WELLDIK Scam Stores – The Complete Lowdown on This Ripoff

Are you considering placing an order for electric scooter or guitar on Rayditte.com or Raydite.com? Don’t! The website is not legit as it seems. There’s a lot of deceptive marketing and fraudulent practises behind the scene.

We’ll be writing a short review about Rayditte.com, how the online store actually works, and hidden red flags. We’ll also share some Rayditte reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers experience. 

WELLDIK Scam: How It Actually Works

Rayditte.com which operates under the alias ‘WELLDIK’ runs Ads on social media promoting electric scooters for seniors. The store claims it’s a Light weight electrical Collapsible remote control scooter for just $53.

However, in the actual sense, the real price for the scooter is between $2,000 – $3,000 and not $53. Rayditte.com takes customers money and disappear into thin air. There are multiple reports online from buyers who were shocked to receive nothing at all. They were also not able to contact the store.

So, clearly, Rayditte is actually running an online shopping scam. This scam also operates under the name ‘WELLDIK‘ or ‘WELLDIK INC

WELLDIK Reviews & Complaints

Sadly, lots of people have been affected by this scam. These are some of the reviews;

Ordered power adult scooter $53.00 paid. Was advertised asQVC item. Ad says 5 to 7 days delivery time. I have seen the item advertised as Walmart item. Never received item.

I ordered 2 motorized scooters Dec 19th. No recite or items delivered. No response from seller. Address not good. Phone number not good . I want the 2 scooters or money back. $80.24 Is a scam site.

Other Ways WELLDIK INC Might Scam You

Aside from displaying flashy Ads about cheap scooters, the scam stores also impersonate QVC, Walmart, etc. They promote items like guitar, Rotatable Garden Towers, Shoe racks, etc for discount price. Then charge buyers using the alias ‘WELLDIK‘, ‘Raydite‘ ‘Rayditte‘ or ‘WELLDIK INC‘. They don’t deliver any items.

In rare cases, when buyers try to dispute the charge via PayPal, Raydite offers to refund 55% of the money. Such a bold fraudster!

What are The Red Flags of This Website?

Here are some of the hidden red flags of Rayditte.com;

No Business Address

The website fails to list their physical address or warehouse address anywhere on the pages. This is a huge red flag.

Copied Contents

Rayditte.com legal pages and Return Policy page are not original. They were copied elsewhere and pasted on the site.

No Customer Support

The contact information provided lacks functionality. Mails sent to [email protected] do not receive any response.

Recently Registered Website

Rayditte.com domain registration info shows the site was registered in November 2023 and will expire in a year’s time. This proves the website wasn’t set up for a long time business.

Steps To Take For Possible Refunds

The only way to get a refund from this merchant is to do the following;

  • Report the fraudulent transaction to your credit card issuer
  • request a chargeback
  • Include supporting documents, such as copies of a receipt, invoice, and any communications you had with the merchant.
  • Anticipate that the dispute can last up to 90 days or two billing cycles, whichever is shorter.

How To Protect Yourself From Charges From WELLDIK?

When you submit your name, address, and credit card details on the scam store, your identity and financial details is at risk. In order to avoid this, update your passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and monitor your bank statement for any unusual activity.

If you detect any suspicious transaction, contact your bank and cancel your credit card or place a credit freeze on your account.

Reporting Rayditte.com Scam To The Right Authorities

As a victim of this scam, take proactive measures of nabbing this scammers by reporting them to;

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): If you are in the United States, you can file a complaint with the IC3 at https://www.ic3.gov/.
Your Local Consumer Protection Agency: Contact your local consumer protection agency or the equivalent regulatory body in your country.
Better Business Bureau (BBB): File a complaint with the BBB if the online store is based in the United States.

How To Avoid Online Shopping Scams

  • Steer clear from social media Ads offering too good to be true discount
  • Check online for real user reviews. You can also do this by adding ‘scam’ ‘complaints’ to the website name before searching
  • Avoid websites that lack SSL encryption (padlock symbol on the URL link). They are unsafe
  • Check the domain age of the website using a domain checker tool (Who.is). Websites below 6 months old are often considered unsafe.
  • Verify the website business address. you can do this by pasting the address on Google. The result would either show if it’s a warehouse, residential quarter, or if it has been flagged as scam.
  • If the return policy isn’t available or if it isn’t clear, you should quit shopping.


WELLDIK Scam Reports on Better Business Bureau


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