Sight Care Reviews, Pros & Cons: Here’s Consumer Reports

There’s a lot of buzz around SightCare Vision Support Supplement. While the manufacturer claims it’s the best eye health supplement of 2023, consumers have varying reports. This review takes a look at the consumer reviews, complaints, side effects, pros and cons of Sight Care eyesight support supplement.

If you’re thinking of buying Sight Care Supplement, Here’s all you need to know. This is not a promotional article!

Overview of Sight Care

Sight Care Vision Support Supplement is allegedly an all-natural solution for better eye health. According to the manufacturers, this eye health supplement is a completely natural way to achieve perfect 20/20 vision. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which is said to nourish the eyes.

The ingredients are is lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.

Regulatory Compliance: Is Sight Care FDA Approved?

No, Sight Care is not approved by the FDA. The manufacturers claim it was made in a FDA registered facility, the Vision supplement itself is not listed in FDA registrar.

Perfect Vision: Can Sight Care Vision Supplement Restore Your Vision To 20/20?

Advertisements and promotional articles on different websites claim that Sight Care restores the vision to 20/20 even if one is partially blind. This is a false promise, and not backed with any proof or scientific data. Sight Care reviews on Amazon show that the supplement is a snake oil, it doesn’t restore vision as claimed.

I don’t usually try these things, but it claimed to completely restore my vision. I have glaucoma and macular degeneration in both eyes and I don’t see all that well. Frankly I’m very skeptical that anything will come of it, but since it was half the price on Amazon, I decided to give it a shot. It was $300 on the infomercial site but $150 on Amazon. Call me the Florida Skeptic, but if it does me any good I’ll be sure to update you. They say their is a fool born every minute and I guess I’m one of them, LOL.

Clay Welsh

Major Complaints By Sight Care Consumers

Payment Discrepancies

Consumers who bought this vision support supplement from the official website ‘’ were overcharged for their purchase. Instead of one bottle, they were billed for two extra bottles even when they canceled the extras at the checkout page.

Fake Money Back Guarantee

The official website(s) mentioned a 180 day money back guarantee if consumers aren’t satisfied with the supplement. However, when consumers opted to return the supplements, their request wasn’t granted. They were told to continue using it, even when there is no improvement.

Unexpected Side Effects

Some consumers reported the following side effects; fast heartbeat, inner ear disbalance, flu, etc.

Sight Care Vision Support Supplement Pros:

  • It’s available on Amazon and other retail stores
  • Contains a handful of vitamins

Cons: Not So Good Side of Sight Care Supplement

  • It’s not approved by FDA
  • Does not restore the eyesight to 20/20 as claimed
  • It does not contain Lutein
  • There are lots of bad reviews from consumers

Final Thought

The claims made by the manufacturers of Sight Care is not backed by any proof. 7 out of every 10 consumers have reported no improvement in their sight since they started taking this vision support supplement. Clearly, Sight Care is just an expensive bottle of vitamins which is not even approved by the FDA.

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