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Shoponix located at does not look like a scam. We were able to verify their VAT NO: GB 332667692, using the European Commission’s website (

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Company Reg NO- 12097233 

Company VAT NO- GB 332667692

Is Shoponix Legit? or Scam

Shoponix does not appear to be a scam. However, if you have any information about this online store, please leave it in the comment section below. Have you shopped from Shoponix UK? Do you have friends that have shopped from the store? What are the experiences, please comment below


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  1. Made an order for an item and had no confirmation email. Requested an order confirmation and they couldn’t find my order even though I gave my address and showed them the money had left my bank account

          1. Hope you get your money back. I got a slightly smaller version of the TV I wanted for 49 quid more from argos. Then while reading another thread I found out that Ao are price matching and they accepted for 2 people so you could ask Ao for a price match


    1. I made an order on Saturday am and got a confirmation email. The email confirmation came from [email protected] via I asked for express delivery so should know within 2 to 3 days if this is a scam or not. Fingers crossed it’s not

      1. i bought a tv on sat hoping it turns up , was £100 cheaper than anywhere else , i`m dubious ,please let us know if you recieved yours as mine standard delivery

      2. I made an order like yours, got the confirmation email, told them if they didn’t reply I would cancel my order, the replied by saying my order was going to get dispatched today so lets wait and see what happens in 2-3 days. Worst case scenario I contact paypal for a refund. I find it odd if it was a scam, why would they work with paypal? It’s very secure so it doesn’t make sense. But then again, I might be wrong.

      3. i placed an order yesterday too for a tv, like you i got confirmation e-mail but nothing saying it is dispatched yet, i did pay through paypal so hopefully covered if not.

    2. I ordered 2 TV,s.Got email saying will be dispatched.Had nothing back and still not dispatched.That was on Saturday 1st August.

    3. I ordered a 43” tv I then went to Royal Mail and it said they were still waiting to receive the product I then tried to call and text with no answer I’m currently trying to get a refund via PayPal completely terrible site no one buy from there it is a scam !

      1. Placed order for Samsung 43 ins TV on the 1.8.20. Received email confirmation and P.O. tracking number. Non delivery. Emails retuned undelivered. Reported this to Paypal and Trading Standards on the 6 Aug. Nothing heard. This business is fraudulent.

  2. Please do. Interested in the outcome. Tempted to buy their Airpod Pro’s but something doesn’t sound quite right.

  3. I bough smart tv but they haven’t send me anything about my order they took my money trying to contact them but no answer

  4. I ordered a nintendo switch from them Thursday and they were very quick to respond on Friday to my query on delivery times. However since then I have found it difficult to get a reply. I have also since seen a lot of people having issues and questioning their legitimacy. I have concerns that it could be a scam, but equally they could just be overwhelmed with orders and having issues due to the Manchester lockdown.

    1. Did you order on express delivery or normal? I ordered one on Saturday express delivery and need it before this Saturday as we go away

      1. Express delivery. I have now since cancelled due to all the comments I’m reading online though. There seems to be a lot of people who have had issues with them over past few days. I raised mine through PayPal as well. I’m just going to wait or try my luck in local stores.

        1. I got a dispatched confirmation email about an hour ago. I’ll let you know if I ever get my order

          1. I ordered a switch, express delivery on Sat too. Got a confirmation email straight away. YesterdayI got a shipping email with a Royal Mail tracking link. This link has an error. I have emailed them at [email protected] & this has been returned as undeliverable from a German sever.

        2. They are suddenly getting a lot of negative reviews on eBay. I purchased a Switch Lite on 1st from there and since Tues it says it is on it’s way to Royal Mail on tracking. I’ve sent them a message asking if they can provide any more info since the reviews made me nervous but no reply yet. They have emptied their eBay store too.

  5. Hi Guys. Little update, they’re ignoring all emails and phone calls now and my money has still been taken.

  6. hi , the tv i bought on sat for £279 , just had email from shoponix, saying its on its way ,with a royal mail tracking number , hopefully it comes soon and hopefully you all get yours , good luck

      1. Same with mine, my tracking number ends 715GB, worried they have just given everyone the same tracking number…

      2. The post office will say that or not yet sent . The tracking number is automatically given as it is also on Ebay. Once they have collected the package the item will, go and change most probably to say it’s at a depot

        1. This is correct. Good news. I’ve just checked on Royal Mail and the tracking number is being recognised. Said the item was dispatched at 2.20 pm today

          1. Hello Emilie , glad to hear that the tracking number has been updated with the information. May I be cheeky and ask is it a tv by any chance you ordered .
            Just trying to work out if this company is legitimate as I have ordered the hitachi 58″ tv , I’m just waiting for mine to say collected

          2. Hi, I ordered a Nintendo Switch and paid extra for Express Delivery. It’s been sent with Royal Mail Tracked 24™. I will update the thread with the info as it gets updated.

          3. I ordered the same tv , tracking number says waiting to collect tv from dispatcher. Been waiting 5 days now even though I paid for express delivery

          4. Hi paul this is the tv I ordered as well on the 1st of August I’m still awaiting update for tracking Royal Mail notified me that shoponix dispatched the tv to them on the 4th but nothing new on tracking as of yet.

  7. I got a Nintendo switch on saturday got my dispatch email saying was shipped to Royal Mail so I will let you people know if I get it

    1. I had the same thing on Tuesday should have come yesterday but still no switch lites (2 of them) didn’t come today either have a Royal Mail dispatch code but no update from Royal Mail. I smelt a rat when my emails bounced and you can’t find them on Facebook or Instagram

      1. I bought a switch last friday, got my tracking number on Monday and was updated on Tuesday saying “Sender despatching item”. Nothing since. Tried calling them thrice and they rejected my calls each time. They did however mention that they might be delayed due to covid but I bought a game from Curry’s last Friday and it arrived on Tuesday. I’ll send them another message tomorrow and I’ll probably get Paypal involved if the situation doesn’t improve.

          1. Update: They’re based in Manchester, which is currently having a local lockdown. I think someone else mentioned already but I also suspect that this is the reason why so many people believe they’ve been scammed. I’ve already set up a thing with eBay so I can get a refund if they’re still unresponsive but considering how they’ve been operating since 2019, have 2000 positive reviews and are a registered business I have a feeling this is all just down to terrible communication and by that I mean absolutely none.

      1. no,i took it up with paypal and asked for refund , they said they will refund me , im not holding my breath for that either as it said itll take 5 days , dont think anyone has recieved a tv yet have they?

  8. Ive purchased a order of a tv off these , l placed the order got the order number , paid through my bank with the order number that was given . I have since received a confirmation and postal tracking number .
    Will, wait and see what happens and what the outcome is , but would have thought that with 463 reviews on Amazon if the company was bad it would have watch dog and trading standards on them .
    Another thing that puzzles me is the fact that they are registered on company house . With them being registered it shows they must be genuine company and not a con artist
    Will see what happens from how on with the order and delivery

  9. hi emailed them to sak if televisions where brand new or recon asked if i could call at warehouse in manchester to collect my self no ruereply thinking now as they say if its to good to be true its a scam

    1. The address is an empty unit in Radcliffe, the people in the next unit have never seen anyone come or go.

  10. Everyone complaining the day they made the order, will anyone even come back if it turns out to be real haha, I dont see why they would use paypal and klarna if it’s a scam but still reluctant to part with my money until its confirmed lol

    1. This item is on its way to Royal Mail.
      The sender has advised they’ve despatched your item to us. More information will be available when we receive it.

      Not holding my breath…

  11. I’ve ordered a Dyson from them. They’ve sent me a tracking number but my order hasn’t reached the Royal Mail yet. My emails are bounced back and they don’t answer the phone !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I ordered a stain on 2nd Aug, tracking number says Royal Mail haven’t received it yet. Not answering the phone. I brought it for my dad who doesn’t trust any online shopping!!! I paid with PayPal so hopefully get a refund.

  12. Has any person received their goods that they ordered as of today.
    I have ordered a tv and some reason I don’t think that this is a scam
    Any updates

    1. I’m now sure this is a scam everything I’ve read on here rings true with me ordered last weekend checked first before I ordered via company house they had a vat no where registered Looked legitimate so ordered received a Royal Mail tracking no which was accepted but been waiting ever since for item to be delivered to Royal Mail fortunately paid with PayPal so it’s now with them eBay site seems to be closed website absolutely everything is now sold out which is suspicious emails are being returned unable to be delivered no answer to phone calls

  13. I ordered AirPod pros, late Monday night so knew nothing would be actioned till Tuesday, had email confirmation straight away and email confirmation that it has been dispatched on Tuesday. I asked for express delivery so hopefully turn up today (Wednesday). I just hope they are a genuine product.

    1. I have seen some people say AO will price match I have just phoned them and they say they don’t price match to them anymore as they had high calls to price match, they also said that they are European product and not UK based products does anyone know if this will affect my warranty with Apple?

  14. Managed to get through to them via their Ebay site. They said my order was sent but Royal Mail in Manchester is experiencing severe delays due to local lockdown.

  15. I just ordered tv from tjem had no confirmation email as of yet but only order it yesterday with express delivery hoping it will come as iv paid 300

  16. GUYS THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. I ordered an Apple Macbook Air – it hasn’t arrived. The email address they provide is invalid, the Facebook link they provide is invalid, the instagram account is invalid and so is the phone number!!!

    I bought using PayPal so fingers crossed I get my money back. Updates to come!

  17. Hi, I made an order Sanday and I paid to come in 2-4 days. Today is 5 day and nothig. I am very woried becaude I paid for a smart tv, £205. Have an idee that can I do?
    I send an email to them… but nothing yet

  18. We all seem to have been scammed here. Is there anything we can do? I’ve emailed trading standards and PayPal but PayPal don’t even recognise the transaction?

  19. Hi
    I paid for a tv on Saturday £280 and paid for express delivery. I received a tracking number but post office states awaiting shipment!!
    No reply on phone, email bounced back now starting to think it’s a scam luckily
    Paid via PayPal with my credit card so hopefully will be able to get money back?
    Would love to hear if anyone gets a delivery

  20. I bought a Xbox for my son and read the reviews when it didn’t arrive on time “ stupidly “ no communication either . I am however local to the business address and they will be getting a personal call in person .

  21. Panic at first I did but found they are legitimate
    Downloaded there app for shipment
    AfterShip gave them my order number and tracked them
    Please down load app and reassure your selves my package is on its way

  22. Complete scam. Paid over £300 and fast track delivery for a console for my sons birthday. Despite getting a dispatch number royal mail never received any parcel. All emails and calls to shoponix get returned unanswered. Devistated as it took months as a single mum to save up the money only to leave my son with nothing to open on his birthday. Trying to get a refund through paypal now.

    1. I ordered a laptop from Shopolix and paid express delivery. I have sent a couple of emails and made telephone calls but have no response. I have also spoken with Royal Mail who confirm nothing has been received and when you track on the Royal Mail website nothing is traceable.

      Next step for me is to contact PayPal and request a full refund.

  23. I placed an order for a tv on Saturday the 1/8/20 paid for the 2-4 delivery I did have a confirmation email and Royal Mail has said it’s been dispatched to them on the 4th but there hasn’t been an update on tracking since and it still has not arrived iv emailed them with no reply and the phone number on their site just rings and rings.

  24. Hi, I placed and order and received a Royal Mail tracking number but 4 days later it still states that Royal Mail has not received parcel yet. I tried emailing them but emails are rejected? Does anyone have a contact telephone for them?

  25. Yes they are a scam, legit company but with fraudulent practices. I have reported them to National Fraud & Cyber crime reporting centre which is part of the police fraud investigation team.

  26. Yes they are a scam, legit company but with fraudulent practices. I have reported them to National Fraud & Cyber crime

  27. I also bought a nintendo switch and the royal mail ref status has not changed since Tuesday 4th at 2:20pm, same issue with emails and phone number. Called Royal Mail but they seem pretty busy with covid19. The nintendo was the lowest price I’ve seen, but it works out at about 15% discount which seeme reasonable in this industry where margings tend to be 30%, but the lack of communication and item not yet here makes me very dissapointed and I am not holding my breath!! wish I paid the full argos price!! Lesson learnt. Good luck with your purcahses.

  28. Ordered a apple watch for my daughter …..never arrived ….never sent to royal mail ….complete SCAM ….No one answering ……complete fake site …..there is no way of contacting them …no replys… answer


  29. asked for refund on 2nd august, was approved msg off paypal , still no money in bank today , emailed paypal, first they said in 5 days , now their saying 10 days , can i trust anyone ?

    1. I’ve opened up a dispute with PayPal so waiting to see how that turns out. They’ve left a message to wait until Monday for Shoponix to respond before I can formally take it further but I suspect that in itself will be a long wait also.

      I have half a mind to initiate litigation against this company. It’s obvious they’re screwing innocent customers like us all over and if I proceed with the litigation I will likely list the company and the individual directors on the claim form.

      1. the company is probably all wrapped up and they`ve flown the nest back to slovakia by looks of it , a very clever fraud , building up a legit business over year buliding up a good rep and rating review on amazon and ebay ect, and then the sting , carried out over a few days probably made hundereds of thousands ,then take the money for goods not available and disappear, i hope paypal pay us back , but i was told last sunday ive been refunded , but not yet recieved a penny

  30. Iv now opened a case with PayPal hopefully I will get a full refund having young children being heavily pregnant and having no tv is not a good thing

  31. Scam ! Avoid and reported to action fraud x look online, no one has ever received anything and Royal Mail aware of the scam

  32. Hi All,
    I ordered a 58inch TV from Shoponix on 3rd August. I had no confirmation of purchase and the sum of £269 was paid via PayPal. Royal Mail have been telling the sender has dispatched the item which has not arrived with them yet despite paying for 2-4 days delivery. I have sent a number of queries to them on their message page without reply. Also, they don’t seem to have a phone number – does anyone know? Really getting worried now regarding scamming etc. Should I contact PayPal about this?

    1. its a scam 100% contact paypal and ask for a refund as soon as possible, i did a week ago but still not recieved refund as yet

    2. Request your money back from PayPal, they have emptied their eBay store and website lists everything as out of stock. They are ignoring calls and emails are bouncing. They suddenly have hundreds of negative eBay reviews. I doubt anyone will be getting their items.

    3. This is exactly what I ordered on the 1/8/20 paid the 2-4 days delivery and had no luck with emails neither would they answer the phone so iv now opened a case with PayPal and reported to action fraud.

  33. I ordered a Nintendo switch on 3rd August and received it today. No response to emails but at least it turned up.

    1. I also ordered a switch on the 3rd, I’ve not recieved it yet. However I did recieve a fee to pay card I’m praying that it’s the switch.

  34. I bought a Xbox controller 10 day’s ago, and paid for the express delivery. I’m yet to receive the item or a reply after my emails.
    However i did get a order confirmation at the time. Still its not helped keeping in contact with them.
    Has anyone tried posting on their social media pages?

  35. Has anyone had their orders yet?
    My daughter has a part time job and when she she got paid last month she bought herself a Nintendo switch lite and used all her wages as she wanted to treat herself. This was ordered on the 30/07/20,received a confirmation email instantly and then on 02/08/20 another email saying it was on the way and had a tracking number for Royal Mail,when we click on the tracking it says it has been shipped to Royal Mail who are awaiting delivery and that status has not changed since the 2nd August. On Saturday 8th August another email from Shoponix asking how their service was,how we found delivery and could we leave a review but we still have not received the item,my daughter is very upset. I have read about the recent lockdown in Manchester and not sure if to wait a while longer or to file a claim with paypal. I have emailed Shoponix about 3 times and no replies so was wondering if anyone had the same issues but went on to receive their items? Thanks.

  36. Seriously DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Placed an order on the 3rd for a Nintendo Switch Lite for my son’s upcoming birthday. I received a confirmation email and a dispatch email with Royal Mail Tracking, the tracking hasn’t changed since the 4th. I tried emailing the company but received a “mailbox is full” email back. I have searched for a contact number but there isn’t one. I have since seen a ridiculous amount of reviews over the past few days on Trust Pilot from people with the same issue. Going through PayPal for a refund.

  37. Hi, My boyfriend and I recently brought a Nintendo Switch from this store on eBay, the order was confirmed and said to be dispatched, we were given a tracking number but when we check the status on Royal Mail, it says that they have not received the package. We have sent two messages to the company via eBay and tried calling the number on the advertisement but there is no answer.

    We were supposed to receive the item on 07/08/2020, it is now 11/08/2020 and we are wondering what the next steps should be, does any one have any advise in regards to getting in touch with the company or with getting ebay/paypal to help us get our money back?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Report the incident to national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre, the more that people fo this the more evidence and support the police will have in order to prosecute them.

  38. Purchased a Huawei P40 Pro mob phone £600 on the 4th Aug, delivery was supposedly quick 2/3 days. now after 1 week still no phone, they dont respond to any communication. Ebay now handling the case

  39. i ordered an Hitachi 58″ TV on 1st of August. was told i would receive it on the 7th. nothing has arrived. i sent them several emails but no reply. will ask paypal for a refund today

  40. I placed an order, received tracking info and 2 weeks later still noting, and ignoring all correspondence!
    Can I just ask – has anyone ever received the actual product they ordered? I cant find any record on any of the review sites of anyone actually receiving their goods?

  41. Anyone who thought this was for real and is now complaining they haven’t received anything really is a fool. Shoponix popped up when I was looking to buy an Xbox controller and it was 40% less than the nearest competition at the time. OF COURSE I didn’t buy it and OF COURSE it’s a scam. Anyone who had their money taken really shouldn’t be complaining. Use your head! One positive is that I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the outrage from those who thought it could be for real. Wake up people and think for yourselves next time.

  42. I recently purchased. a design hair dryer got a confirmation email but have heard nothing other than an email saying about my Royal Mail tracking number,
    I paid via email and have lodged a complaint with them.anyone know of my chances of getting a refund if it is a scam .
    feeling very frustrated

    1. Hi Seema, I’ve got a refund from Paypal which I logged on 7th Aug, got confirmation yesterday that a refund is being processed by Paypal. I cannot believe they are still processing payments for those scammers. I will report to cybercrime when I can as suggested by others on this forum. I cannot believe their website is still active, absolute disgrace. Good luck with your refund.

  43. Ordered Dyson vac on 3rd August, received my tracking number for royal mail. Said it had been sent out on the 4th August, message in tracking hasn’t changed since then. Still waiting do I get in touch with royal mail carnt get hold on sales at shoponix.

  44. Bunch of fraudsters. Ordered a Nintendo switch lite for my 10 year old son who had saved up for this with pocket money. Received an email saying it had been despatched to Royal Mail and given tracking number. No goods ever received just an email saying hope we were satisfied with our purchase! Emails sent to them bounce back and no response on the number given. They need to be closed down!

  45. I made a purchase from shoponix and never received the item. I complained to actionfraud and PayPal and got my money refunded. Google need to remove them as people are still ordering from them

  46. Do not order from Shoponix, Do Not! Do Not! I can’t stress this much. I recently made an order on their website for a Nintendo switch £229.99. this looked quite peculiar because the prices of nintendo switch have gone up this season especially during quarantine where majority of orders online were that of video games, but i still decided to give it a go. so i made an order and it said it’ll arrive within 5-7 working day so I started counting days. 7 days passed and there was no update on the item. i received a Royal Mail tracking order and when I went to search for it in the Royal Mail website it didn’t bring up a response. So I decided to send message to the company via there email and also on the ‘Contact Us’ section of their site, but none of them replied and it’s been over a month nearly. On there site there are 2 methods of making payments, by bank transfer and paypal. This already sounds weird because no legit online shopping site will have bank transfer or paypal as a form of payment unless you know, it’s a scam. I chose paypal however, I didn’t know the buyer protection existed at the time on Paypal. I chose paypal over bank transfer because i was waiting on an activation of my online banking and couldn’t access it either. thank God for that because i would have used that instead and not be protected at all. So I started panicking after 9 days of no update of the product from royal mail or the company. I was able to contact paypal and they looked into this issue. early this morning i received my refund of £229.99 . I gotta say, I dodged a bullet on that one.

  47. Ordered product on 1st Aug, told on 3rd it was on it way to Royal Mail. Never received by them. Now looks like web site no longer exists

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