Does Total Package Serum Work On Wrinkles? Here’s What I Love And Hate

Total package Serum claims to help give your skin a youthful appearance by tackling fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven tone, and texture issues. But does it work?

This serum has a silky texture; it’s thicker than a regular serum but lighter than normal moisturizer but we’ve seen similar products like Nakery Beauty Wrinkle Eraser promoted by celebrities and skin doctors which didn’t live up to the hype. Here is how i tested.

Total Package Serum
Total Package Serum

About Total Package Serum

The Total Package Serum by Del Mar Laboratories claims to be an all-in-one solution for your skin. This silky serum helps to smoothen, firm up, clarify, and add moisture to your face.

After watching a long, convincing video, I was decided to order total package. The major ingredients inside include Collagen and hyaluronic_acid.

The other ingredients include

  • Argireline: It’s like botox in a bottle for your fine lines around your eyes and mouth.
  • Matrixyl Synthe-6: This peptide reduces deep wrinkles and makes your skin firmer.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Keeps your skin hydrated and plump by locking in moisture.
  • Stay-C: Brightens your skin, reduces redness, acne, and sun damage with Vitamin C.

Trying For The First Time

I have super sensitive skin, so I was nervous about trying anything with vitamin C. But I gave this product a shot. The pump didn’t work well at first, but when I contacted the company, they explained that it’s an air pump. They suggested poking a hole at the bottom or giving it a shake.

Overall, I liked the product. It smells nice and feels gentle on my dry, sensitive skin. I’m careful about what I use, so it was a nice surprise. I haven’t used it long enough to see big changes, but it’s been hydrating so far. My only gripe is that considering the price, I wish there was more product in the container.


  1. It’s perfect for those who sweat at night and can’t handle heavy serums.
  2. The serum’s texture is nice
  3. It smells very wonderful


  1.  it leaves a nasty, crummy film on your skin
  2. The Pump does not work

Does The Total Package Serum Work

Not exactly, This serum works if you can figure out the correct layering for yourself. For me, I tried it alone and it had a thick coating type feeling even though I couldn’t see anything there, I felt it there. So when I used it again, I used my other serums (the ones that absorb almost like water) then add this on top, and then a sunscreen if I’m going out. But I didn’t see any improvements in wrinkles and fine lines.

Real People Try This Serum

There are lots of complaints from people who bought this product. Some of the complaints on BBB are about terrible side effects, delay in shipping and the product not working as advertised. Here are some of them

Have used this serum for 55 days. Still waiting for a miracle. Have taken pictures at 3 week intervals. No change. Unable to contact for advertised refund. What can I do. At the time of purchase, I was told I had 1 yr. It is now less than 60 days. Please help 

Trying to stop company from delivering on auto delivery and they are very difficult to contact. No address or phone number . When they read this I sincerely hope they send me a return label and a instructions on how to stop auto delivery

have been using for three weeks. my skin appears to be much smoother. I have to be careful because many facial creams cause my skin to have an allergic reaction. so far no problems

How to use Total Package Serum

  1. Pump one to two times onto your hand.
  2. Apply the serum directly to your face.
  3. Use it every night for the best results.

Is Total Package A Scam

It’s not a total scam. However once you place an order, you cannot contact a person to talk to. You’re referred to several web links which do nothing.

The reviews on their website are overly positive and appear to be fake and do not reflect the actual customer experience. Majority of the customer experiences are on Amazon and BBB.

Would I Buy Again

Yes, I was impressed by the plastic security wrap on this product – a nice touch. The serum itself is good, with a mild scent, which I prefer. I really like its texture; it leaves my skin feeling soft. Plus, applying makeup after using it is easy, which is important for us ladies. I liked it so much that I even added it to my makeup kit.

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