PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer Reviews: Genuine Or Too Good To Be True?

Do you want get a true review about PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer vacuum bags seal? Are you wondering if it’s genuine vacuum bags seal? You are exactly on the right track. This review exposes everything you need to know about PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer.

What Is PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer?

PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer is a designed that is designed to seal bags that contains ingredients. The seal enables the food to stay fresh. It’s specified that you’ll be able to seal up almost anything within a bag, including liquids, solid or creams, and each tool comes with a set of 100 bags with measurements that’ll suit the device.

However, PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer claims to lock in nutrients and freshness while helping to prevent freezer burn. It also offers discounts of about 60% when you buy in bulk. Additionally, PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer com give their customers Vaccum Sealer Zipper Bags, 2 Storage Containers, 2 Jar Sealers, 1 Wine Sealer when they buy directly from them.

How To Use PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer:

  • Place Items in Bag
  • Add Bag to Device
  • Seal Bag
  • Remove and Store

Some Qualities Of PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer:

  •  Lightweight Tool
  • Built-In Slicer
  • BPA-Free Bags
  • It’s travel friendly

Advantages Of PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer:

  • Promotes Healthy Diet
  • Dishwasher-Safe Accessories
  • It comes with other accessories and recipe book.

Disadvantages Of PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer:

  • It’s out of stock
  • It uses electricity
  • No social media presence.

Customers Reviews:

Some customers that have bought and used PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer product has left some reviews online.

Below are what customers have to say-

I’ve only had it’s very short time and it’s making a horribly loud noise. I can’t find anything online to help me figure out why.

Elizabeth(Gonzales, LA)

I called Customer Service on 4/24/22. The representative agreed to send a replacement upon receipt of the defective unit. I asked him to authorize immediate shipment. He said he could not. I spoke to a supervisor who said she couldn’t either. I advised I’ll return the product for a refund. I included I don’t want to wait until 5/2/22 to receive something paid for 4/1/22. I was told to make sure I return everything I received. I agreed.

My initial cost was $160. I spent about $15.00 on the first return. I expect to spend at least $30.00 for the second. I suspect TriStar will deduct at least $30 from the $160 for processing or something. So, the total cost for this frustrating lesson will be about $75.

Micheal T(Rio Rancho, NM)


From all indications, PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer product seems genuine but in reality, it’s not as it has some negative customers reviews online and no social media presence. Just as Bleame, we advice customers to take caution before buying and using this product.

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