Rewave TV Antenna Scam 2024: Do Not Buy

Those Rewave TV Antenna ads make it sound like magic, promising to ditch your pricey cable or satellite TV for a load of free channels, all thanks to some fancy NASA stuff. But let’s get real here – it’s just a regular antenna that picks up basic TV channels. They’re trying to trick you with all this talk about “special technology.” Don’t buy into it.

Rewave Tv Antenna website
Rewave Tv Antenna

Beware of Rewave TV Antenna Scam:

The Rewave TV Antenna is a scam, plain and simple. These marketers are tricking people into buying their product with big promises, but it’s just a basic antenna for picking up free channels. Don’t be fooled by their claims of fancy technology.

What You Need to Know:

  • It doesn’t work as advertised: Don’t expect miracles – this antenna won’t give you access to faraway channels or premium networks without extra gear.
  • If you’ve ordered: Take action. Contact the seller ASAP to cancel your order and get your money back. And don’t forget to report the scam to the authorities to help protect others from getting scammed too.

Is the Rewave TV Antenna a Scam?

Don’t be fooled by the Rewave TV antenna’s promises – it’s actually a scam wrapped in deceptive marketing. Here’s why:

  1. Limited Channels: Despite what they say, it’s just a regular digital antenna that picks up local broadcast channels. You won’t get access to big networks like ESPN or FOX without a cable subscription.
  2. Legal Issues: Claiming to access over 100 HD channels for free is sketchy. If such a device existed, it would likely be illegal. The folks behind Rewave know this but are misleading buyers anyway.
  3. Name Change Trick: This same antenna was previously sold under the name “WaveMax.” People who ordered from ended up with a cheap antenna that didn’t deliver as promised.

Don’t fall for the hype – steer clear of the Rewave TV Antenna scam.

Facts That Scream Stay Away

  1. Fake Customer Reviews: The reviews on are not genuine. We found that the same images used for these reviews are also used by other brands. Although the website claims to have 1,200 4.7-star ratings on TrustPilot, the link provided isn’t clickable, and Rewave TV antenna hasn’t actually been rated on TrustPilot.
  2. False 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: While the website promises a full refund if customers aren’t satisfied with the product, in reality, it’s difficult to actually get a refund. Emails sent to [email protected] are ignored. Additionally, the claimed 70% discount is misleading since similar digital antennas are priced between $10 to $35, not the original $99 or the discounted $49.99 as advertised on

Reviews From People Who Bought

Some people who bought this product shared their stories online, warning others about antennas that promise the moon but deliver disappointment. They pointed out how these antennas exaggerate their abilities, like claiming to pick up channels from unrealistically far distances or offering premium channels without any extra equipment.

One person suggested sticking to trusted brands like Channel Master, especially if you live in the city, for better results. Another person called out these antennas as plain old “junk.” They explained that the claims of receiving channels from super far away or accessing popular channels without extra gear are just not true. They also said that the fancy talk about cable companies using low frequencies is nothing but marketing fluff.

Avoiding Scams Like Rewave TV Antenna: Simple Tips

To avoid getting scammed like with Rewave, here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Do Your Homework: Before you buy anything, take a moment to check out the product and the company selling it. Just a quick search online can tell you a lot about whether it’s legit or not.
  2. Look for Contact Info: Make sure the company has a real address or phone number you can reach them at. Legit businesses usually aren’t shy about sharing this info.
  3. Check Reviews: Don’t just take the company’s word for it – see what other people are saying. Check out reviews from real customers on different websites to see if the product actually works like they claim.

Should You Get TV Antenna Boosters?

Nope, don’t bother with TV antenna boosters. They’re a waste of money and won’t make your signal any better. Instead, save up for a good metal antenna (around $150) and put it outside on a tower for better reception.

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