PZGONE TV Streaming Device: Why It’s a Scam

You must have come across lots of Ads on social media promoting PZGONE TV device. They claim you can watch all channels for free (No Ads, No monthly costs).

Unfortunately, it is a scam – pure product misrepresentation. We will be writing a short TL – DR about this scam, how the device really works, and what to do if you’ve already placed an order for it.

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PZGONE TV Streaming Device – How We Discovered It’s a Scam

We took a close look at the product and discovered it is just a HDMI Display Emulator for computers. When plugged into the HDMI port, it uses HD resolution to mirror the display from a computer or gaming console without losing image quality.

It does not have free access to all channels and streaming services as claimed. Without an active subscription to Netflix or other movie streaming channels, you can’t get access to the contents.

How The PZGONE TV Scam Actually Works

Here’s a quick TL-DR of how the PZGONE TV Streaming device scam works;

  • Lures Buyers with claims of free streaming
  • Offers a fake 50% discount –
  • Delivers a cheap HDMI adapter that is actually worth $5 on ebay
  • Refuses to grant refunds even after boldly claiming 100% discount on Ads and website
  • Steals credit card info and charges unauthorised fees

The scam doesn’t just end in product misrepresentation. Every stage of it – from the Ads to the order page is a well calculated strategy to scam buyers. The 50% discount isn’t real or true. Similar HDMI devices are sold for way cheaper. You can get them for as low as $2 on AliExpress.

Then the 100% guarantee itself is just a sham. A sales gimmick used to create a sense of trust in buyers. The websites involved in this scam do not grant refunds. In some cases, buyers might not receive anything at all even after waiting for weeks. There has also been complaints of fake tracking details, no confirmation email, etc.

Finally, the ugly part of this scam is that it often doesn’t end in a one time charge. Victims could receive multiple recurring charges in different payment alias. One of the ways fraudsters get your credit card details is by posing as online stores.

What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

Are you already a victim of this PZGONE TV scam? Here’s are proactive measures to take for possible refunds and protection from the scam.

  • Contact the store and promptly ask for a refund, citing deceptive marketing. However, if the store refuses to grant your refund request, the next step to take is to call your bank.
  • Contact your bank to inform them about the fraudulent purchase. Through the chargeback system, you can get your money back from the transaction if you file a dispute claim.
  • You could also request for a new credit card, this way the scammers can’t continue to charge you.
  • The next step you should take is updating your passwords. This should be done if you’ve used the same password you used on the store on other websites or applications.
  • You should also go an extra step of enabling two-factor authentication. This would keep you protected from data breech.
  • Report the scam to relevant authorities and organizations for deceptive marketing. This includes: Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), Your Local Consumer Protection Agency, or Better Business Bureau (BBB)

How To Avoid Scam Product Like PZGONE TV Streaming Device

  • Be Skeptical of Amazing Devices – If a gadget or product seems too incredible, it probably is. Don’t believe everything you hear; stay skeptical.
  • Consider Buying Locally – If possible, buy gadgets locally where you can see and test them before purchasing.
  • Don’t Rush to Buy – Scams often use fake urgency. Be cautious of deals that pressure you to buy quickly or claim limited availability.
  • Watch Out for Unrealistic Promises – If a device promises free access to all channels it’s probably a scam as it is not legal.
  • Check Sellers’ Reputation – Before buying, research the website online. Avoid those without an unclear address or bad reputation.


PZGONE TV device is merely a cheap HDMI emulator, it does not have ‘FREE’ access to channels. You need paid subscription to all movie streaming platforms before you can gain entry to the channels.

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