Packman Carts: Real Or Fake? Don’t Buy From Packman Without Reading This

Lots of websites have been popping up lately claiming to be the packman website and this have got lots of people confused. With lots of third-party websites selling these packman carts, it is quite difficult to say which website is better than the other. Hence, the need to write this review.

Lots of questions popping up on google about this product include ” Packman carts safe or real, is it any good? Are they legit? This review will shade more light on whether you should consider buying the packman carts in 2024.

A Little About Packman THC Carts

Packman 2g is a new brand of disposable vape cartridges that has become popular lately. These cartridges are filled with oil flavored like deep-fried pastries and work with standard vape pens or batteries and come in 11 flavors. The packman carts aren’t the real deal when it comes to cannabis products. They’re what we call “black market” cartridges. Basically, that means they’re not official or licensed, and nobody’s making sure they’re safe to use. You don’t know what’s really in them, so it’s risky to use them. They offer a bunch of different flavors and strains, which is why a lot of people like them. But are they real?

What makes up packman carts

  1. Oil cartridge or pod: Holds the cannabis vape oil. In Packman pens, the cartridge is pre-filled and cannot be removed.
  2. Heating element: Warms up the oil in the cartridge to create vapor for inhalation.
  3. Battery: Powers the heating element. Packman pens have batteries ranging from 280-1000mAh, designed to last as long as the oil.

What’s Inside: Ingredients Review and Benefits

Pack Man THC vape pens contain only pure oil and natural terpenes, with no added ingredients like propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or Vitamin E Acetate. According to the website, these pens offer a strong high without being too potent.

They may provide benefits such as pain relief, relaxation, feeling happy, better focus, increased appetite, and lower blood pressure.

Is Packman Fake Or Real?

The Packman brand is not fake but it’s not safe. Many people on YouTube and Reddit have questioned whether Packman carts are genuine or fake. It just depends on where you buy packman from. Both Official, PackMan and are run by untrustworthy third party vendors who lure you in with tempting offers and tell you tell you everything you want to hear until they get the payment and then you will never hear from them again.

Sometimes, they’ll even invent issues with the delivery company to squeeze more cash from you. If you do receive these carts, you’re not safe either. Most are formulated with unknown chemicals that are not tested and checked for safety, so you might end up with junk.

How Do I Know If They Are Fake

To spot a fake, check the verification code. If it has more than 6 characters or lacks a protective mouthpiece, it’s likely fake. Genuine ones have shiny silver Packman eyes on the box. You can also tell by the taste. Don’t verify it on Scamacart; use the official Packman Telegram page instead or click here to verify.

How To Use

To preheat and use a Packman disposable cart:

  • Remove the rubber stopper from the back of the cartridge.
  • Make sure the cart is charged
  • Insert the cartridge into the device.
  • Before you start vaping, preheat the cart to evenly distribute the oil. Press the power button five times rapidly to turn the device on.

If your packman is not working or and charging fellow the steps below to fix it.

  • Tap the Pacman pen: Give it a light tap to help clear any trapped air bubbles.
  • Remove debris: Use a safety pin or paper clip to clean out any blockages in the airflow.
  • Check the power: Make sure the battery indicator light is on. If not, charge the device.

If these steps don’t work, you might have a faulty pen.

Victims Of The Scam Speak Out

Lots of customer complaints on Reddit and Trustpilot are mostly negative about this brand. The brand is rated 2.0 on Trustpilot as at the time of writing this review which is considered too low. Some of the reports include:

Sent my money $780 then another refundable $695 insurance then asked for another $775 for some type of stamps by the shipping co. No delivery No word from any of these people. Look out I will be filling a claim against if I don’t hear or receive a refund from them. Look Out for this company!!

I have a pen. The thc in them are real unfortunately. It only comes with enough battery 2 use it once or twice. The damn thing will not charge. I looked up all the directions 2 make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. Let it charge all night. The eyes in the pack man are saposta turn red when charging. Mine doesn’t mean it’s not taking a charge. I literally got my daughter a new c charger the day before it is not something on my end where I’m confused. The charger port does not work.

$1,225 placed on an order to test out “” after doing some research i figured if there was any real site it was that one seeing as they reply back here but let me make the MISTAKE for all of us. it is a SCAM they took my money, never sent my order & claim they need “90 days to refund” the order that was never even processed & when asked for details on the process they never replied again.

The Truth About Packman Carts

We discovered positive reviews about Packman on Trustpilot however when we conducted further research, it turned out to be fake. The scammers basically pay people to write these reviews just to grab the attention of more victims.

Even though the Packman will make you high, in my opinion it’s a chemical or synthetic high, not too far away from THc but I can easily tell the difference plus it hits quick and wares off quick, doubt they even have Thc in them.

I’ve found at least 4 websites claiming to be the official Packman page, plus a Chinese website selling empty Packmans in huge quantities.

How To Tell If A Cart Is Fake

How to Tell if a THC Vape Cartridge is Fake

  1. Check the License: Only buy THC cartridges from licensed dispensaries. Look for a license number on the packaging to make sure it’s been tested for safety.
  2. Packaging: Real THC cartridges have important details like the package date and batch number. They also have mandatory icons printed on the packaging.
  3. Ingredients: Watch out for harmful substances like Vitamin E acetate found in fake cartridges. Legitimate ones usually have at least 60% THC. Look for products tested at reliable facilities to ensure they’re safe to use.

Do We Recommend Packman?

No, one thing that makes me skeptical is that I can’t find an official website for the brand. Usually, when I’m checking out a cannabis brand, I expect to find their official site. That’s where I can learn all about their products, like what’s in them, how much I should use, and if they’ve been tested in a lab. But with Packman carts, there’s no official online place for me to get this important info. It makes me wonder if they’re really legit or not.

Their appeal to young people could lead to addiction, and some states have banned flavored e-cigarettes, including Pac Man vapes. Legal concerns also arise from inconsistent quality and potentially harmful additives like pesticides found inside most of the products.

Final Words

Finally, if you’re worried whether these Packman carts are legit or not, it’s a good sign they might not be. You can usually tell just by looking at the packaging if they’re black market or not. But even if the oil inside seems real, there’s no guarantee it’s safe. There are no lab tests to back it up, and even your dealer hitting them doesn’t mean they’re okay. Trust me, it’s not worth risking your health for a cheap high. If you’re spending money, you deserve something safe and quality. Take a good look at the packaging and try to find lab tests before you buy. Your lungs will thank you later.

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