Poplight Reviews: Best Easy to Install Lights or Fad?

Viral videos on Tiktok have been promoting Poplight as a safe way for renters to install light without the knowledge of the landlord or risk breaking their leases. This product comes in variety of colors to suit your taste and can illuminate both your hallways and bedroom.

But does Poplight live up to these bold claims? To answer this question we’ll evaluate whether this product is the right fit for your housing needs and also share some customer reviews found online.

Is Poplight Right For You?

Before we go into details about this product, here is the TL;DL If you wish to know whether Poplight is the right fit your needs.

  • Rechargeable? Yes
  • Has variety of colors? Yes
  • Do you need special tools to install it? No
  • Works for small spaces? Yes
  • Can you use it in hallways? Yes
  • Can Poplight be used in the kids room? Ye
  • Battery is removable? Yes

What Does Poplight Offer

  1. Easy Charging with USB-C: You can recharge it easily using a USB-C cable, which is the kind most devices use nowadays.
  2. No Damage Removal: You can take it out without messing up anything.
  3. Comes with its Own App: It has its own app, so you can do more things and control it better for a better experience.

Is Poplight Great For Your Lightening Needs

Yes, Poplight gives you different lighting options, and you can adjust how bright it is. Whether you need it for a specific task, or just want a nice accent, you can change the brightness. It can be super bright for the main light in a room or toned down for a softer glow.

Comparing Poplight with other Stick-on Lights

The idea behind Poplight is great, however this innovation is not the first of its kind. There are wall sconces that have same features. However, what makes Poplight stand out is its App. Whereas other stick-on lights use just remote control, Poplight App’s and bluetooth connectivity makes it hands down number one. With the App you can;

  • Name your Poplights
  • Group Poplights and control them together
  • Adjust the brightness
  • Choose between three color temperatures (warm, neutral, and cool)
  • Set a sleep timer
  • Check the battery level

Where To Buy Poplight for The Best Price

Poplight is available for sale on the brand’s website thepoplight.com. A Poplight costs $95. The battery packs usually cost $24, but right now, they’re on sale for a good deal at $19.20. As for accessories, you can get them for anywhere between $3 and $30, depending on what you’re looking for.

Real People Try Poplight

There are currently no customer reviews on Trustpilot concerning the Poplight but we found some of them on Reddit and Thingtesting.com. Lauren C a product tester has this to say about Poplight ”Full disclosure, I’m not a renter. I own but this solved a problem I didn’t even know that I had. I use this in my laundry room and closets. It’s so nice to have a light that’s portable, rechargeable, AND chic. No notes.”

Mandy Kay, a customer, said, “Wow, this thing is brilliant! And that built-in level? It’s like a chef’s kiss.”

Maddie, another customer, mentioned, “I must be growing up because a built-in level actually excites me.” An anonymous customer added, “You can totally tell women made this – it’s just perfect.”

What Is The Poplight Shark Tank Deal?

Poplight co-founders Rose Fierman and Caroline Matthes made their debut in support of their company on Season 15 episode 11 of the Shark Tank Tv show. The Poplight has met a lot of success because of how it looks and its smart way of lighting up a room. It’s designed to light up your space without needing a difficult setup or messing with the structure. Perfect for renters or anyone who just wants an easy and stylish lighting solution.

How Long Does It Last

Poplight lasts for 9 hours at full brightness from a full charge. 

How To Install

  • Remove the paper from the double sided sticky tape and get Poplight ready to install.
  • Use the built-in level to get Poplight perfect on your wall. No tools needed!
  • Swivel and click Poplight onto the base.

Pros and Cons of Poplight


  • It is easy to install
  • Renter friendly
  • Has different lighting options


  • It is only available in select few stores online

Our Verdict

Poplight gives you different lighting options It’s designed to light up your space without needing a difficult setup or messing with the structure. When compared to other stick-on wall lights, Poplight stands out; its App makes it hands down the number one. In essence, Poplight stands out as a flexible and adaptable lighting companion.



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