Reviews: Is This Website a Scam for USPS Job? claims it can help people get jobs with the USPS for a fee which it claims is refundable. But in truth, they just take your money without actually helping you get a job.

Sadly, lots of people have fallen for this scam and numerous scams related to USPS jobs due to the attractiveness of these positions.

This article exposes how this scam works, how to spot it and ways to protect yourself.

A Close Look at

Photo by Maarteen van den Heuvel on UnSplash aka pretends to be affiliated with the United States Postal Service (USPS) whereas it is not. They claim their site is meant to help you apply to USPS jobs and increase your chance of getting the job when you apply through them.

In reality, they’re just bent on making you pay for what you’d have done for free. The $89 fee isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get a USPS Job, neither is it refundable.

Application for USPS jobs is only done via – No fee is needed to apply. takes you to another website were you choose your location and select the available job listing of your choice.

Is a Scam?

yes, it is certainly a scam website not affiliated with USPS. Firstly, the scammers promise to help you secure a USPS job for a $89 fee, a scam that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) frequently warns people about.

Secondly, the individuals running the site conceal their identities, and the information they provide is disorganized. Thirdly, was formerly known as, there are numerous reports and scam warnings about the two websites.

Thirdly, since it’s not affiliated with the United States Postal Service, your personal information is not safe on the site. It can be sold to the dark web and used to commit identity theft.

On Reddit, someone affected by the scam shared the following –

My step-dad was just scammed out of $89. The site makes you pay to apply. He called the bank and cancelled his card, and a new one is being sent. I don’t know if he will get his money back yet. Is there anything I need to prepare for, maybe other scammers calling my dad? I’m not sure what to expect. There is a live chat and I’ve been talking to this woman. She says their site is meant to help people apply to USPS, and by applying through their site will increase your chance.

How To Protect Yourself From USPS Job Scams:

  1. Only apply for jobs through the official USPS website: Make sure to use the official USPS careers website at when applying for postal jobs.
  2. Be aware of free applications and exams: USPS will never charge you to apply for a job or to take a Postal Service exam. If a website asks for payment, it’s likely a scam.
  3. Watch out for suspicious websites: Be cautious of websites claiming to assist with USPS job applications or charging fees for job placement. Also stick to official USPS channels.
  4. Be skeptical of unusual requests: If a website asks for personal information like your USPS account username and password, be wary. This is often a sign of a scam.

How To Know If A Job Offer Is Fake Or Real

Here are ten signs that a job offer might be a scam:

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. The offered wage is unusually high or low compared to the average for that job.
  3. You didn’t apply through the official career website of the company.
  4. They hire you based only on your online resume.
  5. The job posting isn’t listed on the company’s real job page.
  6. They don’t arrange a face-to-face meeting before hiring you.
  7. The interview is conducted through unconventional methods like Google Hangouts or texting apps.
  8. Emails are sent from free, insecure accounts like Gmail or Yahoo.
  9. They ask for personal information like your driver’s license or passport during the interview.
  10. They require you to pay money upfront or provide sensitive financial information.

By following these steps, you can better protect yourself from falling victim to UPS scams.

Final Words

Start Postal Job Scam is one out of many USPS scams out there posing as the real deal. Many people in tough financial situations might not realize it’s a scam, but it is. Real jobs don’t ask for money upfront. If a job wants payment before giving you any details, it’s certainly a scam.

Be careful and skeptical of these offers as they often just take your money without giving you a job.

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