Personal Touch Holding Data Breach Settlement: See if You Are Eligible

Did you receive the Personal Touch Holding Data Breach Settlement email? It’s not a scam.

Personal Touch Holding Corp. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over a 2021 data breach.

Who Is Eligible For The Personal Touch Data Breach Settlement

If you got a notification from Personal Touch Holding Corp. about a data breach around March 24, 2021, this settlement could benefit you. The lawsuit alleges that hackers got access to sensitive personal info, like Social Security numbers, and protected health data stored on Personal Touch’s databases back in January 2021. The plaintiffs argue that Personal Touch could have stopped this breach by taking better cybersecurity steps but didn’t.

How Much Is The Settlement

If your information wasn’t compromised in the data breach, you could get up to $125 for expenses like mileage, phone calls, or other costs related to dealing with the breach. This also includes things like credit monitoring fees from January 20, 2021, up until you submit your claim.

If your personal information was affected by the data breach, you could get bigger reimbursements, up to $7,500. This covers things like identity theft or fraud damages, as well as expenses like credit monitoring fees, bank charges, and even compensation for up to three hours of lost time at $25 per hour.

How To File A Claim

If you are eligible, fill out a valid claim form before the deadline on May 21, 2024.

Click here to fill out a valid claim form.


In conclusion, Everetts v. Personal Touch Holding Corp., Case No. 2:21-cv-02061-JMA-LGD is not a scam. Just like Southholdings Settlement, If your personal information is a part of the data breach, you will be able to get bigger reimbursements, up to $7,500.

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