Ultra-miner.com Review: Have You Been Scammed? See Solution

Ultra Miner Review: Is ultra-miner.com a legit bitcoin mining platform? what to do if you have been scammed by Ultra miner bitcoin mining. With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of helping you get your fund back from these fraudulent lots.

What is Ultra Miner?

Ultra mining is an investment platform that claims it is an is an experienced bitcoin mining community dedicated to providing the best cloud mining experience and top-notch customer service.

They allegedly use ASICs (Application-specific integrated circuit chips ) hardware for Bitcoin mining which is the industry standard to solve Bitcoin blocks with efficient manner and high speed.

However, we have had a lot of readers sending us mails, which says they have been scammed by ultra-miner.com. That in reality, Ultra miner is not a free bitcoin auto mining, you have to pay all sorts of fees- maintenance fee, energy fee e.t.c.

How Does Ultra-miner.com Work?

The truth about this Investment platform is that, in order to make you think they’re legit, they would allow you make your first withdrawal. This might prompt you to leave positive reviews on Trustpilot or even refer a friend. But your subsequent withdrawal wouldn’t be successful. You wouldn’t be able to get up to ten percent of your capital.

But no need to panic!

How To Get Your Money Back From Ultra-miner.com

All hopes are not yet lost. You could still get your money back from this scrupulous lots. How to do that? Simply chat with out customer service agent ‘Ruth’ at the right hand side, or click the link below. Good luck as you try to get your funds back!

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How To Avoid Being Scammed Online

  • Make Proper Research Before Subscribing For Any Product or Platform
  • Don’t Allow the lucrative offers let you lower your guard.
  • Search For Customer reviews or users reviews online.
  • Don’t Share Your credit card details to strangers or people you can not vouch for.
  • Be wary of emails you receive. Don’t be in a haste to reply mails from unknown contact.
  • Don’t panic when you receive a ‘Blackmail’ message.

These and many more to come are how to avoid being scammed online.


    1. Sure they are! I have been lost my honest hardware mined 1,2BTC with ultra-miner.com and after that, those, who claim they can recover your BTC funds are just the same Guarilla Scammers(lost another ca 400 EUR for empty “recovery” service during 6 months with such service scammers) – I had been found myself that ultra-miner.com scammed BTC was sitting there ca 8BCT in total for some period of time on blockchain and now that is gone forever to another accounts outside of any control!
      Trust nobody – everyone want to waste your time not talking about money – they will keep calling you and promise solutions..without any guarantee whatever – they afraid to sign any legal documents legal way FIRST!!! –
      So rule of tumb – trust only your own gut and your own pockets in business – if money leaving you pockets and you have no tangible legal warranty then you are in HUGE trouble – trust on this ALWAYS!!! Above is just tiny fraction of what I had lost with scammers before when I was GREEN yet! Not anymore!!!

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