Socket Fan Light Reviews 2023: Is It Worth Your Money? Pros & Cons

Are you thinking of buying the As Seen On TV Socket Fan Light? Are you searching online to find out if Socket fanlight is worth your money? search no more! I bought and tested this socket fanlight. Here’s my honest review of it!

socket fan light

Socket Fanlight: What Is It?

Like the name indicates, Socket fanlight is a ceiling fan that has a light attached to it. Manufactured by Bell & Howell, this fan light promises to be durable & money saving. It allows you to screw a fan into an outlet so you can instantly have a ceiling fan with a light. So with this kind of ceiling fan, you do not need any other light in the room. It is a two-in-one product, that does both the work of a light bulb and ceiling fan.

However, the question that begs to be answered is this ‘Is Socket fan light worth your money?’ Should you replace your ceiling fan with it?

How To Install Socket Fanlight

  1. Just remove the bulb from the ceiling socket.
  2. Screw in the fanlight.
  3. Press the wireless remote and enjoy endless breeze.

My Experience Buying & Using Socket Fan Light

After placing an order on Amazon, I was skeptical about this fan light, especially as I have had a couple of bad purchase from the internet. However when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised how effective it was after the easy installation. Aside the gentle breeze, the lights are very bright and illuminated the room. Meanwhile, the fan is not that loud. It makes a humming noise but it’s not too bad. There are 3 speeds, the higher speed you can hear the air blowing.

However, when I installed it in my sitting room which has a 9 foot ceiling, there was  little to no real difference in air flow. Even on the highest setting, the tiny blades couldn’t make a difference. Also, the blades are not reversible. The standard setting is with the air blowing up and you cannot reverse it to have it blow down. Typical ceiling fans have reversible blades for winter and summer, but this socket fan light doesn’t. 


  1. Easy to install – You don’t need a handy man
  2. Has a wireless remote control that works
  3. The LED light is SUPER bright, again on LOW, and it too has 3 levels.


  1. The blades are not reversible
  2. Its short blades don’t cool room with 9 foot ceiling

What You Need To Know Before Buying Socket Fan Light

First of all, Socket Fan light is for indoor use only. If you’re thinking of buying this for your patio, you shouldn’t. The package my socket fan light came in clearly stated ‘Not for outdoor use’. However, it can be used in a covered patio as far as you have the

Secondly, the voltage is USA standards; 120VAC, 60 Hz. Meanwhile, you can use the fan without the light. One can work without the other.

Is Socket Fanlight Worth Your Money?

Yes, it is worth your money. If you’ve a 4 foot ceiling room, Socket fan light will do magic in your room. On the other hand, if your ceiling is 9 foot, you should consider getting more than one. It’s true that the price point is a little high but I really like the idea of this.

Can You Use This Socket Fan Light in All Rooms?

It’s true that it’s for indoor use only, however it is great for attics, laundry rooms, garages, closets, or a small enclosed porch. It has some use honestly. However, I want to see bigger ones or 3D printed bigger blades.


In summary, Socket fanlight is not a scam product, it is really worth your money. You can use it in the garage, workout room, kitchen, basement, etc. just about anywhere with low ceiling.

Have you bought this fan light? Were you satisfied with it? Please share your reviews in the comment section, or browse through our catalogue here.

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