Tick Mitt Reviews {2023} Does The Glove Protect Skin Against Ticks? See Details!

Do you care about your skin and that of your pets? Are you considering buying Tick Mitt to protect your sensitive skin against tick bites and also protect your pets from ticks in a safe and effective way? You are on the right place. You just have to go through this detailed Tick Mitt reviews to find out if the glove really works or a sham.

Tick Mitt

Tick Mitt – Everything You Need To Know About This Pet Grooming Glove

If you have dogs, cats, horses or any fluffy, furry or hairy animals as pet, Tick Mitt is for you. There is an increase in the cases of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Tick Mitt promises to serve as a scrubber, massager and deshedding brush and also protect yourself. This multifunctional grooming glove is a great tool for scrubbing clean during bath, but also great for deshedding and massaging waterless with the non-abrasive flexible nodules on the fingers and palms without sacrificing your health doing the things you love.


Tick Mitt is lightweight and its flexible bristles which enables it to last through many baths, playful biting and lots of love! Use for your pets, camping, hiking, gardening, hunting and other outdoor activities. MiTT is a solution to removing ticks from people and their beloved pets.

Does Tick Mitt Really Work As Advertised ?

From my experience, Tick Mitt does nothing on my dog’s skin. My dog still suffers tick bites after I used the glove on it. The claims that the glove works gentle on pet’s skin and prevent it from being bitten by a tick carrying Lyme or associated diseases is not yet verified. Again, there are no customers reviews on other websites like Amazon, Trustpilot etc. about this product.

What I Like About Tick Mitt

  • It is reusable
  • It is easy wash
  • Suitable for outdoor activities

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not available on other websites
  • No customers reviews
  • The official websites seems shady.
  • There is no information about the materials used.
  • Could be allergic to some skin and pets


Tick Mitt sold at Tick-Mitt.com does not really work as claimed. From my experience, it did not protect my dog’s against tick bits when we went for camping. However, the company did not provide information about the materials used in making the glove. Hence, it could be harmful to some skin types and pets.

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