Tobin Research Survey 2023: Is The Text Message Legit? Find Out!

Did you receive a text message from Jen at Tobin Research requesting your help with a short confidential survey? Don’t panic! Thousands of people have received this text message, and as a result of this we decided to provide answers to your worrying questions.

What is Tobin Research?

 Tobin Research appears to be a non-profit organization that deals with surveys. Sadly, it is not a real company. The name ‘Tobin’ was chosen to fool people into thinking it is somehow connected to the legitimate Tobin Project. As of August 2020, lots of people received similar text messages from ‘Jen’ at Tobin Research telling them to please complete a confidential survey.

Currently in 2023, lots of Americans have received same text message. This time, the survey and text message is for people living in Michigan. The survey website is

What Happens If you Partake in the Tobin Research Survey?

The survey contains the following questions –

Do you live in Michigan? What do you think of how Joe Biden is handling his job as President? What do you think of how the Michigan state legislature is handling their job in Lansing? etc.

They don’t ask you for any personal information or any identifying information. However, the questions are set up in such a way that gather false poll data. It seems they want you to disagree with your local representatives.

Dangers of Survey Scam

  • Be asked to fill out personal information that is then processed to add you to a spamming list.
  • Be asked to fill out personal and financial information that results in identity fraud and/or follow-on phishing attempts.
  • Unwittingly install malware on your machine by visiting the scam site.
  • Sometimes the survey site may even flash up fake AV warnings.
  • Malware could steal your login details for banking or crypto accounts, encrypt your files unless you pay a ransom (ransomware), co-opt your machine into a botnet etc.
  • Be asked to pay some money for nothing, such as membership of a group which will share details of paid surveys with you.
  • Be hit with an advanced fee scam – e.g., where you’re asked to pay a small fee in return for a prize that never materializes.


Tobin Research Survey otherwise known as Tobin Study is a suspicious survey that attempts to gather false polling data. Beware! Tobin Research is not related to Tobin Project!


  1. Thank you, for assisting me in this matter. I had a feeling, this may be a scam, so I came here to check. Now, my time is not wasted, and neither is my information.

    1. Criminal Text:
      From this number (866) 439-2157

      “Hi, it’s Jen at Tobin Research. We’re texting Michiganders with a short confidential survey. Can you help? Text STOP to end”

      Unsolicited Unwanted Criminal Fraud Imposters Desperate Creepy

      If you call this phone number the creepy female recording stated you can press two to be placed on their DoNotCall List…!

  2. Instead of calling the number to ask them to put me on their do not call list I just blocked the number in case clicking on their link put any kind of harmful things onto my phone to my computer. I should have known better and not even clicked on the text message, but since I did I don’t know do a complete safety check of my whole phone.

  3. been blocking this person but they keep contacting me on other numbers. I believe this number is a personal line as it’s the first non 800 type number from Jen. 3137499772

  4. I just got this text but from Jess for Keystonestate survey and it was ‘sent’ in 1 of my children’s name but my #… I never click anything w/o searching but its getting to b real BS that in these technology times so many ppl can still create so many scams!

  5. I just got a postcard in wisconsin w tx adress for Tobin research to go to a website take survey
    Glad I came here
    Im sure someone does get all the info for political insight too who knows what else

  6. Ugh – I just got a postcard in Wisconsin as well, but unfortunately, I took the survey before I came here. Last time I do that.

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