SpyFocus Reviews: Unveiling The SpyFocus Scam Camera – Don’t Fall For It

The SpyFocus camera by getspyfocus.com claims to secure your safety and protect your home. Sadly, these claims are not true. This review exposes reasons why SpyFocus is not a genuine security camera.

Overview of SpyFocus

SpyFocus is a security camera sold on getspyfocus.com. It works with an app with which you can monitor what the camera captures. According to the official website, SpyFocus has a 108OP -HD hiqh quality lens, night vision, noise reducing feature, and AF auto focus. You only need to mount it anywhere and connect the app with your phone. Viola! you can keep an eye on your home no matter how far away you are!

Sadly, this product has lots of drawbacks, ranging from the product itself, its price, the company, and the return policy.

Identifying SpyFocus Scam

Poor Camera Quality & Battery Life

The Spyfocus camera’ website and promotional materials boast extraordinary features and performance, making it seem like the ultimate security camera on the market. However, it fails to live up to these claims, with a subpar camera that actually takes unclear video. Meanwhile, the camera itself doesn’t last up to two hours when charged.

Fake Claims

Getspyfocus.com claims that  SpyFocus is endorsed by CNN, WIRED, FORBES, GIZMODO, TECHRADAR, etc But this is not true. These verified magazines do not promote SpyFocus in any way. In fact, all the As Seen On claim is a scam sale tactic often used by poor-quality brands.

Manufactured in China

SpyFocus is made in China Not America as the manufacturer(s) made us to believe. The ads says it is made in America but this is totally false. it’s made in China. The package it arrived in has instructions in Chinese, and marked ‘MADE IN CHINA’.

So Costly

Spyfocus is actually not worth the price it is sold for, even with the 50% discount of buy 2 for $24.37. Its real price is $3. You can check this Alibaba sales page to see the price.

Real SpyFocus Reviews & Complaints

The reviews on getspyfocus.com are fake and doctored, this is why they all have 4 or 5 stars. Customers who bought this security camera are not pleased with it. See what a customer has to say below –

I wasn’t impressed with the camera quality, the images were not as clear as I had seen in the Ads online. The videos don’t look like it was taken with a 1080P-HD high quality lens. Also, the battery life isn’t strong, the camera needed to be constantly charged within hours. Meanwhile the night vision isn’t precise, but blurry so it’s quite difficult to see the images clearly. When I contacted [email protected] for refunds, I was told I’d have to pay the shipping cost back to China.





In conclusion, SpyFocus is misleading sold as a high quality security camera but in reality it is a cheap camera made in China. It has a poor picture quality, short battery life, terrible night vision feature, and it’s not worth $24.37. You can get a camera with same spec for $3 on Amazon or Alibaba.

Have you bought this camera? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Click here to see similar camera we reviewed.

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