The Hairmax Powerflex Laser Cap 202 {2023} Does It Really Work?

Do you suffer from hair loss and want to achieve new hair? Are you considering buying Hairmax Powerflex Laser Cap 202? Are you wondering if it restores hair natural growth? You are on the right place. Go through this Honest Review to find out if it really works or a sham.

Hairmax Laser Cap: What is It?

The HairMax Laser Cap is a medical device designed to treat hair condition. The Hairmax  PowerFlex Laser Cap 202 delivers nourishing laser light to your hair follicles to reduce inflammation. Use the Laser Cap just 3 days week, to restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and regrow hair with increased density, fullness, and vibrancy. Your choice of 4 cap colors: Signature black with logo, pink, white or purple.

Does Hairmax laser Cap Suitable For Anyone Who Suffers From Hair Loss?

Yes it does. But not the extent it is being advertised. There are both positive and negative reviews online about it. However, it was rated 3.9 out 5 on Amazon.

See what some users have to say –

Works great! It is very portable. You can wear it easily while you’re getting stuff done around the house. The flex fit is cool and unlike any of the competitors. It’s a soft rubber feeling rather than hard plastic which makes it more comfortable in my opinion. My only complaint is you have to charge it after one or two treatments but it charges pretty fast and I’ve read that it’s to avoid a big heavy battery pack to be stuck on the device. Also if you have any issues the customer service is awesome. They are very nice and will accommodate your needs.


No complaints about the cap, it has been only about 6 weeks of use for me, and I am seeing the hair thicken a bit as advertised.

What concerns me is that I spent $2,000 on this product and it is CLEARLY used. There is scratching on the unit especially near the charging port that shows a long history of use, leading me to assume this was refurbished. Now I personally don’t have an issue with owning a refurbished product, but that is not what was advertised or what I paid for. A refurbished product deserves a refurbished price.

Will update stars if the company makes this right.

Other than that no complaints. Will upload pictures after a few months of progress

Cole V

Advatages Of Hairmax Laser Cap:

  • Engineered to surpass all other laser caps on the market in comfort, flexibility, electronic quality and usability
  • 202 Medical grade lasers. No LEDs
  • Dual operating mode technology for a choice of constant or pulsing laser light wave – 15-minute or 30-minute treatment time, 3 days a week
  • Ultra flexible and comfortable PowerFlex design
  • The laser cap includes a skin-comfort silicone insert conceals the internal circuitry while protecting the laser diodes and keeping them clean
  • Laser diodes are densely spaced and precisely aligned inside the laser cap to deliver the optimal amount of laser energy to reach the scalp for uniform stimulation
  • We include a water resistant silicone liner inside the laser cap for thorough and easy cleaning
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Controller with illuminated treatment timer and battery level indicator ensure you get the perfect treatment every time with your laser cap
  • Lock-in micro-USB omni directional cable for safety and easy operation of your laser cap


  • It’s expensive
  • It is less effective for people in the advanced stages of hair loss as opposed to those in the early stages.
  • Should not be performed on people taking medications that are photosensitizing.
  • A customer complained that the cap is CLEARLY used.


Hairmax laser cap claims to be a medical device that delivers nourishing laser light to your hair follicles to reduce inflammation. However, it is quite expensive less effective for people in advanced stages and a customer complained that it has been used. Therefore, potential customers shouldn’t have high expectations.

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