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Super Forex Bot Review: Another Scam!

SuperForex Bot located at is not a trustworthy trading robot. This review exposes reason why we think Super Forex Robot is not the right forex trading robot for you.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Is SuperForex Indonesia Safe?

SuperForexBot is a trading software that claims it can make you huge profits through trading. However, the website is kinda confusing because on the homepage we see the words ‘Asia Scalper pro’

On further investigation we realized that SuperForex Bot was previously known as Asia Scalper Pro, which was in fact a well disguised scam. Now they’re back with a new name, claiming to be the best MetaTrader4 in the Asian Continent.


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Redflags Exposed- Why Super Forex Robot Sucks

Though the platform might appear legit to an untrained eye, there are loopholes here and there which are unsafe to ignore. The following reasons below are why we think Super Forex Trading software is nothing but a scam-

  • They claim to be based in Jakarta Indonesia, however it is quite worrying that there is no proof of address on the platform.
  • The claim that they offer automatic trading isn’t quite the case. We’ve had people sending us mails about their experience with this bot which hangs on some sessions.
  • They failed to provide valid information. They failed to mention the type of assets the bot trades on. No one knows if the bot trades on major or minor currency pairs.
  • The impression people have of Super Forex Bot is that they are a developer of forex bots. However, we find it worrying that the people behind this platform are doing everything to keep themselves hidden from the public. We don’t know who their developers are.

Conclusively, Super Forex Bot is not licensed or regulated under any financial regulatory body. When we sent an inquiry to the regulator in Indonesia ‘BAPPBETI’ we were told is not regulated, and that they have received a lot of complaints from investors who had used the Robot.

Is Your Funds Safe With Super Forex Bot?

The answer to the question is capital NO. Without a valid license, there is a high possibility that would scam you.

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