Peacock Data Sharing Class Action Lawsuit: Is It A Legit Class Action? Read This First

Did you receive Peacock Data Sharing Class Action Lawsuit email? It is not a scam. You received the mail because you filed a claim.

Daniel Weiss and McKenzie Evans, they’ve taken Peacock TV LLC to court. Why, you ask? Well, they’re saying that Peacock is playing a bit fast and loose with folks’ privacy. They claim that Peacock is spilling the beans on registered users and subscribers by sharing their video-watching history and unique Facebook ID numbers with Facebook.

Who Is Eligible For The Peacock Data Sharing Class Action Lawsuit

Now, Weiss and Evans, they want to represent folks from all over the country who were either registered users or subscribers of Peacock TV.

Peacock TV, you know, the video streaming service, is in hot water. Daniel Weiss and McKenzie Evans are saying that Peacock was being a bit sneaky.

And the plot thickens – they’re saying that Peacock used this tracking gadget on its website to scoop up what subscribers were watching and then, oops, off it went to Facebook. It’s like they were sharing the scoop without letting folks in on the secret.

How Much Is The Settlement

There is no settlement amount for now.

Weiss and Evans are making a strong case here. They’re saying that Peacock TV went against the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) rulebook. How, you ask? Well, they put this thing called a “Meta Pixel” on their website, and it kept tabs on what people were watching. And guess what? They shared all that info with Facebook.

The class action they’ve filed is pretty clear about it – they’re saying Peacock knew they were breaking the VPPA rules by slipping in that Meta Pixel and then sharing the video-viewing habits of folks.


Weiss, et al. v. Peacock TV LLC, Case No. 0:23-cv-61956, is not a scam. Just like Spartan mosquito false advertising settlement, Daniel Weiss and McKenzie Evans are saying that Peacock was being a bit sneaky. They claim that Peacock tracked what folks were watching and shared that info with Facebook, all without asking for anyone’s permission.

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