I Bought Spartan Root Activator Shampoo: Is It a Scam? Here’s my Reviews

Do you want to buy Spartan Root Activator Shampoo? Are you searching for reviews to know if this hair product works? Could it be a scam? Here’s my honest reviews.

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about this Shampoo. The brand ‘Spartan’ which also has a viral reverse grey hair shampoo bar, claims this Root Activator Shampoo can help solve the problem of hair loss and hair thinning. However, lots of users have complained that it does not really work as advertised.

In this review, I share my experience using Spartan Root Activator shampoo, its pros, cons, side effects (if there are any) and what you should expect when you buy this hair product.

Overview Of Spartan Root Activator Shampoo

Spartan Root Activator Shampoo is a hair care solution that allegedly resolves issues like hair thinning, hair loss, and also promotes natural hair growth. According to the manufacturers, this shampoo works by targeting blocked hair follicles and providing essential nutrients to nourish the scalp and hair.

Ingredients in The Shampoo

Licorice root extract removes toxins, Black sesame rejuvenates cells, Citric acid balances pH, Ginger root activates follicles for healthier hair. So what is the work of the ingredients?

Licorice Root Extract is effective in removing toxins and nourishing hair follicles. The Black Sesame has an anti-inflammatory properties that promotes cell rejuvenation. These three key ingredients help to nourish the scalp and hair, improve scalp health and reduce dandruff. They also strengthen hair roots and prevent hair loss.

My Experience Using Spartan Root Activator Shampoo

So, in the past year, my scalp started acting up. I started losing a bunch of hair thought it was because my dry hair. It felt weird, like “sandy.” I tried lots of shampoos, but things got worse.

I looked online and realized I was treating the wrong issue. Decided to give Spartan Root Activator shampoo a shot. My hair’s thin and curly, like cotton candy. Ordered from try-spartan.com, and it was delivered in 2 days.

I’ve been using this shampoo for the past two weeks, and each time after my bath and combing, I notice less hair falling in the shower compared to before. I’ve tried lots for thinning hair, hard to tell if they work, but seeing less hair fall makes me believe that it’s working. Hubby says he sees improvement after a week, but I’m yet to see a significant difference. Maybe it’s too early, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I love that I only need to use small quantity to wash my hair, as the shampoo is really soapy. Still, I noticed it shares same similarities with Mane root activator shampoo; same container design, ingredients, etc. Could it be the same company? The reviews of Mane hair products don’t look too good.

Is The Spartan Root Activator Shampoo a Scam?

It’s not really a scam perse, however it does not really work as advertised. While I saw some positive results ‘less hair fall in the shower’, other users have complained that they didn’t notice any difference in their before and after pictures.

How To Use

  1. Wet hair with warm water.
  2. Massage in shampoo, wait 1-2 mins.
  3. Rinse well, continue normal care.

Spartan Root Activator Pros: What I LIKE About This Shampoo

  1. Less hair fall in the shower
  2. It’s easy to use

Cons: The Not So Good Side of Spartan Root Activator Shampoo

  1. There aren’t any customer reviews online except in the product’s website
  2. Its a bit pricey
  3. It looks like a rebranded Mane product (same container and label)


Promotes hair growth, enhances scalp health, reduces dandruff, prevents hair loss, strengthens your hair roots, and makes your hair thicker and fuller.

Side Effects

Though I didn’t experience any side-effects, there’s a possibility of having a change of hair texture, or increased fizziness. Some users have also complained of discomfort and eye irritation when using the shampoo

Precautions to Consider While Using Spartan Root Activator

While activator shampoos are generally safe to use, you should consider the following precautions:

  • Avoid using hot water while washing your hair with these shampoos as it can damage your hair.
  • Limit the use of hair styling tools as they can also damage your hair.
  • If you experience any discomfort or skin irritation after using these shampoos, discontinue use immediately.

Where To Buy

I bought my bottle of Spartan Root Activator Shampoo from try-spartan.com. You can buy two bottles for $29.97. Currently, it’s available on Amazo


Spartan Shampoo claims to bring lost hair back to life with its unique patented formula. During the 2 weeks I’ve used this shampoo, I noticed less hair fall in the shower, also when I brush my hair. Still, I’m yet to see any significant difference in my before and now pictures.


1. Is Spartan Root Activator Shampoo suitable for all hair types? Ans: Yes, Spartan is good for all hair types.

2. How long should I use Spartan Root Activator Shampoo before expecting results? Ans: Results from using Shampoo is different, so it’s best to give it some time.

3. Are there any side effects associated with Spartan Root Activator Shampoo? Ans: It has natural ingredients, but it’s good to do a patch test. Discontinue if irritation.

4. Can Spartan Root Activator Shampoo be used by both men and women? Ans: Yes both men and women can use it

5. Where can I buy Spartan Root Activator Shampoo? Ans: You can buy it from their official website.


  1. The post I saw on TikTok lead me here looking for reviews. One thing the post said was to give it at least 6 weeks. Might be worth writing an update then.

  2. This is a may be fraud! I made an order two months ago but their support staff keep telling me that the item I picked up from a distant warehouse and i need to wait for a longer time. They don’t offer a specific date and time, and on their site, I don’t see my order’s status any more. devastates me!

  3. This is could be fraud! I made an order two months ago but their support staff keep telling me that the item I chose to purchase is in a different warehouse, and that i must wait for a longer time. They don’t offer a specific date and time, and on their site, I don’t see my order’s status anymore. devastates me!

  4. 2+ Months of both the shampoo and conditioner daily, and sometimes twice daily. ZERO positive results. Would not refund my money either. I have disputed the charges through my credit card company and will let Spartan defend their product and return policy. I would NOT recommend the products or dealing with this company.

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