Reviews {2023} Is This Multiple Blockchain Legit?

Have you heard of It is allegedly a world’s leading multi-chain wallet, Supporting multiple blockchain assets such as BTC/ETH/TRX/USDT. Beware! It’s a scam.

It is not an authentic trading platform. It is designed by scammers whose goal is to lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals. A lot of people have reported of being scammed by this malicious website.

What Is All About?

Robotwalletpro located at claims to be the world’s leading multi-chain wallet, Supporting multiple blockchain assets such as BTC/ETH/TRX/USDT. Based on the in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and years of experience from operating Bitai wallet, SKYPE is committed to providing secure assets management and rich blockchain application service to it’s users around the world. With SKYPE Wallet users can conveniently use application service while ensuring that their assets are 100% secure.

How Does It Work?

This platform allegedly allows merchants or traders to transact with digital currency.  It is the world’s leading multi-chain wallet, Supporting multiple blockchain assets such as BTC/ETH/TRX/USDT.

Interestingly, also provides the needed information to the its client. Hence, anyone with no digital trading experience can also be trained.

It is mind blowing right? Keep reading to find out if these claims are true.

The Truth About

Though their platform looks like the real deal. We are sorry to disappoint you. There is more to what your eyes see. Infact, they are just feeding you well scripted lies

When you try to withdraw your earning from the site, you’ll be made to pay a certain fee for either tax or processing. However, after making the payment you’ll be locked out from the website and there’ll be no way to access your account or earning.

Why Is Not Worth Your Money

If you’re still considering doubling your money with this platform, below are reasons why you should not do so

Recently Registered

After a thorough background search on when when this platform was registered, we found out that it was recently registered on September 2022. This is dubious as most fraudulent websites use new domain names.


Because this platform is a HYIP, you can’t predict what their next move would be. They might decide to shut down their platform today, leaving your money trapped. That being said, your money is always at risk with HYIP’s like this.

There are No Watch Dogs Watching Over This Platform

Though some of these platforms might provide a registration certificate and so-called evidence of payments, don’t be deceived, anybody could get a sham address and certificate most especially from the Company House in UK which most of them use, for just £5. In the real sense, they are not regulated. No Financial Body approves their services.

No Social Media Presence

Though this investment platform claims it has been in existence for a long time, they don’t provide links to their social media pages. There is absolutely nothing to make us believe they have such a history.

Even when we checked Facebook, we found absolutely nothing about this platform. Likewise on google. If they are really what they claim to be, a lot of investors would have been writing stuffs about them online.

Is Your Funds Safe With

The answer to the question is capital NO.

It is a fraudulent website designed by scammers whose motive is to scam and defraud unsuspecting individuals. Don’t be deceived. It’s all scam.

Furthermore, an investor that has fallen victim for this website have left a negative review on Scamwatcher expressing regret.

See complaint below –

Emily Wozniak phone # +1 (719) 280-1972 talked me into investing here.. She gave me referral code. She acts all nice and convinces you to invests..Once you invest and start making money they will deny your withdrawal claims. They tried to say some of your deposits are suspicious and they have to block your account until you make a 50% deposit of your account balance. They say slow mist flagged deposit as risky which after verifying with them and kucoin where I made the deposit that they are lying. Do not invest or put any money in robot wallet.

Don’t dare click on the website. Once you click and provide them with your e-mail and contact number they will ring you immediately and promise you anything to make you deposit money with them as quickly as possible. Don’t be deceived. It is all scam!

From the ongoing, is not a legitimate crypto trading platform. Just like Fimpocket, USDtuut USDtmarks, you wouldn’t be able to withdraw your earning after investing in this platform.

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