Review: Scam Adult Game Site? Find Out!

Do you want to play adult games on Read this review to find out why our scam detector gave a low trust score.

What is

talk2fuck located at is an adult gaming site where people from 18 years above can play imaginative games. This site was registered in July 2021, and has tons of visit daily from different countries.

Unfortunately, there’s more to what meets the eyes.

Although the website claims to offer its online adult game for free, it charges people without their consent.

How does this happen?

When you register and provide the needed information for your game choice, you’d be taken to another page for age approval. To secure age verification you’d be told to provide your credit card details. This is where the scam comes in.

Although your account is a ‘Free’ one, that allows you access to the following –

  • Hundreds of XXX Games
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 1000’s of HD VIDEOS
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Free LIVE Xxx Cams
  • Exclusive – Virtual Reality Videos
  • Stream Anywhere
  • Free Mobile Access

 The site doesn’t tell you that you’d be charged after two days. No where is it written on the site that the supposed ‘FREE’ is a 2 day free trial membership. Rather it deceives you with the words ‘Age verification’.

If you look at the the tiny characters on the left of the page, it reads “Your lifetime free access to Premium Adult Games includes a 2 day free trial membership to The Right Time For Loving. If after 2 days you choose to remain a member of The Right Time For Loving and not cancel your free trial, your membership will renew at $39.95 and will recur monthly until such time as you cancel it.

Consumers complaining about Talk2fuck most frequently mention unauthorized debit alerts.

If you’ve provided your credit card details already, report to your bank and have your credit card changed. This would automatically stop the charges.

Summary is a misleading adult content website. It uses the guise of ‘Age Verification’ to collect people’s credit card information. Then it charges them $39.95 monthly without their consent.

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