the intended recipient. usfitwear gave a tracking # but amazon was the shipper and i was not the intended recipient. do your home work. call the carrier give tracking number pay attention to detail. my package was shipped before a label was created. if you need help please post. I am more than happy to assist.

  76. I bought a swing set the beginning of May it’s now June 12th. I have sent endless emails to them with no response! PayPal got involved and was given a bogus tracking number. Today was the first day I read about this company! I am sick over it!!!

    1. Same thing happened to me but I received a pencil instead of a swingset, I used PayPal because I trust that they will refund money if any issue. I have an open case but they are asking me to file a report it to federal authorities which I will and you should as well. My pencil was shipped from Canada so I don’t know who/where these scammers are



    I ordered a queen-size Coleman camping cot and inflatable mattress from them using PayPal. You’re right, the transaction was secure and easy to use. However, when you try to follow-up with the company, EMAILS ARE NOT RETURNED and the PHONE NUMBER HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED! Fortunately, I’m not out much in cash but worry about my personal information being stolen.

    I have filed a complaint with ther BBB but don’t hold out much hope.

  78. Very disappointed. I ordered a 3 wheeler adult bike for myself $99.98 to help me recover from a knee injury. They sent me a PENCIL,
    I contacted PayPal since I paid through them they denied my claim stating the seller has provided atracking number that they shipped my product. I am now appealing their decision. They are asking me to go get a police report.

  79. I know I fell for it but honestly can’t PayPal see that these tracking numbers are fake. I contacted UPS and they gave me the actual delivery address for the tracking info I was provided through PayPal and the package for that tracking number was actually from an Amazom delivery to another person in my city. Still waiting to get a credit from my bank since PayPal wouldn’t do anything. Apparently the only people this merchant contacts is Paypal because they know they can get over on them. Also, I think since I have a front door camera and was supposedly home at the delivery time…I think I would have seen a kayak being delivered or stolen off my front porch. Lol

  80. I had been involved in the scam myself. I was trying to order myself a bike because all the stores wanted an arm & a leg for one or they were completely sold out. I found one for 1/2 the price. I have never had any correspondence back from them in regards to the multiple emails that I had sent to them, but when I went to PayPal and disputed my order, they denied me claiming that there was a tracking number provided to them. It’s funny that they got a tracking number, but I never did (I never even received an email with my order information). I don’t think I would have missed a box with a bike in it left on my front porch. I will be calling PayPal and disputing my dispute!!!

  81. Yes they used my home address and I’ve had to help people all across the country. They scammed people left and right. I have worked with the fbi, AGs office, and local authorities as well as PayPal. I spent hours and hours trying to help others get their money back and let the AG special deputies do a search and seizure of my property without a warrant. It’s listed as fraud on the better business bureau site too.

    I’m sorry for any of you who have gotten bilked by these awful people.

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