We Dug Into Trademark Precision Scam: Fake Trademark Registration Services!

Trademarkprecision.com is a scam website operated by scammers impersonating ‘Eric James’. The aim of this scam is to get you to pay for fake trademark registration fees. The scam involves fake worded legal emails about trademark application by someone else, then closes off with a threat;

If we do not receive any objections from you, the other applicant will be permitted to initiate their registration process, which will follow the standard examination and filing procedures established by the USPTO’

How The Trademark Precision Scam Works

The scam claims someone is trying to get a federal trademark for your brand or domain, then ask that you respond immediately in order to stop the process. However, this is where it gets sneaky.

When you call the number ‘(213) 844-5131”, you’ll be redirected to someone with a foreign accent, who’d aggressively try to collect a $299 fee.

Once you make the payment, the scammers would spoof the USPTO logo and send you fake receipts. They do not register the trademark under USPTO.

The final stage of this scam is the disappearing act. How does this happen? by ceasing communication with you.

Trademark Precision Scam Victims Complaints

A couple of small business owners sent us the following messages, detailing their experience with trademarkprecision.com.

“I received an email stating that my website domain is about to be registered as a trademark by someone else. It had lots of legal mumbo jumbo that made it seem legit. Called and spoke with Eric James and he convinced me to register my domain with smartvisiontrademark.com. Did so, but uspto.gov shows my trademark application hasn’t been registered

After receiving a final notice from Trademark Precision, I paid the $299 for trademark registration and other perks. Two weeks later, my trademark application has not yet been filed, and there’s no response from them!”

Trademark Precision Redflags That Reveal It’s a Scam

It’s Among a Large Chain of Trademark Registration Scam

Trademarkprecsion.com shares same website design, content, and address with Trademark Swift and Trademark Troop– an exposed trademark scam. From all indications, it’s part of a large chain of trademark scams. It even shares same telephone number with another trademark scam – Trademark Zenesa.

Spoofs Legitimate Attorney

Trademark Precision uses the name of reputable attorneys eg; ‘Eric James’ to trick recipients. This is all part of the scam. The real James Kleeger is not connected to the sham. Meanwhile, similar trademark registration scam has also impersonated Eric James.

The legal mumbo jumbo on the email is just a trick to make recipients believe Trademark Precision is a legal entity. On the website’s about us page, they state they’re not a law firm. This means there’s no real attorney and applicant intending to use the aforementioned trademark.

Not BBB Accreditated

Most trademark registration firms are listed on BBB. A lack of BBB accreditation is actually a huge red flag worth noting.

Recently Registered Website

Trademarkprecision.com was actually registered on December 2023. Within that short time, it’s impossible to have provided trademark solutions to thousands of businesses.

Fake Business Address

Trademark Precision is using the address of a popular place ‘555 Flower St 24th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071, USA,’ to trick people. There’s only one law firm there ‘Yang Law Offices’

How To Protect Yourself From Trademark Precision Scam

Do Not Engage

Do not attempt to reply the email as responding can lead to more scams. The best action you should take in this scenario is to totally ignore these emails.

Seek Legitimate Counsel

The next action you should take as a business owner or brand owner is to consult with a reputable trademark attorney for genuine concerns.

Educate Your Staff and Colleagues

Informing your staff and colleagues about this latest scam would ensure they do not fall prey to it. Upon receiving similar emails, they’d be cautious and know the right steps to take.

What are The Right Authorities To Report The Trademark Precision Scam?

If you’ve received the Trademark Precision scam email and/or you’ve fallen victim to the scam, it’s very important to report the scam to relevant authorities such as the USPTO helpdesk,  ReportFraud.ftc.gov or Internet Crime Complaint Center. This would enable them issue a warning to the public about the ongoing scam.

You should also report the scam to your local law enforcement agency. Provide them with all the details regarding the scam, including any emails, telephone numbers, or communication you have received.

How To Avoid Similar Trademark Scams

  • Ignore Unsolicited calls or emails that are not from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) from its domain “@uspto.gov
  • Consult an IP attorney if you have any concerns about misleading info you’ve received about trademarks.
  • Always vet a company thoroughly before using their services. This you can do by searching for reviews or complaints on TrustPilot and Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask detailed questions about their registration process, fees, and what specific services are included.
  • Never pay questionable third parties through irreversible means like wire transfers, gift cards or crypto. Responsible firms will have no issue with you using credit cards/payment methods offering fraud protection.


Trademark Precision Scam uses deceptive tactics to get people to pay for fake legal services related to Trademarks, Copyrights, and Intellectual Property. Do not respond to the email!





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