Is Sans Air Purifier Any Good? Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Are you tired of sneezing and coughing because the air in your home or office isn’t great? You’re not alone. Lots of people are trying out air purifiers to help with this problem. Sans Air Purifier just entered the market recently and lots of people are curious to find out if it is as legit as the manufacturers claim it is.

The viral TikTok video that robbed me in claims the Sans Air Purifier can kill 99% of germs and other exaggerated claims but does it work?

Sans Air Purifier
Sans Air Purifier

About Sans Air Purifier

The manufacturers of Sans Air Purifier claim that it can clean and freshen up the air in your house like viruses, smoke, germs, pet odor and things that make you sneeze.

This Air purification technology has the following features

  1. Filter system
  2. Noise reduction technology
  3. Design and aesthetics
  4. Control options

How I Tested

I ordered the Sans Air Purifier for the strong dog odour and to get rid of the dust from my home. I ordered it from Amazon back in December 2023.

It’s been almost three months since I got the filter, and I’m happy to say it works just like they said for my dogs anyway. However I can’t say much for the dust, the manufacturers advertised that the units would eliminate the dust issue in the house. It did not. The dust seems to be worse like it is just floating it around.

It’s usually really quiet, too. The only time I’ve heard it was when I cooked a spicy meal, and even then, it wasn’t too loud. Normally, it’s just humming along at level 4. Plus, it’s super easy to move around—just grab the handle and put it wherever you want.

Overall, it was definitely worth the money I spent on it.

What I Like

  1. It’s super quiet even in auto mode
  2. Easy to use; looks good
  3. Seems to work well even in very large rooms.

What I Don’t Like

  1. It’s a bit priecy
  2. Did not work for everyone

Does Sans Air Purifier Work

Yes, Sans air purifier works but not on all the claims made. An air purifier like Sans probably won’t get rid of or stop all the particles that bother you in your home. There’s not a lot of solid proof that air purifiers make you healthier or fix breathing issues. But if you have allergies or asthma, using one with a HEPA filter might help.

Is Sans Air Purifier A Scam

A lot of customers are calling out the company behind the Sans Air Purifier as not being true to their claims. I saw a lot of these reports on Trustpilot and Amazon but that does not mean its a scam product. An example of customer complaint online include:

I specifically bought this instead of other brands due to it being silent. I passed an $800 air filter for this one because it made noise. But wow seriously? I paid $400 to get this ASAP and it sounds like a dollar store drone.

Where To Buy

You can buy Sans Air Purifier from Amazon, Walmart, eBay and their official website The price is $369 for one.

How To Set Up

  1. Plug in the unit.
  2. Remove the plastic covering the filter, located at the back of the unit.
  3. Once the filter is uncovered, simply plug it in and turn it on.
  4. To stay safe, keep the air purifier away from water or anything that can catch fire.
  5. Don’t spray insect repellent, perfume, or anything flammable.
  6. Before plugging it in, make sure the voltage matches your local power supply.

Final Words

Sans Air Purifier works for cleaning the air and killing germs, But just like Sterra Air Purifier, Sans partners with local TikTok stars to promote their products. A lot of people have noticed this and talked about it online and their comments were deleted. The brand I can recommend is the one I have been using myself, Honeywell.

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