Shark Carpet Expert Reviews: Does This Portable Cleaner Live Up To The Hype? Must Read

Want to add a carpet cleaning appliance to your household, but not sure which one might be right for you? I recently came across a commercial about the Shark Carpet Expert with options for deep cleaning carpets and upholstery, as well as spot cleaning mode for smaller areas. But Is it worth the hype?

This carpet cleaner has garnered thousands of rave reviews from customers for the past few years—a feat not many products can match. Our team wanted to find out what the buzz over this Shark Carpet was about, so I volunteered to test it.

About As Seen On Tv Shark Carpet Expert Cleaner

The CarpetXpert with Stainstriker is one of Shark’s fancier carpet cleaner models, featuring upgrades from their previous models. It gets rid of stains on carpets, furniture, stairs etc. While it does a good job for regular cleaning around the house, it’s held back by its basic features and a higher price compared to similar products from other brands.


I got this carpet cleaner because we’re getting a puppy soon, and I wanted to be ready for the messes. It arrived after 5 days from Amazon, it’s easy to use and clean afterward. Sure, the dirty water tank is a bit small, but I actually like that because it reminds me to empty it out more often, making it easier to push around.

Cleaning it after a deep clean is also easy but you do have to empty and refill the tanks quite a bit, especially for larger areas. Still, it’s not too hard to do. And the savings compared to hiring a professional cleaner are huge.

There are a couple of things I wish were different though. It’d be nice to have a trigger to spray the cleaner whenever I want instead of it just spraying when I push it forward. But I’ve found a workaround for that. Also, the hose gets in the way of flipping the mode lever sometimes, which is a bit annoying, but I just move the hose out of the way when I need to.

The only real issue I have with the machine is that sometimes when the dirty water tank gets too full, it splatters water out of the vents. It’s not a huge deal, I just make sure to empty it more often to avoid that. Overall though, I’m really happy with how clean my carpets look after using this cleaner.

Is Shark Expert Cleaning Solution Any Good

It works and does clean up your carpets but it will not magically rejuvinate an old carpet like the commercials you might see on tv. Also the machine doesn’t suck up enough water, so surfaces stay wet for a long time after cleaning. The little tab that’s supposed to stop water from spraying out is weak and can easily get knocked out of place, causing leaks.

I’ve only used it a few times, and already I’m out of the cleaning solution. It seems like I’ll have to buy more pretty often.


  • The spot cleaner sucks up stains well.
  • Cleaning up is easy because of the rubber brush.
  • It’s good for cleaning area rugs without worrying about damaging the floor.
  • The cleaning stuff smells nice and works great.


  • The water tanks are too small and needs constant refilling
  • It’s not light weight
  • The spot cleaner hose and storage part sometimes fall off, which is annoying.

Where To Buy

You can buy the expert shark carpet from Amazon. Walmart, Costco and their official website The price is $299.95 for one.

Assemble Instructions

To put everything together, you’ll find cleaning solutions, the wand, Shark CarpetXpertTM Carpet Cleaner, a 3.5-inch stain tool, a crevice tool, a pet tool, and a hose clean tool in the box. You’ll also get a 12oz Shark CarpetXpert formula and a 16oz Shark StainStriker formula.

Here’s how to assemble it:

  1. Put the wand into the hole at the top of the body until it clicks into place.
  2. Attach the hose clipping tool by clipping it onto the wand.
  3. Connect the hose to the bottom of the body and twist it until it clicks securely.
  4. Wrap the hose tightly by pushing it into the hole at the top of the body, then insert it into the clips on the side.
  5. Finally, make sure the brush roll and the cover are securely in place.

Customer Complaints And Feedback

We discovered customer reviews on Reddit which are completely mixed about this product. Some of the customers said that the cleaner did not live up to the hype after seeing the commercial on Tv. Others were impressed by the cleaner and referred to it as a better alternative to to popular cleaners like Biswell. Here are some reviews

I got this to replace my old carpet cleaner and I’m mostly happy with it. I have two kids and two dogs, so my house always has a stain. If I catch it immediately, then it works pretty well. But if the stain has sat overnight, then it only fades it some. This is sad because advertises the opposite. When it comes to leaving your carpets dryer, this is one of the best carpet cleaners I’ve owned. I feel their branded cleaning solution and oxy formula is way over rated.

I like shark products and this seems to be good quality. The only issue I have is that the water/cleaner and wastewater tank are so unbelievably small. You spend a lot of extra time filling and empty them both. I resorted to keeping a 5 gallon bucket close by to dump the waste water in and having a large pitcher ready with new water and solution so I would make less trips to the bathroom.

Do We Recommed Shark Carpet Expert Cleaning Solution

This new machine does an okay job at cleaning, However, there are some real concerns about it. These include issues with how well they’re built, the warranty coverage, how easy it is to find replacement parts, and the fact that they use a single cyclone system, which might not work as well as some other vacuum designs. You have to use special fluids to fill it up the tank which is too small. You can barely clean a small room before it needs refilling. Plus, without a water trigger, you end up having to go over the same spots multiple times, which is a pain.

Is It The Same As A Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is meant for picking up dry dirt, while a carpet cleaner targets stains. CarpetXpert provides a deeper clean, about 8 times deeper than a regular vacuum. It uses high-pressure spray to reach deep into the carpet fibers and evenly spread Shark’s cleaning solution without making the carpets too wet.

Expert Shark Carpet Vs Bissell Proheat: How We Compared

The Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro is a bit cheaper and comes with added features like a dual-roll design and built-in water heater, making it great for dealing with pet messes.

Between the two, the Shark is a better deal. It offers more features like a powered lift-away function. But it has a single cyclone, which means you have to clean the pre-motor filter often. Also, the more complicated Sharks can be unreliable. I’m not saying this because I’m biased. I wish they’d fix these issues because they do have some nice features. But you should keep these problems in mind.

One big problem with both the Shark and the Bissell is that their hoses can crack and rip. This often happens inside the head, where the hose meets the swivel neck. So, be aware of that when making your decision.

Final Words

The expert shark carpet is a decent carpet cleaner, but not nearly as good as the infomercial says it is. It’s NOT lightweight (18 pounds), It’s also not easy to use because It took me several hours to figure it out. But overall it was worth my money.

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