Reviews: A Scam Or Legit Online Store? Must Read

Wondering if is a safe place to shop? Have you considered the red flags associated with It’s important that you know about potential issues that customers have faced while shopping from this website. This review will help you make an informed decision.

Overview Of is an online store that sells dresses especially for weddings and parties. They promise great stuff at super low prices. But it’s not a legit online store. You might end up with fake or lousy products, or maybe nothing will show up at your doorstep. Be cautious and maybe consider shopping elsewhere for your special outfits. offers

  1. Free shipping on $75+ orders
  2. Massive discount sales
  3. Different color of dresses
  4. Party and summer cloths

Is A Scam? Customer Reports

It is an unreliable website. Customer reports on reddit and on popular websites who tried never got what they ordered, others got something totally different – and not in a good way. To make matters worse, reaching out to for a refund or a swap turned into a game of frustration. The email? turned out to be just fancy. A customer report said

A HUGE SCAM OF A BUSINESS do not order from here. They asked me inappropriate questions when I wanted to return a dress that didnt fit and then ignored my emails following up on getting a return slip. (They only have a 14 day window and try to ignore until that mark) THEN once I left a review on their site they sent me a return slip and BLOCKED THE MAIL FROM BEING RECEIVED. 

Kendall Pros: What I Like About It

  • They have a range of products with various colors.
  • Has account creation for users. Cons: What I Don’t Like About This Online Website

  • They do not have social media presence.
  • They lack of a valid address
  • There are a lot of issues reported by customers.
  • Lots of customers had challenges in getting refunds for returned products.
  • Hidden operators, raising transparency concerns.
  • Varied product pricing from $30 to $134, sometimes with discounts. is pretty fishy, and here’s why:

New Website

This site just popped up recently. That’s often a red flag for a scam – they show up, trick people, and then vanish.

Hide and Seek:

There’s an email, but no phone number, address, or live chat. Good luck reaching them if something goes wrong.

Mystery Company:

They’re keeping their identity on the down-low. No info about the company running the show. Transparency is clearly not their strong suit.

Too Good to Be True Deals:

Their massive discounts are tempting are misleading because they are too goo to br true.

Copy-Paste Expertise:

They couldn’t even come up with their own content. They swiped it from other legit stores.

Social Media Ghost Town: is missing in action on social platforms – a big no-no in the online shopping world.

Silent Complaints:

No real customer reviews or testimonials. Others have faced problems like late deliveries, wrong items, and a total headache trying to get refunds.

What You Order Vs What You Get

The dress is not the same as pictured on the website and it is poorly made and not worth the price tag.

Where Is Located

The company is located in the United States. Their Address is 4199 Campus Drive, lrvine, CA 92612. 

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How Do I Reach Out To Customer Service

You can write them an E-mail at [email protected] or use their contact form available on their website.

What Is Their Refund Policy

If you send back the product, there’s no promise you’ll get your money back. It’s safer to avoid buying anything from this website altogether.

Conclusion appears risky. People faced problems with orders, returns, and getting refunds. The site lacks clear contact info and a reliable address. Considering these issues, it’s advisable to steer clear of buying stuffs from this website.

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