Q-Grips Reviews (2022) Is This Earwax Removal Safe?

Do you want to buy q-grips? Are you wondering if this earwax removal tool is recommended by doctors? Read this review to see what our ENT doctor has to say about Q Grips.

Q Grips located at q-grips.com

What is Q-Grips

q-grips otherwise known as q grips 1s allegedly a revolutionary tool that helps you clean your ears effectively. According to the information on the official website q-grips.com, this tool reaches deeper than a cotton swab. It also rotates to remove more buildup from the sides of your ear canals.

Sounds like a wonder tool right?

Let’s not be too quick to conclude!

First of all, lets see what an ENT doctor has to say about Q-Grips Earwax removal tool.

What a Doctor has to say about Q Grips

According to Dr. Pate, think twice before buying these kits as an at-home fix. It’s a blind way of cleaning and will cause more harm than good.

Tools like ear picks or spiral tools could accidentally puncture your eardrum and cause permanent hearing loss. When you search “earwax removal tools” online, you’ll find many of these types of tools claim to be safe for earwax removal. However, they can be dangerous to use in your ear.

A common way to clean your ears safely involves an earwax softener. The kit usually uses a type of oil or hydrogen peroxide to soften the wax. 


The 4.7 positive costumer ratings on q-grips.com are not real. On Trustpilot, q grips has a customer rating of one star, over 300 bad reviews. The major complaints by users is that the company selling the earwax removal tool is shady. First of all, for £35.00 you get 2 trashy handles with silicone insert no additional insert. Meanwhile, they have two different email addresses. One comes back consistently as a failure to deliver. The other works, but the rep tells you to contact the first email. Sounds fishy right? Yes! Meanwhile if there are only bad reviews on Trustpilot how come the reviews on q-grips.com are all positive?

Of course the reviews on Q-Grips website are totally fake!

Q-Grips Complaints

Fake Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturers advertise money back guarantee with no hassle, but this is totally false. The no risk 30 day trial is deceptive marketing. They’ll only refund your money provided you return the unused/unopened Q-Grips. The question is, since a “trial” is to try something out to see if you like it or not. Correct? How can you possibly trial the Q-Grips is you don’t open the package and use it???

As a result of this, no one has been able to get their money back.

Does not Remove earwax properly

None of the 4 adults who tried this product found a speck of anything on the spiral after attempting to remove any wax. Is it possible they all have perfectly clean ears? Reviews by consumers show they do not work and leave the ears with discomfort.

Meanwhile, see what a customer has to say about q grips –

If 0 stars was an option that’s what they’d get. First off it takes forever to receive them. Second they don’t remove anything. Third they are so cheaply made that the plastic handle will actually cut you when you turn it because of sharp edges. Fourth, ask for a refund and they tell you they only refund for unopened and unused packages. Like I’m suppose to know their product is a joke without opening it. Worse product I’ve ever bought.


Conclusion: Is q-grips a Hoax?

Yes, it is.

Don’t be deceived by the positive reviews on q-grips.com, this is just another fad product like Tvidler. Q Grips ‘Official’ website sells for £14.99 reduced from £29.99 but you can get the same cheap unbranded Chinese rubbish on Ebay for £2.99 delivered.

Not only that, they use false next day delivery claim when it actually took a week to arrive. They also don’t respond to emails and just want your money. This is why they use deceptive advertising. The product itself is no better than using a cotton wool bud. It does not work!

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