Provitalize Probiotics For Menopausal Symptoms Reviews: Does It Work? Read This

Looking to buy Provitalize for your menopausal symptoms? This probiotic have become pretty popular as a fast method of reducing the symptoms of menopause here is my honest review 2023.

Overview Of Proviatalize Menopause Probiotics

So Provitalize is a health supplement by Better Body Co for menopausal women. It has good bacteria and plant extracts to help with digestion, immunity, and weight. Better Body Co. makes it, and they have other products too. But does it work? What are customer reports about this product?

The ingredients in this product include:

  1. B. lactis: Helps with weight and cholesterol.
  2. L. gasseri: Good for digestion, immunity, and fighting bad stuff.
  3. B. breve: Aids digestion, treats constipation, and reduces weight.
  4. Turmeric: Natural energy boost, has antioxidants.
  5. Moringa: Supports blood sugar, blood pressure, and has antioxidants.
  6. Curry leaf: Lowers blood glucose and cholesterol.
  7. Lecithin: Good for brain and liver.
  8. Black pepper: Makes all the good stuff absorb better.

My Expereince Using Provitalize

I gained weight after being on Slimbiosys for a year. it was devastating. i have been about the same weight and size for years. My eating habits hadn’t changed. i got Slimbiosys and tried several other weight loss pills.

So vitolize seemed to offer all the marks I needed. I’ve been on it for 2 months so far. I can say honestly, i noticed an increase in energy the first week. i usually get pretty worn out quickly but these pills have helped with my energy level.

It curbed my appitete but didnt help me lose weight, but i did notice my stomach, which had turned into my problem area with recent weight gain. was definitely less bloated and changing, shrinking. I poop way more regularly too. My only complaint is the price. it’s pricey. I’m getting ready to order my 3rd bottle to continue this journey.


  1. Increase in energy levels
  2. Helped with my bloating problem


  1. Didn’t help me lose weight
  2. Its a bit pricey

Is Provitalize A Scam?

So, about Provitalize: there’s no solid proof it works, and the company itself admits that the FDA hasn’t checked their claims. They also say weight loss isn’t sure, and it might take 6-8 weeks to see any changes. The most effective way to lose weight remains adding cardio exercises to your Workout routine. Customer reports on Trustpilot are mixed some have reported that they were forced into a 3month contract after purchasing from the company Better Body Co.

Side Effects

here’s the deal with Provitalize: Better Body Co. says there aren’t big side effects. Some might get a bit bloated at first because of the strong probiotics. But if you’re on certain meds or have health stuff going on, it’s smart to talk to your doctor before using it.

How To Use

It recommends a person take two Provitalize capsules per day for best results.

Where To Buy

On their website, one bottle of Provitalize costs $49. But if you go for a subscription, each bottle is $39.20 per month. Just in case you’re interested in saving some bucks. You can also check out Amazon Uk and Ireland also walmart.


Probiotics may you during menopause, but you have to be careful. Supplements like Proviatalize are famous, but they may not work for. You ask need to ask your doctors, and maybe try probiotics for symptoms. Check with doctors before new supplements.

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  1. Do probiotics completely eliminate menopause symptoms? Probiotics can help with some menopause symptoms, but they might not eliminate all of them.
  2. Are probiotics safe during menopause? Usually safe, but ask a doctor before trying probiotics during menopause.
  3. When do probiotics show results? Results from probiotics vary; it can take weeks to months.
  4. Can I take probiotics with health conditions? Check with your doctor if you have health issues before using probiotics.
  5. Is it necessary to ask a doctor before probiotics? Yes, ask your doctor before starting probiotics for advice.

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