Purpletester.com Scam Tactics: Fake Pillow Testing Job Website

Purpletester.com is not as legit as it appears. You’ve probably stumbled upon purpletester.com, a site that promises to pay you for testing pillows and dropping reviews. However, behind the facade is an on-going scam. Clicking on the ‘APPLY NOW’ button on the website takes you to fraudulent websites that steal your information.

In this article we reveal how the Purpletester.com scam works, notable red flags, how to spot job scams, and steps to take if you’ve fallen victim to this scam.

Overview of Purpletester.com Scam

Purpletester.com is a site that says it links pillow makers with reviewers who can give honest feedback. They claim you can make up to $50 per pillow test and keep the pillows afterward. You only need to sign up with your name and email, and wait for testing opportunities to come to your inbox. However, what the site doesn’t tell users is that the websites it directs them to is malicious. Users devices would either be infested with malware, adware, or some worm virus.

Aside that, after completing the numerous surveys, users don’t get paid a dime.

Exposing The Pillow Testing Job Scam

Pillow testing jobs are real, however shady websites like purpletester.com uses the tactics to scam people. Real pillow tester jobs do not direct to malicious websites, but to legit websites of mattress companies were job applicants can submit their application.

In the case of purpletester.com, it directs users to another site called StartACareerToday via tappco.go2cloud.org. Tappco.go2cloud.org is flagged by VirusTotal as malicious, which should raise red flags.

StartcareerToday calls itself a job search engine however it’s a scam. It steals and posts REAL job listings from legitimate sites. But when you apply for a job, you are submitting all your personal information to the scammer and not the actual employers. The information would then be used for identity theft or credit card theft.

Notable Red Flags of Purpletester.com

It Redirects Your Browser To Unsecured and Malicious Website

Workwithshein.com redirects your browser to either flashrewards.co or rewardsgiantusa.com. Two survey websites known for malicious intents. Of course, reviews online show that after completing surveys or tasks from the sites, users don’t get their earnings, rather they receive phishing emails.

Steals Your Personal Information and Data

The site engages in a kind of scam called phishing scam. Before participating in deals, you’d have to submit your personal data like; full name, email address, phone number, home address, date of birth, and payment information. These information are then sold on the dark web, and used to commit financial fraud.

No Pillow, Spam, and Unauthorized Charges

The promised pillow never arrives. Instead, you start receiving unwanted emails and calls from various companies trying to sell unrelated products.

Mysterious Background

The site doesn’t tell us on who they are – no company name, address, phone number, or email. Making it impossible to check if they’re legit.

Similar Job Scams Like Purpletester.com

We’ve uncovered lots of fake job scams like Purpletester.com. Often times the job scams pretend to be  popular companies like Amazon, Disney or Netflix, but are actually just trying to trick people out of their personal information or money. Workwithshein.com, AmazonBasicstester.com, SheinGivesBack, etc.

Just like Purpletester.com, these scam sites steal people’s personal and financial information and use it to commit all kinds of fraud.

How To Avoid Work From Home Job Scams

  • Research any company and job opportunity thoroughly before proceeding
  • Decline job offers from companies that do not provide contact information or physical address.
  • Reject any job offer that requires you to pay for training or materials to do the job, is likely a scam. Legitimate companies will provide all the necessary tools and training for free.
  • Stay away from job offers that require sensitive information like your SSN, or bank details.
  • Be wary of too good to be true job offers and salaries. Often times, it’s just a bait.


Purpletester.com is a scam website offering fake pillow testing job opportunity. It redirects users to malicious websites that steals personal and financial information to commit fraud.

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